County Waste gets monopoly in New Paltz

New Paltz is considering hiring County Waste as a single-service hauler for weekly waste removal. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

New Paltz Town and village officials now have a contract from County Waste, the company from which the low bid to be the sole provider of residential garbage pickup in New Paltz was received. While they hadn’t had time to approve it prior to their joint meeting on March 14, they did invite company representative Chris Harrison to discuss it with them.

“We can’t talk about this too much,” said Mayor Tim Rogers, noting that many residents are focused on their own lives and miss these decisions of import. If the contract is signed, New Paltz residents who wish to have curbside pickup will have to get it through County Waste, with promised savings of more than $10 per month. No one will be required to participate, however.


The area of greatest concern is one of customer satisfaction, since no one would be able to choose a competitor. To that end, there will be a dedicated phone line for addressing these issues, and company officials will have to compile a report on complaints and submit it monthly. If issues are not immediately resolved, they will be addressed to Harrison, and each board will have a garbage liaison as well. An early-cancellation clause for poor service is also being considered.

Noting that there is some suspicion about whether or not recyclables actually get recycled through this company, Mayor Rogers suggested a “touch a truck” event to allow residents to familiarize themselves with how materials are separated inside.

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  1. Last knight in NP

    This is the biggest crap show ever! This will cost me more money than anything so far! Doesn’t anyone remember anything they do is miss handled without fail! Like the water district.These guys can’t address parking in the village for the last 20 yrs

  2. Mr. Ed

    Someone at Town Hall is getting a kickback.
    What is the next monopoly? What other businesses are going to get run out of town?
    I thought we were supposed to be able to choose who we deal with. Well, so much for the anti-trust laws that are supposed to be in place to promote fair competition for the benefit of consumers.

    1. enough already

      “Someone at Town Hall is getting a kickback.”

      Do you have any proof?

      Of course not. More loose talk and lazy cynicism.

      Shut the hell up. Now.

      1. Stronger and Smarter Than You

        You’re bullying another person’s opinion shows your weakness. Are YOU the one getting the kick back? Or do you work for the Trash Company? It’s one of the two. And by the way – I’m willing to put $1,000 cash down that SOMEONE IN NEW PALTZ IS GETTING EITHER $ OR OTHER FAVORABLE TREATMENT FOR A TRASH MONOPOLY.

        I DO PERSONALLY KNOW A GOOD DEAL ABOUT THE TRASH HAULING INDUSTRY – And as much as you ‘dress it up’ organized crime and/or shady activity is involved in MOST LOCAL trash hauling operations.

        So – now you can tell me to “shut the hell up” – and you’ll just prove what I said, you’re weak.

        1. enough already

          Your comment is very poorly written. You sound like a moron. I doubt you know much about anything at all.

          You should shut the hell up because you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re wasting everyone’s time by writing these comments without any evidence. You seem to be the type of person who sits back and looks at everything with a jaundiced eye, “DER, THEIR CORRUPT!!!!!” etc.

          It’s this kind of ignorance that allows an uncorrupt system to become corrupt. It eliminates distinguishing characteristics that should not be eliminated and sets everyone equal to shit. So we’re no different from Russia, where the elections are a sham and you have to pay off 15 people to get a building permit. “DER, CORRUPTION!!!!!”

          Please do us all a favor and shut your mouth.

  3. free to lose

    Opposition to this reveals the flip side of American “freedom” so well shown in Jonathan Franzen’s novel.

    Just like the freedom to have a more expensive, worse health care system, idiotic Paltzonian-Americans would rather pay more to have their garbage picked up and have four different companies criss-crossing the town on different days.

    In both cases, a solution that combines government bargaining power with private providers to offer a cheaper, better option that eschews the sclerosis and expense of government-provided services is rejected for reasons that defy all logic.

  4. old timer

    New Paltz needs to clean house of all the boards: mayor, village board, planning board, zoning board, etc

    1. Stronger and Smarter Than You

      Amen. Actually, New Paltz needs to do the following:

      1. MERGE Town and Village into one entity, one office, one set of services with regard to Roads, Police, Fire.
      2. Clean house of all as noted by you.
      3. Pave Main Street
      4. APPROVE: Zero Place, CVS, Five Guys
      5. Require property owners to clean up the following locations:
      China House
      Youth Hostel
      Abandoned Thruway Diner with its welcoming graffiti
      Asian Fusion Building – with its horrible architecture and littered lawn of signs and flags
      6. Build A New Downtown Bus Station
      Approve and Build the proposed Hotel/Residences at ‘The Pit’ site
      6. Get their inspections of design plans properly reviewe BEFORE someone actually invests time, $ in
      building a building – the fact that New Paltz halted construction on a nearly finished building because
      someone put down their donut and noticed the AC units would tip it 12-inches over approved height
      is more than stupidity – IT IS ABSOLUTE INCOMPETENCE.

  5. Villager

    The whole Village municipality can go out with the trash too. Take your fire-department too. Still below 60%. Need a paid fire department on the back of all services commercial, like bars, rooming houses, bus stations..

  6. My garbage, my choice

    Mr Ed-Kickback was also the first thing that came to my mind
    Enough already-enough already from you
    I’m sorry, County Waste is a horrible, horrible business. I know because I had them. Try and get through to them on the phone, at least 15 minutes waiting on hold. Tell them your garbage wasn’t picked up, and they will tell you that the driver “noted” that the cans were not out-even though you know damn well they were. I switched to a smaller, local company and couldn’t be happier, partly due to the extra $60 a quarter I don’t have to spend. Unless the person who is making this decision wishes to pay my waste pick-up bill, I’ll keep what I have, thank you.

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