Letter: Slow down and enjoy the scenery

I live in the High Woods area…and neither Fish Creek Road nor George Sickle Road have any signage indicating a speed limit. On my Garmin GPS on Fish Creek it actually says that the speed limit is 55 mph the whole way. And the machine isn’t wrong often.  But there are no signs…and anyone that does 55 on Fish Creek at night is out of their minds. On George Sickle the Garmin gives no speed limit…and neither do any signs at all on the two mile stretch of road. A town policeman told a neighbor friend of mine that the speed limit was 55! But I checked it when I was in paying my taxes and they told me that it was 30. George Sickle is a mile in each direction with relatively straight lines and then you hit a hard right turn…a hill…and then a series of hair pin turns that you shouldn’t go over 20 mph on. Yet, there are no signs warning you that this is coming.

There were once warning signs, but not in the last couple of years. A little over a year ago a car crashed through the guard rail and ended up in the pond. That’s when I wrote our town “street guy” (April 25, 2017) about the lack of warning signs and the torn up guard rail. A week later the guard rail was taken away completely. Never to be replaced. And nothing was ever done about the warning signs.

I wrote him again in February of this year. No answer (and I voted for him!) I found an old sign in the woods and leaned it up against a tree in the hopes of saving someone from the tight turn at night. I also feel our roads in general in the area have too high of a speed limit. Especially with all the deer and places on 212 serving alcohol.


We live in a beautiful place. Slow down and enjoy it! And how do the deer know to cross at the signs.

Gilbert Hetherwick
High Woods