The Falcon in Delusionville

Ron English (Popaganda)

While the Falcon began as a labor-of-love jazz venue, its purview expanded rapidly to encompass blues, world, folk, rock and more. Then it added a second venue to provide airtime for more experimental (and local) music. From its early days, it has also been an actively curated art gallery and, as of recently, a museum as well (the Avalon Archives, located in the Falcon Underground). Given this scope, it is not really such a surprise that the Falcon’s Springfest all-day event on Saturday, May 26, is a highly conceptual unified multimedia event: The Falcon in Delusionville, a festival revolving around Ron English’s Rabbits in Delusionville rock opera and artwork. Curated by Ron English, the three-stage, noon-to-close show boasts an impressive list of performers, including the incendiary folk/rocker Michelle Shocked, legendary jam band (and Soulive antecedent) Moon Boot Lover, local star Decora, former We Must Be songwriter Christine Dominguez and many more.

Known foremost as a pop artist and designer whose work appears in galleries and films and on the streets, English’s Rabbbits in Delusionville rock opera is described as a post-factual Animal Farm meets Aesop’s Fables on LSD. Delusionville tells the story of a society that formed as different animals fell down a rabbit hole and created a world with their own mythologies, religion and politics. Every animal group represents an embedded archetype in the social structure that is about to come in question. This is largely a commentary on faux news, stagnation of social mobility and downright delusional thinking.

Per usual at the Falcon, there is no cover – even for a full-day, 12-act festival in an utterly classy and stunning environment – but generous direct-to-the-artist donation is what keeps the boat afloat. The Falcon is located at 1348 Route 9W in Marlboro. For more information, visit