Kingston Times letters (1/18-24)

Frivolous lawsuit

Governor Cuomo’s approach to the $10,000 cap on the federal deduction for state and local property taxes is to plan a frivolous lawsuit against Washington. I guess he’s upset that the cap will interfere with the state’s track record of spending on anything and everything regardless of absolute need or return on investment.

In our personal lives, when we are confronted with a potential reduction in income we step back and look for expense we planned for but could be delayed until we totally understand our new financial situation. Clearly an approach that has more chance for success than a lawsuit.

With that in mind may I suggest a delay in the “full speed ahead” plan for the Interstate 587/Broadway/Albany Avenue roundabout. The justification for spending that $6 million is flimsy at best and since the idea surfaced in 2013 other less costly technological solutions are now available to correct the “perceived congestion” rationale.


As an added advantage to delaying this project, Kingston can scale back their panic borrowing of money, part of the city property tax rate, to pay for their role in this project, now estimated at $2 million, and put in its place a more structured replacement of infrastructure. If you agree, call your city and state representatives and make your opinion known.

Ronald E. Dietl

A response to the mayor’s speech

Honesty, integrity? Talking about fair housing and economic development — when businesses are charged high commercial tax rates and residents are taxed out of their homes with inflated assessments? Only development is by non-profits and businesses getting taxpayer-funded grants and Pilots who compete with existing private property owners? Stick to police, fire, DPW, water and sewer services — stay away from what you have had zero experience/success with. Start with lowering the costs of doing business and living here – not just raising assessments, taxes, fees and parking meters.

William F. Berardi

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  1. Susan

    Have either of you driven through Connecticut or New Jersey lately? The highways and roads are terrible, pot holes galore on I84 in Connecticut and the roads and bridges in New Jersey are just as bad. Be glad that you live here in New York State. At least New York State paves its roads and major highways. Money well spent in my book. Stop complaining.

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