SUNY New Paltz Police chief steps down

SUNY New Paltz Police Chief David Dugatkin (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Members of the SUNY New Paltz campus community were advised today that David Dugatkin has stepped down as chief of the university police. His deputy, Mary Ritayik, has been named interim chief.

Dugatkin was placed on administrative leave last month; campus officials would not comment on the matter at that time. Last year, police union members parked a rolling billboard on campus as part of an effort to have him replaced.


In the statement from Stephanie Blaisdell, vice president for student affairs, the outgoing chief’s accomplishments since he took the position in 2011 were lauded. They include efforts to ensure university officers patrol public roads near the college, as well as stronger relations with other local law enforcement officers. State accreditation was granted to the department earlier this month.

During his tenure, a campus emergency response team was established and a mobile safety app called Rave was deployed. Dugatkin oversaw an active-shooter lockdown drill in Wooster Hall, and was involved in planning a campus-wide drill in the future.

Prior to taking over university police, Dugatkin was a member of the town police since 1990. He held the rank of detective sergeant when he left to take over the university department.

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  1. Johnston B.

    A great loss to the college and New Paltz community. This man is local man with lots of Local experience that benefited the college students greatly. Many of the students really liked him too. He has done a great deal to serve the local people and college community not to mention the many many hours he has volunteered his time to New paltz emt helping many people.
    He will be greatly missed, his many services to our local community are greatly appreciated.

  2. adam d

    No he was not, he was a bully and border line criminal. That man did not care about the community as long as he got his.

    1. Retired NYC Cop

      Obey The Law and You wont Have Problem With the Police. This man is a fantastic leader and a very dedicated police officer doing his job.

  3. Thomas Collins

    Retired NYC Cop

    I would like to know who believes that statement.
    You’re not in your mother’s basement in your underwear, are you?

    I will speak the truth about David Dugatkin when he was with the New Paltz Police.

    You don’t just resign from a $99,142 a year job with out a fight; it is obvious the man can’t stand in the light.

    Speak you name plainly in the light and get out of you mother’s basement.

    Oh, and for God sake change that underwear.

    Thomas Collins

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