Spurned by his own Democratic party, Ulster Sheriff welcomed by GOP

Paul VanBlarcum. (File photo by Dan Barton)

Decisively denied nomination for a fourth term by his own party, Democratic sheriff Paul VanBlarcum was just as decisively endorsed by Republicans at their unofficial nominating convention in Kingston on Wednesday, May 30.

“I will not lose,” VanBlarcum declared to cheers and applause as he accepted the unanimous endorsement of about 125 Republican committee members at the Best Western Hotel.

VanBlarcum, who ran without opposition four years ago and with Republican endorsement, received just 15 percent of the vote from Democratic delegates at their May 21 party convention. He’s also expected to receive the Conservative and Independence Party nominations. Bringing into play the possibility that VanBlarcum will appear on four major party lines on November’s ballot, he sheriff said he plans to primary Democratic nominee Juan Figueroa for his own party’s nomination.


In other action, committee members endorsed incumbent state senators James Seward and George Amedore and nominated newcomers Annie Rabbitt and Tom Basile to fill seats being vacated by (respectively) Republican senators John Bonacic and Bill Larkin.

Brian Miller of New Hartford (Denning, Hardenburgh, Shawangunk and Wawarsing) was nominated for a second term. Chris Tague, who won a special election for Assembly in April to replace Pete Lopez, was nominated for a full term. The party did not nominate assembly candidates in the 103rd (Kevin Cahill) and 104th districts (the late Frank Skartados).

U.S. Rep. John Faso, who praised VanBlarcum profusely, was nominated for a second term.

Tom Turco was nominated for a 10th two-year term as Republican elections commissioner.

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  1. JP

    The best man for the job, hands down! Ask those who work in the Sheriff’s Department. Go get them Paul!

  2. The People

    We need a new Sheriff in town. A TRUE Sheriff for the People!
    NOT Van who supports
    – School teachers carrying handguns
    – against immigrants and supports ICE
    – against football players that don’t want innocent black people from being shot and abused
    -supports mandatory warrant checks on EVERY person that ENTERS the DSS Building!
    It’s time for a new Sheriff People! Vote for Future Sheriff Juan Figueroa!
    It’s up to you and every vote to make this happen!

  3. Rob R.

    – School teachers carrying handguns – If they chose to do so as long as they are qualified what is wrong with that?

    – against immigrants and supports ICE. you forgot illegal or undocumented if front of immigrants. – What’s wrong with supporting and protecting America? ICE does both.

    – against football players that don’t want innocent black people from being shot and abused. – There is nothing wrong at all supporting innocent black people from being shot and abused just not when you are at your job. They get paid excellent money to be out there by the people that chose to watch and support them. Maybe they should go to their nearest inner city and help them out with the kids that are getting shot and abused, with the status that they have.

    -supports mandatory warrant checks on EVERY person that ENTERS the DSS Building! –
    Again, I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. You want tax payers money. Hard earned money, then you have to be on the up and up.

    Wow…you just got me to vote for Sheriff VanBlarcum

  4. JamaicaonHudson

    First, the Sheriff spurned the Democratic Party first; He has never been a real Democrat, but rather a Con. Republican latching onto the party for votes. Thankfully the Democrats, bolstered by new blood, sprouted a spine and put an end to that.

    If he does win, he’ll do so as who/what he really is…

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