New Paltz wants pot legalized

New Paltz town and village officials passed resolutions on Thursday, June 7 calling for the legalization of recreational marijuana use at both state and federal levels.

Deputy Mayor KT Tobin said that the issue was largely one of social justice; while usage rates are about the same across racial boundaries, people of color are four times as likely to be arrested for it than whites.

A report refuting the premise that marijuana is a “gateway drug” was released from the Benjamin Center last year where Tobin works. She said that a state health department report on recreational marijuana, which reportedly is completed but not yet released, is expected to support changing state laws to allow for the plant’s use by adults.


Tobin also spoke about the tax benefits, echoing strategies taken by elected officials regarding gasoline, cigarettes and casino gambling. Economists observe that taxation serves to reduce instances of a particular behavior.

Village trustee Don Kerr, who once made national news after being arrested — and then exonerated — for accepting a shipment of several pounds of marijuana, speculated as to what other actions local officials might take to further this agenda. He referenced the same-sex weddings held here in 2004 when they were still illegal, but stopped short of actually suggesting anything specific. He later said he would be open to recommendations proposed by leaders of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, whose feedback is being sought.

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  1. Smoking Colorado OG Now

    Wont Ever Happen, Green Party Too Busy With Gay Marriage.

    Maybe in 10 Years NY Will Have Legal Weed.

    Tiny Little New Paltz is Really Nothing But A Small Village Town.

    So Glad i moved to Colorado and left NY. New Paltz after Graduation from SUNY 2 years ago. Here we have many excellent Dispensaries, im smoking the best and laughing at New Paltz.

    also the mountians in New paltz are really a Joke Compared to Colorado.

    Best part is the excellent legal weed here and not worried about the New Paltz Police or State Police of NY arresting me for weed.

    NY a Joke, So Lad i Left, originally from Queens, Wont return to dirty NY where Weed Remains illegal, and criminal.

    Smoking OG Kush now got it for $20 1/8, Enjoy new paltz (:

    p/s Gov Como a real loser, conservative democrat idiot, similar to his stupid father.

  2. Daily Weed Smoker

    It Remains A Total Disgrace That Marijuana is illegal in New York State.

    N.Y. Way behind Massachusetts, Maine, and most other States on Legal Pot, Really Foolish

    People Too Stupid To Protest or Something???

    Maybe The Weed Smokers of N.Y. Enjoy The Harassment From Cops??

  3. Smart Lefty

    The following “contributors” use capitalization in their comments as if they are writing titles:

    Smoking Colorado OG Now June 10, 2018 at 1:16 am
    Daily Weed Smoker June 10, 2018 at 1:44 am
    New Paltz Republican/Conservative June 3, 2018 at 1:12 am
    Alt Right June 7, 2018 at 2:54 am

    Note the early AM time stamps on the comments and the diametrically opposed ideologies in the names.

    It is one person pretending to be different people.

    1. Alt Right for legal weed

      Hi their mr Lefty So Glad To get Your Personal Attention. That Was the Goal. Get weed Legal Soon as No One would want Their Home Seized For growing weed In New Paltz.

      The Cops Are Not Stupid and The State Police Will Gladly Arrest and Seize Your property in New Paltz For receiving illegal Drugs Via US Postal Service and or Cultivation.

      A second Arrest For receiving Illicit substances via us mail wont be good for you.

      Cultivation of marijuana in New York state is A felony, so i would watch Your print.

      P/S Alt Right Wants legal Weed and Liberals ideology destroyed.

      Trump supports legal weed. USA not a Socialistic Country and never will be…..

      Jail Hillary, Good Bye Old Man Idiot Liberal Loser bum Bernie Sanders a Flake Nothing Liberal Loser who lost the election.

      Watch Trump win 2020, Truly the best US President in History. After next election many many huge surprise changes coming. Liberals ideology will be a thing of the past in the USA….

  4. Your Local Assessor

    Big pot home-grow operation busted today in this county for having a fire in a blower/fan. If towns budgeted for an annual field-survey by assessing units, as prescribed by NY State real property laws, the towns would have beaten out the county sheriff for the tax revenues, credit and glories, Fed authorities not withstanding. Assessor do get a police I.D. in every assessing municipality, villages not excepted.

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