New Paltz considers rainbow-colored crosswalk

The New Paltz Pride Parade in 2010. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

New Paltz Village Trustee Don Kerr and Deputy Town Supervisor Dan Torres have been studying ways to create a rainbow crosswalk to honor the then-illegal same-sex weddings performed by Jason West in the Village of New Paltz in 2004 and to support the annual pride march and festival held in New Paltz. Kerr said that the crosswalk now being considered would be on a village road, serving to connect Peace and Hasbrouck parks and thereby avoiding a face-off with intractable state transportation officials.

On the other hand, Kerr lamented that the preferred medium, thermoplastic, is “quite expensive.” To that end, Torres launched a crowdfunding campaign on to raise $5,000; as of this writing $390 had been collected.


Kerr was previously asked if thermoplastic might have similar deleterious environmental impacts as that which has been associated with single-use plastic bags, which are now banned in the village; he has not advised that his research into that question is complete.

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  1. sal dellagorgo

    just cross the street quietly with the “regular crosswalks” and stop wasting my damn tax dollars. middle class getting wiped out.

    1. Sam. W

      Agreed. Political exhibits in New Paltz are really a Joke as New Paltz is a Nothing Town with population around 7000 and in almost 100 miles from N.Y.C.

      Go to NYC and make your political parades and protest where at least someone cares.

      Without the College New Paltz would really be no more than a crossroads hillbilly town.

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