Saugerties Times letters: 6/14-20

Who is this guy?

As a tax payer, business owner, and resident of this community, I feel compelled to recognize the disdain, prejudice, and unprofessional verbiage that a county legislator exhibited at the June 4, 2018 UCIDA New Paltz Public Hearing on the Wildberry Lodge Project.

Joseph Maloney made public comment and neither identified himself as a resident of Saugerties, or County Legislator for District 2. It was disheartening to hear his uninformed remarks riddled with contempt not only for my businesses, but for the UCIDA, and his colleagues on the “6th Floor of the County Office Building.” For the record, I would like to correct his inaccuracies. 

The Wildberry Lodge is a $40 million dollar project consisting of a boutique hotel/spa/wellness center. We have applied for a PILOT incentive to assist with construction in order to create job opportunities, provide economic growth, and yes, contribute to the tax base. We have, and will continue to pay, real property taxes. The PILOT program is not a lifetime exemption. We will have paid $6.7 million dollars in tax revenues over the life of the PILOT.


We are not asking for taxpayer help. This is not funded by New Paltz. We are not being subsidized by the residents of New Paltz. The community is not literally investing in this project. Mr. Maloney stated that we should come up with the money ourselves since we own two other big, profitable businesses, and referred to the $20 million dollars we have invested in SplashDown Beach over the 15 years we have owned the park. I invite you, Mr. Maloney, to come over and tour our facilities to better comprehend the work involved in sustaining a payroll for a staff of 350+ employees, maintaining 113 guest rooms, feeding 110 head of horses, providing three meals a day for 450 guests, landscaping grounds, and the cleaning and continued reinvestment into our property. I did not even get to SplashDown Beach yet. So I am guessing you did not have this insight into my businesses?

I caution you, Mr. Maloney, when reciting my campaign donations and referring to “insider trading.” As you know, contributions are public information and quite transparent. Publicly speaking in this manner, in your position, is beyond reproach and borders slanderous behavior. It is appalling that you should be able to qualify and serve as an official representative of this county.

Shelley Turk

Clegg For Congress

I write again to urge your readers to vote for Dave Clegg. A review of Dave’s web site will reveal that he is committed  to progressive changes in our society. Not only his life, but his words reveal where this man stands, and it is with those of us who know that this country and the world need lots of improvements.

Dave supports Medicare for All without pulling punches or waffling. A troubling experience he had with his own daughter before the ACA left an indelible mark on his soul, and inspires his ability to advocate for affordable health care for all human beings.

In addition, Dave will push for price negotiations with Big Pharma, and more funds for mental health and addiction services. He supports Planned Parenthood, and opposes privatization of the VA. In his web site Under Clean Air and Water, Dave promotes tackling climate change head-on instead of protecting the fossil fuel giants, and he would promote green collar jobs, high speed rail, Green Bank Act of 2017 to support 21st Century energy infrastructure, and reversal of devastating Trump EPA changes.

Dave clearly supports public education, where his wife worked for 20 years, universal pre-school and pre-K, and in the Kingston schools he helped develop a restorative/rehabilitative program. To ease the burden of college loans he advocates a loan foregiveness program related to public service. These are a few of the many change issues Dave has addressed. See David Clegg for Congress, click on issues at the top and read, Dave’s Priorities.

In these days of the Trump we need a representative who has the passion, depth of experience and stature to stand up to Trump and all of Trump’s men and woman. Dave has been a legal combatant for many years; I have no doubt that he will command respect and be able to fashion his case to push back against the lies and half truths put forward by the Trump administration. Dave’s goal is to make this a better and healthier World for all of us. Please vote for Dave Clegg on June 26.

Lanny Walter

Support Dave Clegg

On June 26, Democrats can vote in a primary to select our candidate for congress. Luckily, we have seven candidates each of whom would represent our district far better than John Faso. But many people I know are still having trouble deciding who has the best chance of winning in November and who best represents their views. Every Democrat I know is pledged to support whichever of these seven is chosen.

Rather than try to pick out policy differences from their very similar pronouncements, I have decided based on their life stories to support Dave Clegg. For over three decades, he has lived, worked and voted in Ulster County. His work and community involvement reflect values we share. He worked with the NAACP, with Native Americans in VISTA, as a public defender, on the board of Family of Woodstock, a founder of Ulster Habitat for Humanity, and much more. He is an avid Catskill Club 3500 outdoorsman, having hiked to the top of all 35 peaks over 3,500 feet. I believe he can win in November given his competitive record in legal courts and on the basketball court as well.

All our candidates will take the fight to John Faso – and win. By supporting Dave Clegg we can guarantee that our person in congress will stand up for us all.

Kathy Gordon

For Flynn

I have been a resident of Ulster County for 30 years and have proudly served my community in Kingston and my students in New Paltz. I know our community and the residents of our Congressional District. I am convinced that Brian Flynn is the best candidate to represent all of us in Congress, and I encourage Democrats to vote for him in the primary election on June 26.

Brian’s impressive record of creating jobs for more than 30 years as an entrepreneur is key to creating growth in our area. As the Kingston Common Council liaison for Economic Development and the Uptown Business Association, and as Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee, I can attest to his keen understanding of finance and economics and of what is needed to lift all Americans into good paying jobs with living wages. Equally importantly, he has experience actually getting things done as an activist.

Mr. Flynn clearly understands that medical care is a right for all Americans and has for many years endorsed Medicare For All.  He rejects the claims for “access to affordable insurance” as a sham and code words for cheap insurance that provides little protection.

He is intelligent, energetic, and has deep roots in Greene County. He shares our community values and is willing to fight for fairness and justice. We need him in Washington. Vote June 26th.

Doug Koop

Delgado for Congress

NY19 is lucky to have such a robust roster of Democratic primary candidates to challenge John Faso, who has consistently towed the Republican party line — jeopardizing the health, livelihoods and futures of his constituents. We need a strong and value-driven candidate who always stands up for what is right and what matters to our families and communities. That is why I support Antonio Delgado. Not only do I believe that he represents the values and positions that are best for our communities, I know he is the strongest candidate to beat John Faso. When discussing the issues that matter most in our District — ensuring healthcare as a right, bringing good jobs to our region, protecting our environment, and more — he does not just spout ideals but instead provides clear policy options that are thoughtful, realistic, and good for the people of our region. Antonio Delgado is the right candidate to beat John Faso. He knows the value of hard work — having grown up in a working class family. He knows how to fight for what he believes in — having learned to fight twice as hard to succeed in his own life. He knows how to shape policy that will make a difference — offering real, tangible ideas to change the direction in Washington for our benefit. Antonio Delgado is the right candidate to beat John Faso and the right person to represent CD19. I urge you to vote for him in the June 26 Democratic Primary.

Nejla Liias

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  1. Steve Dunda


    All seven candidates are “Progressive,” and want “big money out of politics?” Delgado’s huge lobbying firm contributed $143,565. He earned $329,000 in 2016 and $217,000 through July 2017 representing CORPORATE clients; his assets total $990,000. Moved here in 2017. The New Democrat Coalition PAC supports Ryan. Ryan’s Super PAC was busted for calling voters to bash Delgado. At Berico, Ryan tried selling spying technology to business lobbyists to monitor Democratic activists and labor unions. Flynn held lucrative CEO positions at FOUR corporations, closed his Buffalo factory, and moved his employees to North Carolina and the Dominican Republic. His former coworker is being sued for fraud and civil conspiracy. Rhodes actually brags that he worked for Cuomo! Cuomo aides and ex-Obama staffers are fundraising for him. Dave Clegg – like Delgado, do we really want another lawyer in Congress? Erin Collier – see ALL SEVEN CANDIDATES’ details at my website:

    The REAL Progressive is Jeff Beals – the ONLY candidate endorsed by JUSTICE DEMOCRATS, a national organization of former Bernie staffers working for a People’s Platform using grassroots fundraising. They’ve endorsed 52 candidates nationwide from all backgrounds – creating a pre-formed caucus to run AS A SLATE, to get money out of politics and create progressive legislation. Therefore, Congressman Jeff would have a coalition of representatives to work with! Jeff has 11 years of government experience. As a CIA analyst, he briefed Congress and wrote for President Clinton’s Daily Brief. As a decorated State Department Diplomat, fluent in Arabic, he worked many years in Iraq: creating the first diplomatic talks and helping to create an Iraqi constitution. Growing up he worked on a farm and is now a schoolteacher. Jeff’s diplomatic work under both Republican and Democratic administrations will help Republicans and Democrats work together.

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