Woodstock faces challenge of completing Mill Hill Road project this year

Mill Hill Road in, approximately, 1913. Note the Lutheran Church on the left.

While the Woodstock Town Board is keenly aware of the hardship placed on businesses by tearing up Mill Hill Road this summer, even when limited to nights, it is under a crunch to get it done this year. Under a project funded by the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, the town will coordinate with the state to have the nonfunctional slot drains replaced and the road resurfaced.

The project was around $2 million when first conceived and now that has climbed to $2.2 million. If the town waits another year, inflation and wage growth may put the project out of reach and the grant money may disappear entirely, Town Supervisor Bill McKenna said.


“We have just enough money to do it now,” he said.

Work will be done in an eight-hour window between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays to minimize disruption, but restaurant owners are concerned about effects on a growing summer nightlife.

McKenna said the town is considering the possibility of requiring two crews to work from both ends, stopping during the summer peak and continuing, then meeting in the middle.

McKenna hopes contracts can be signed by the end of April.