Former Onteora student charged with threatening school violence apologizes

Any hate coming my way is completely understandable. I wish I could have made an apology sooner, however I was in Ulster County Jail and had no way to appropriately communicate to the public my sincerest apologies.

I wish I never made the comment, I wish I took it down sooner, I wish I had a time machine essentially. I will try to find a better way of making amends. I hope the media outlets do the same, as to give a better understanding for all those affected.

My comment was actually a response to a friend sarcastically asking if I’m okay, insinuating I’m being emotional and sensitive. I responded with sarcasm saying I’m shooting the school. No school in particular as there was never any intention to shoot a school. Just a joke to a single friend who was egging me on. I later deleted the comment before any of you even read about it, before I was even arrested. I realized the comment was insensitive and crude. The media later reported I threatened to shoot a school, without supplying any context for their readers. Of course any person with any sense of morality would know that makes me a horrible person.


In the mean time, as I try to find a better way to make amends (open to suggestions), I ask you to look into your hearts to understand it was never my intention to invoke fear of any kind. To understand the audience of my comment was just my followers. As I’m not a public figure I could have never fathomed the comment would be brought to so many other audiences. I had no idea it would be removed from its original setting, taken out of context, and then portrayed as it was. I’m pro gun-control, I have no history of violence, never owned a gun, and would quite obviously never commit an act of terror. I understand if you can’t forgive me, and don’t expect it. I wish the news agencies would publish this in their next paper or website article, however I know they won’t. so for now Facebook is the best I can do. Much love, no violence. Smooches.

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  1. Donnalee

    Henry, you’re a dope but we love you and know that this was cluelessness and nothing having to do with actual threats. Next time, man, don’t have private conversations, even goof ones, online. Just sayin.

    best wishes
    from Donnalee

  2. Bart

    Henry, I hope you can find peace in your mind and help from your community. Looks as though you have support already. Take advantage of it to motivate yourself to stay sober and sane. Educate yourself, find true friends, don’t isolate, eat well, do yoga. Best wishes.

  3. Daisy Bolle

    Forgiven. I’d say the best way to heal from this experience would be to become an advocate and activist for gun control so that any kid who was actually planning on something would have no way to actually do it.

  4. Woodstock Parent

    You’ve scared us beyond what you can understand. One day you will have a child and you will. I believe you and forgive you. I wish you peace, health, and happiness.

  5. Salty Pretzel

    Some may forgive but never forget! Quite frankly, your plea deal is a miscarriage of justice! You should have more jail time, community service and make restitution!

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