What the new single-waste hauler law means for New Paltz residents

New Paltz is considering hiring County Waste as a single-service hauler for weekly waste removal. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

At its meeting last week, New Paltz Town Board members approved a law to license residential waste haulers in the town. This clears the way for a single license to be granted to County Waste for town and village pickup as of June 1.

Each resident who enrolls with County Waste will receive a rolling 95-gallon container for waste and another 95-gallon container for recyclables. Both will be collected weekly for $21.87 per month before taxes and flow fees.


What you need to do:

• Current customers of County Waste will automatically receive the reduced rate on their bill and only need to contact County Waste if they wish to change the size of their container.

• If you are not currently a County Waste customer and you wish to enroll, call County Waste at 518-877-7007, option 3.

• If you currently use a different hauler, you need to call to cancel that service, and if you have made any prepayments for service after June 1, 2018, you will also need to request refunds of those prepayments. If you have any trouble getting a refund or have any other concerns at all, e-mail Dennis Young at dennisyoung@villageofnewpaltz.org.