Kingston Police warn of “Porch Pirates”

The holiday season can be a boon for thieves. Flat-screen television boxes at the curb mean a nice new television inside. A dark house could mean the homeowners are away visiting family. Another crime, growing as more choose to shop online, is to steal deliveries from a porch before the resident returns home to bring it inside.

The Kingston Police Department today, in announcing the arrest of a local man for petit larceny, called such thieves “Porch Pirates” and offered tips to safeguard your deliveries.

Arrested was Nyamekye S. Hall, 41. Police said Hall stole a package from a porch on McEntee St. on Dec. 1. The incident was caught on the homeowner’s security camera and Hall was identified by a neighbor. All the items in the package, save one, were located and returned to the owner.


Kingston Police offered the following tips:

  • Ask the postal service to hold packages and pick the package up at the post office
  • Arrange to have the package delivered to your workplace
  • Have the package delivered to an address where someone is home to receive it

We’d add one more: Consider shopping locally, in-person, and bypass porch piracy altogether, while helping the local economy.