Check out Beacon’s Doctor Who-themed eatery, Pandorica

Themed restaurants are just plain fun, an excuse for a lighthearted evening out even if there’s no special occasion to celebrate. Here in the mid-Hudson, we have a gem of the genre, as-yet-undiscovered by many: the Pandorica, located in downtown Beacon. You might not recognize it immediately if you’re not already a Whovian, but the restaurant is designed to appeal especially to fans of the very-long-running BBC science fiction TV series, Doctor Who.

“We welcome Whovians and non-Whovians alike to enjoy this unique experience. The only Doctor Who-themed restaurant in the Hudson Valley with a décor that is not over the top, but filled with subtle references to our favorite show,” says the management of Pandorica. “Here you can enjoy watching Doctor Who whilst indulging in an eclectic menu of timeless comfort foods starting with ‘spoilers’ and ending with ‘sweeties.’”

The royal-blue shade of the Tardis, the Doctor’s time-traveling phone box that’s “bigger on the inside,” is of course the dominant note in Pandorica’s color scheme (I have to fight the urge to type “travelling” and “colour”). The eclectic menu (alligator nuggets are an option, for real) is loaded with references to the show, its iconic characters, extragalactic locations and alien races. The 11th Doctor’s “favourite” food, fish fingers and custard, is approximated with batter-dipped French toast. You can also try Thymey Wimey Beef Cottage Pie.


The Pandorica Restaurant is located at 165 Main Street in Beacon. The hours of operation are from noon to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday and Monday. Check out for the full menu, plus news of upcoming special events – such as a live appearance by actress Caitlin Blackwood, who played young “Companion” Amelia Pond on the show, on June 7 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.