New Paltz police officer dragged by a car during traffic stop

File it under “one crime at a time:” New Paltz town police assisted State Police in capturing four of the suspects who took off after their vehicle was pulled over by State Police on the Thruway for speeding last week.

According to authorities, when the white Dodge Charger was pulled over soon after midnight on May 31, three people bolted from the vehicle. Troopers soon located one, walking along the shoulder, and around 2:30 a.m., town police officers spotted two others who fit the suspect descriptions getting into another car in Ohioville. When that vehicle was pulled over on North Putt Corners Road and the driver removed, a passenger allegedly grabbed the wheel and dragged one of the New Paltz officers along North Putt Corners Road, while the other officer attempted to disable the vehicle by shooting at a tire. The officer who was being dragged was able to free himself from the car, which crashed a short distance away near Horsenden Road.

A number of charges were filed, including misdemeanor resisting arrest, felony possession of a controlled substance, felony reckless endangerment, and three counts of felony assault against one suspect. Charged were Robert Wannaker of Manhattan, as well as Dontayvus Thomas, Matthew Kin and Kayla Chevalier, all of Brooklyn.


The officer who was dragged by the vehicle suffered only minor injuries and was treated by the New Paltz Rescue Squad. The officer who fired his gun was evaluated at an area hospital and released.

The case is being handled by the New York State Police as New Paltz Police Department’s protocol any time there is an officer involved shooting.

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  1. New Paltz Republican/Conservative

    These Criminals Should Be Severely Punished. They Should Receive 25 Lashes of the Rattan Cane As in Singapore and a Very Long Prison sentence Not Less Than 12 years.

    They Have No respect for Law, No Respect For Society.

    They Must Be Punished For This Severe Crime.

    How Dare They Use vehicular Assault Against one of Our dedicated Police Officers Upholding the Laws of Our Society.

    Our deepest Prayers to the officers apprehending these dangerous gang thugs, LOCK THEM UP.

  2. ALT Right

    The Officers Should Have Shot The Fleeing Gang Members Dead.

    Keep Your Gangs, Crimes and Trash in Brooklyn.

  3. Smart Lefty

    Those right wingers capitalize like they’re writing titles. Here’s a title for you:

    “Your Ignorance Is Showing”

    1. Alt Right

      Suspects Fleeing Police in A Motorcycle pose a serious threat to public safety and show no respect for the Police.

      The Police Should Shoot Dead Fleeing Suspect.

      Hope these Criminals are Severely Punished we plan to write a letter to DA and Judge and follow this case to make sure these Gang Thugs from Brooklyn meet their severe Punishment in Our Ulster County Court System.

      p/s smart lefty you are a typical Liberal Bum.

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