Café Arts in Highland hamlet serves food and sells groceries, clothing and art


Kelly McGinnis of Café Arts in Highland. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

According to Kelly McGinnis, proprietor of the new Café Arts in Highland at 33 Main Street in the hamlet, people that walk into the business for the first time tend to ask, “What is this place?”

The confusion arises because the small shop offers a bit of everything, which is not usually found all in one place. Food is served — mac-and-cheese, soup, sandwiches, baked goods and the like — which can be eaten at one of several tables or at a countertop that faces the street. There’s also an area of the shop for local food products and grocery items. But McGinnis also carries jewelry and items of women’s clothing — casual, bohemian-type garments — and the walls serve as gallery space for art created by local artists, including the proprietor herself.


It’s a diverse collection of offerings, which suits McGinnis fine. A Poughkeepsie native, she says she’s always wanted to have a little place like this. She’s taking her time putting it all together, letting it grow organically since opening about two months ago.

A grand opening will be celebrated during the Town of Lloyd’s annual “Light Up the Hamlet” event in Highland on Friday evening, December 8. Light refreshments will be available, and it’ll be a good opportunity to check out the eclectic little shop and café along with several other new businesses on the block: a Western/vintage clothing shop, a florist and the new location of Verlise Boutique.

Movie nights are planned at Café Arts, and an open mic brunch will be offered on Sundays starting in December. Check Café Arts Facebook page for details, or call (845) 235-9620, e-mail or visit

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