Pot powder on Route 28

Etain LLC, New York’s only women-owned and family-run medical marijuana organization, has gained New York State Department of Health approval to market New York’s first water-soluble medical marijuana powder. Etain will now begin providing patients access to this form of medical marijuana treatment through its brick-and-mortar dispensary locations on Route 28 west of Kingston and in Syracuse, New York City and Yonkers.

“We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to bring greater ease and flexibility to thousands of patients’ lives through this innovative new product,” said Hillary Peckham, chief operating officer. “With water-soluble powder, and even more products awaiting testing by the Department of Health, Etain continues to offers patients the most diversified line of products in the state.”

The dissolvable power is similar to products produced in states like Colorado, but differs in that it is composed solely of plant-based, all natural ingredients, does not have any artificial additives or preservatives, and is formulated only with Isomalt — or beet sugar — and cannabis oil. The powder can be easily incorporated into any liquid intended for ingestion, including water, tea, coffee, soup, smoothies, and even chocolate syrup. It is virtually tasteless, and is easily dose-able for patients with limited dexterity.


The advantages associated with a medical marijuana product as versatile as dissolvable powder are that it simplifies integration into patients’ day-to-day-lives, provides flexibility on when and where treatment is consumed, and simplifies the process for patients who may have experienced complications with other products on the market.

Etain LLC , one of New York’s five original registered marijuana organizations, is completely family-owned and women-run. It manufactures medical marijuana products for New York State patients through dispensaries.

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  1. Arron B.

    Flower Bud is What We Want, we can make our own powder drink mix.
    Where is the flower indica, sativa, and hybrid smokable bud for sale?? same as Colorado, only a fool would settle for less.

    1. Narrative Slip

      Seriously! Getting sick of this fakeass, unsmokeable, hard-to-get marijuana derivative crap. Just set up smokeshops where anyone can buy marijuana. Tax it (of course). We have ton of places going of business. This is so obvious. It’s kind of like all the new cocktails made by “mixologists” and all the “craft beers” at the area’s many restaurants.

      Look, people like mild intoxicants. Let them have them! Many businesses have found that investing a lot of time to make a good local product, in food, beer or distilled spirits, can be a viable business. We should apply that to pot! Get it out of the shadows.

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