Report: 81,000 New York State pistol owners failed to register as required by SAFE Act

Jan. 31, 2018 was the deadline for New York State pistol permit holders who received their permit before Jan. 15, 2013 to recertify as required by the New York State SAFE Act. According to NPR, approximately 81,000, or 20 percent, of the affected pistol permit holders failed to contact the state by the deadline. Those who fail to recertify their permits risk having their permits revoked.

State police said they’ll accept late registrations through 2018.

“We’re not going to take criminal enforcement action, particularly with those people who were unaware of this re-certification process,” State Police spokesman Beau Duffy told NPR.

New York State gun owners haven’t exactly been thrilled with the SAFE Act’s registration requirements. In a 2016 article, we reported that, as of that time, only 4 percent of assault weapons had been registered as required.