More snow on the way for Hudson Valley

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

March didn’t just come in like a lion. This year, it’s managed to maintain its leonine qualities on a weekly basis.

The snow will begin tomorrow morning and be worst in the afternoon. The National Weather Service is forecasting 2-4″ in Ulster County, 6-10″ in Dutchess County, and 10-14″ in Orange County, with the higher end of each range likely in the southern part of each county.

Local outlet Hudson Valley Weather, while emphasizing the uncertainty of forecasting this particular storm, offered similar snow totals: 2-6″ in most of Ulster County and northwest Orange County and all of Dutchess County, with a coating to 2″ in northwest Ulster and points north, and 6-12″ in southeast Orange County and points south and southeast.


Central Hudson is gearing up for possible power outages.

“We’ve all seen our share of severe weather this month, but be warned that this next storm may also bring conditions that could cause electric service interruptions,” said Charles A. Freni, senior vice president of Customer Services and Transmission & Distribution at Central Hudson. Freni said approximately 500 workers will be on standby to address the storm, including 200 electric line contractors and mutual aid workers from New York and the Midwest, and 140 tree workers and Central Hudson crews.