Revolution Bicycles is moving to Kingston

Steve Leibowitz

Revolution Bicycles, a retail fixture in the village of Saugerties for the past nine years, is moving to a larger location on the corner of Foxhall and Hasbrouck avenues in Midtown Kingston. Although the bike-peddling couple will miss their Saugerties location, owners Samantha Moranville and Steve Leibowitz look forward to “coming back on a leisure basis,” and intend to give Saugertiesians a 15 percent discount to make up for any inconvenience caused by their move. The two aim to be open for business in Kingston by April 1. The Saugerties location will remain open until the Kingston one opens, Leibowitz said.

Why the move? Market saturation. “We have pretty much sold a bike to everyone in Saugerties who rides a bike,” said Leibowitz. “In nine years we’ve sold thousands of bicycles and serviced thousands more. We hope they they’ll come share in our joy of moving and come see us.”

The two call the decision “bittersweet.” Other than a larger space that, they say, will accommodate “20 percent more merchandise,” the couple feels that their new Kingston location is more central to their total client base, which is comprised of cyclists from Dutchess and Greene counties as well as those from Ulster. The site is right off of the under-construction Kingston Greenline trail and in the center of upcoming cycling infrastructure, including the Empire Trail, which will span from New York City to Canada, the Broadway Streetscape Project, the O&W Trail to the west and the Wallkill Valley Trail to the east. The two have been instrumental partners in both the O-Positive Fest’s cycling events in October and the Tour de Kingston in July for “several years.”


“There’s a lot happening, and our new store will be right in the middle of all of it and we look forward to diving in and helping to make bike riding safer and more accessible to everyone,” said Moranville.

Initially, the couple, who reside in Kingston, began operating out of the 240-square-foot space in the Abbott building in 2009. They then took on the rental of both storefronts at Abbott’s. Later, they bought the building next door, renovated it and moved there in 2013.

They purchased a larger storefront in the building, and then relocated to their Main Street location in 2012. Leibowitz, who has been working in bike shops “since [he] was 15 years old” with a grand total of 27 years of bike experience, met Moranville when she was taking freelance photography for the bike publication VeloNews; since then, the couple’s collective ambition was to open a bike shop together.

“We wanted to get out of the city,” said Moranville. “We saw that cute little storefront in Saugerties and that’s just where we went.”

To reach Revolution’s new location, Saugertiesians can either take Route 32 south to Route 9W, take the Delaware Avenue exit and drive two blocks, or take Route 9W all the way to Albany Avenue and turn left on Foxhall for a few blocks.

“We’re starting our 10th season, we’re in a bigger space that’s centrally located for all of the cycling infrastructure that is being built,” said Leibowitz. “We want to express to our customers in Saugerties that we aren’t leaving — we’re growing. We want them to share in our growth.”

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  1. sandra

    A wonderful couple, very knowledgeable and happy to share their experience and expertise in the world of bicycles. Stephen will match you to the perfect bike for your needs. Together they will add beautifully to the Kingston community. Kingston Rocks!!!!

  2. Kingston Is Awesome

    We are excited to have them coming to Kingston. These are really thrilling times in Kingston, from Uptown, to Broadway and down to the Rondout Waterfront.

    We’ve seen so many new businesses arrive — OAK 42, Hamilton & Adams, Blue Cashew, Exit 19, Kingston Wine Co, Brunette Wine Bar, Clove & Creek, Rough Draft Books & Boutique Beer, Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co., all adding to and complementing our favorites from Stockade Tavern, Uptown Coffee, Boitsons, Rhino Records, Dominicks, Diego’s Taqueria, Le Candard, Kovo…
    AND ALL OF THE LOCAL BUSINESSES THAT ARE GIVING US NEW LIFE AND ENERGY FOR LOCALS AND TOURISM…Pugsly’s, our growing roster of Antiques stores…and the upcoming new Boutique Hotels that are in development…as well as HOPEFULLY the beautifully designed Irish Cultural Center and new Mixed-Use Residential on the Kingston Rondout
    Waterfront as well as on Broadway. Really exciting things are happening in Kingston and this new bike shop keeps the energy moving forward.

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