Woodstock swimmers at Big & Little Deep will need permits starting next year


Big Deep (photo by Dion Ogust)

Those who want to use the Big Deep and Little Deep swimming holes next summer will have to get a permit, after an action approved by the Woodstock Town Board at its latest meeting, December 12.

Town maintenance crews spent a considerable amount on time picking up garbage this past summer and officials received numerous complaints from neighbors. A sign will direct people to obtain a permit from the police dispatch office at 76 Tinker Street.

Those signing a permit will have to read and understand the rules, which are as follows:


No groups of more than six people (immediate family members excluded), no fires or cooking, no loud music, no dogs off leash, no glass containers, carry in and carry out, swim at your own risk (there is no lifeguard on duty), no camping, no firearms or other weapons and no hunting. The hours of access will be 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The rules state there will be no access without a permit from May 15 through September 15.

Woodstock supervisor Bill McKenna said he doesn’t expect police to be constantly patrolling and asking for permits, but it will help address any problems. “It gives them a tool for when they do get a call from one of the residents that there’s mischief afoot,” McKenna said. “We just want everybody to be safe, have a good time, take it in and take it out.”

The supervisor said he understands people like to walk their dogs in the early morning before the hours on the permit and those people generally aren’t causing a problem.

The permit will be free of charge for residents and though the board hasn’t set a fee yet, it will likely be $10 per season for nonresidents.


Bathers on the path to Big Deep. (Photo by Dion Ogust)

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  1. jess mcgovern

    wow talk about overreaction. neighbors living next to a known swimming hole are mad because… people use a swimming hole during the day. how disruptive is that really? and the garbage, come on, this is woodstock, can’t we try some creative signage to guilt people into carrying out their stuff? or maybe like a single garbage can that a town employee could empty (wouldnt cost all attendees x $10).

  2. Eleiese

    This is what happens when people just do as they please. If the neighbors complain, then obviously it is for a reason. If the the town is picking up trash that you people brought with you and you are not taking back out what you brought in, that’s a reason. People had no problem going to a store picking up and carrying in what they bought or what you brought from home. Why do these same person think another should pick up your leftovers and put in a trash can, why provide a trash can at taxpayers expense? Do these same people believe a cleanup crew is doing this for free?

    You bring your pets,and of course your pet will have to relive itself, and where is that happening? Now we have people who come across a animals waste! You people don’t care and it is your sense of entitlement, so what, etc etc. It isn’t even your property, you came, you enjoyed, etc etc and you left. It is like the same with beaches, they say no glass, no cigarette butts etc etc etc, you come and you don’t care and again don’t see a problem with what any of you are doing and leaving behind. Cigarettes do not go away, glass breaks, cuts appear, plastic stays forever, animals that live in the woods are attracted to food smells and go to the plastic, and not one of you care! You just want what you want period.

    Put a pool in your yard and let all come to your home, don’t forget your dogs neither. None if you had regard for what you all were doing, then you get mad when you have to pay! Really, just look at what you all do, what you did!

  3. Rain

    I hope, if they’re charging people for permits, that they’ll actually be checking that everyone has one. Of course, all the litterbugs and slobs aren’t going to be buying permits. The law-abiding people will be paying, as usual. This is all the result of putting that sign up telling everyone where it is. Locals already knew, and took care of it. Now all the slobs know, too.

  4. Mrs. B

    How sad, Thank you all for not taking care of this space . I carried garbage out . I met some locals , Woodstock and Saugerties . Also met a grandmother from Kingston with her grand children who actually didn’t have very much and brought her grand children to cool off have a picnic , The children were finding sticks , stones and grand mother was building fairy houses with them . Now you want to charge $10.00 per season per person? You need to have some waivers for some families in this also. I for one discovered this area 2 years ago . enjoyed the walk with my family , the water. and the kids . So this will become another spot for the elite ??? Think before you leap! How about letting some fo the people in your courts do community service and they can clean up? That would mean 1 paid worker watching the cleaning staff to work their court fees off and give back to the community? If you are caught littering well then you have a sentence of a month cleaning 2xs a week .

  5. Woodstock Resident

    Totally insane to charge people permits for such a tiny nothing seasonal place.

    What a Joke, i wouldn’t want to go there for free.

  6. Woodstock Biker

    Now that they are charging they are Responsible and Liable for any unsafe hazards including the slippry rocks.

    Last season my foot was cut on glass there. Happens again and i have paid i will Sue who ever sold me ticket.

    Also many Rattle Snakes are often seen here especially in early season.

    They should staff a Ranger at all times.

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