Saugerties Times election letters

Worn out shoes

I do not intentionally bypass any residence on the campaign trail. I assure you my shoes are worn and all votes count. VOTE regardless of who you support.

Paul Andreassen
Malden on Hudson

For Fred Costello

I attended the League of Woman Voters sponsored debate between candidates for town offices. I was particularly impressed with Fred Costello. He gave open, honest, compassionate and thoughtful answers to the questions posed by audience members. His breath of understanding about the issues facing the town assured me that he is a very bright guy who does his homework. He also exhibited a respectful, caring demeanor. We are fortunate to have him as a candidate.

There was a question about campaign finances and Mr. Costello was very transparent about his campaign indicating that all of that information had been submitted to the New York State Board of Elections for public view. I checked when I got home and it had been.


Please join me in voting for Fred Costello for Saugerties Town Supervisor.

Donn Avallone

‘No’ on Convention

New York has some of the strongest environmental protections in the country. Large parts of the Adirondacks and Catskills are protected from commercial development.
A Constitutional Convention would make it possible for wealthy developers to strip away “forever wild” protections and build at whim. This would be a terrible tragedy.
Our parks and mountains are some of our state’s most important assets. We can’t allow developers and corporations to profit at the expense of our natural environment. We should be expanding protections in the face of climate change, not weakening them.
I’m voting “no” on the Constitutional Convention. The risks are too great and the rewards too few, especially when it comes to our environment.

Cassandra Taylor

Schoonmaker for town board

I write today to voice my strong support for John Schoonmaker, a candidate for Town Board. John and I have known each other since our earliest days at Cahill Elementary School. He has always been an active, caring, dedicated, honest, and informed individual. His approach to serving on the board will be one of a humble servant of the people, there to collect data, hear the concerns, and work with all involved to make a better Saugerties for all. I must also note that John does not owe any political favors to any one person or organization. That being said, he will treat all individual concerns equally and will not play favorites when working to find and implement a solution. We have a prime opportunity to elect a man who will be among the leaders for the up and coming generation of Americans so let us not waste it. Fellow Saugertesians, please join me in voting John Schoonmaker  for Town Board on Election Day (Tuesday, November 7).

Timothy Scott, Jr.

Change is in the air

Now we are down to the home stretch with only a few more days before voters go to the polls and elect our representatives for the next few years.

Over the past several weeks we have presented evidence to show that the Town of Saugerties, according to the State Comptroller’s office, is “fiscally stress-susceptible.” This is  critical to the future of Saugerties and its taxpayers.  We have also shown documentation as to how we got into this situation.  You, the voter, have a real opportunity to fix this problem by selecting the right candidates this election. It is important that we choose the right candidates, those with fiscally savvy mindsets who will do their best to prudently bring us out of our precarious position. Candidates who will put people before politics and carefully watch our purses.

With that said, the Conservative Party has gone to great lengths to seek out and vet the candidates who we feel fit that bill. We’re confident that we’ve found just the right ones, candidates:

⁃who feel passionate about this community and its people;

⁃who are determined to create and maintain favorable conditions conducive to job growth; and

⁃who will strive to create neighborhoods attractive to family life.

Therefore, we urge voters to come out on Tuesday, November 7 and support the candidates best qualified to tackle our problems and improve our future. The best candidates are: James (“Jimmy”) Bruno, for Town Supervisor; Don Tucker and Paul Andreassen for Town Board; Dan Lamb for Town Justice; Lisa Stanley for Town Clerk; Doug Myers for Highway Superintendent; and Mary Wawro, Joe Maloney and Dean Fabiano for County Legislators. These candidates have pledged to put the people of Saugerties first — and before politics. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please give these candidates your vote of confidence — they won’t let you down. And they’ll prove that they care about you, the taxpayer, first and foremost!

You can conveniently find all these candidates on Row C.

George Heidcamp,
Chairman, Town of Saugerties Conservative Party
1st Vice Chairman, Ulster County Conservative Party

Support Fred Costello for supervisor

As past Chair of the Saugerties Democratic Party I had many criteria for evaluating candidates seeking the party’s nomination. One was, is he or she someone I’d like to have cup of with? Fred Costello is just that guy. He is accessible, comfortable in his own skin, a great listener and a man of integrity who doesn’t make promises he can’t keep. I am proud to have supported his candidacy for town board for over a decade and his credentials as an elected official speak for themselves.

As we give thanks to Greg Helsmoortel for his years of service, you can rest assured that the future of Saugerties will be in good hands with Fred as our next Supervisor.

Please vote for Fred for Supervisor on Nov. 7.

Mike Harkavy

Support MacIsaac for legislator

We have known Mike MacIsaac for about two decades, through the church that we are actively involved in. Mike is running for Ulster County legislator in District 1. Mike has been active in our community for many years, from an IBM employee to member of the Saugerties school board and beyond. He is a good man, intelligent, thoughtful, moral, a dedicated husband and father, and concerned enough about the state of our politics that he has decided to do something about it. Mike has our vote, and we strongly recommend that anyone in District 1 support Mike in the upcoming election, so he can make positive changes for our community from the ground up. Please, don’t neglect to vote this coming Election Day.

Paul and JoAnne Schubert

Costello is the right man for the job

I got to know Fred Costello during the four years I served as a member of the Saugerties Town Board. We began as colleagues, back in 2006, and by the end of my term we became, and have remained, good friends. We started politically on different sides of the aisle, but I quickly learned that Freddy was more than willing to reach across that divide. I was, and am, impressed by how Fred is able to quickly grasp a situation and how well informed and thoughtful he is about most every issue that comes before the board.  He doesn’t see issues in Republican or Democratic colors, but makes decisions as a true independent, listening to all points of view and assessing situations with a dispassionate, reasoned approach. He does his homework.

Freddy is a people person. He loves his family, and his town, and if you stop into his busy restaurant, he’ll always take the time to chat, and when he asks, “is everything good?” he really wants to know the answer! At heart, he is a hard working, smart and kind man, yet not afraid to disagree, always respectfully, with others’ points of view.  In the face of today’s nasty political climate, where so many go low, Freddy takes the high road. He remains an idealist and a patriot. It’s time to rebuild America from the ground up and small towns like ours are where the building begins. Please join me and vote for Fred Costello for Town of Saugerties Supervisor. He’s the right man for the job.

Nancy Campbell

Support Jimmy Bruno

This election year gives Saugerties some of the best choices we have had in a long time. And of these choices, we need someone that hears the concerns of the senior citizens who are caught between a fixed income and rising taxes. And families that have seen there incomes stagnant and the raising cost of living, making people work two jobs per person and four jobs per family, leaving little time for there children. That is why I support Jimmy Bruno, he recognizes these problems and has a genuine love for Saugerties and its residents. Thank you for your consideration.

James Uhl

Jimmy Bruno, can do

To the residents of Saugerties, on November 7 collectively we have an opportunity to elect an individual as our next town supervisor, who is dedicated and relentless in his drive to make Saugerties a town that all people regardless of their political affiliation can afford to live in and will continue to be proud to call it home.

I have known Jimmy Bruno since our early years in high school. Even then he never ceased to amaze me with his constant smile and endless “can do” attitude when it came to helping others. As we go through life, things change and fortunately for me he surprised me on December 24, 2008 and asked me to become his wife. My decision was easy because since 2001 we had been dating and I really got to know Jimmy. From day one I knew that he was dedicated to serving the community of Saugerties and all of its residents. I also knew and accepted the fact that if someone called with a problem/concern, Jimmy would drop everything to help the individual in need.

I also know that Jimmy takes all of the votes and decisions that he has to make as a Town Board member and deputy supervisor very seriously. To be honest with you, there have been many sleepless nights in our house when Jimmy is searching for answers, consulting with various individuals to assure that he has all the necessary information to cast his vote on a specific issue that will benefit the majority of residents of Saugerties.


On November 7th I am respectively asking all the residents of Saugerties to get out and vote for my husband, Jimmy Bruno, as our next Town Supervisor, a man who truly loves Saugerties and has a vision to help it grow and prosper.

Kathleen Bruno

Reject Constitutional Convention

I am voting “no” on the Constitutional Convention proposition. Almost all of the delegates elected to the Convention will be wealthy enough to have or gain name recognition in an election district the size of a Senate District. Our Senate District stretches from Lloyd in Ulster Co. north through eastern Ulster Co. all of Greene Co. and north through most of Albany Co., western Schenectady Co. and all of Montgomery Co.  People who want to campaign for a delegate position receive no financial help to compete against affluent elected and government officials, and others with the resources to capture public attention on the air waves and through the press in such a large area. If the goal of the Convention is to achieve greater equity, and justice in our State, the first step ought to have been that campaign financial support would be extended to those candidates able to collect a reasonable number of Petition signatures. At least that would give average folks a fighting chance to compete for a seat at the constitutional table.

Lanny Walter

My positive vision for Saugerties

In response to my opponent’s article in last week’s edition of Saugerties Times, I do as Mr. Costello states have lofty ideas but I do not consider them to be pie in the sky. I remember in one of my IBM management classes, a plan was placed in front of us and we were told to execute it. Some of us went one step further and introduced steps/procedures that not only enhanced the original plan but resulted in a big increase in revenue, call it pie in the sky if you will Mr. Costello but I have always operated under the assumption that if one doesn’t try to do things that are considered hard or impossible to do, one will never know what could have been.
In response to your statement that me and my team have engaged in direct mail, social media and whisper personal attacks against you, I feel compelled to respond.

I told you myself that I had mailed a letter out to the conservative party. I also told you that I had no choice since once again after telling me that you wouldn’t go after the endorsement of the republican and conservative parties and I did not try to primary you for the Independence line, when I asked you point blank if you were going to go after the conservative line, your response was “well you know my father might nominate me.” I truly had no choice but to write the letter but as I told you then and I’ll say it again there was nothing in the letter that wasn’t true and that, my friend, I will standby.

Now for the social media that you assert is being used negatively against you, I can only assume that I know what you are referring to because you were very vague in your reference to it. If it is what I think it is, I looked into it and it involved a post that my son made. I told him that I did not approve of him doing it, but to be honest with you after I received a call from someone telling me exactly what transpired, my son wasn’t off base in what he was asking. Although I still would not have posted anything on Face book, the bottom line Mr. Costello is that my son was upset that once again your team had used certain not so ethical ways to help try to get you elected.

This goes hand in hand with my response to you about another issue when I told you that I understand that out of respect you have to believe what a family member told you, when in fact I have been told that many more people heard the comment that was made at the Conservative party caucus.

Lastly, I can assure you that I have not been involved with or promoted a whisper campaign that is derogatory or against you personally. Again, I wish that I could say the same.

The bottom line is Mr. Costello, I will continue to pursue and promote ideas that you may consider to be pie in the sky. In the words of Robert Kennedy, “There are those that look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask why not?” Case in point, my commitment to pursuing the idea of giving seniors 65 years of age and older, who have been a resident for at least 30 years, a break on their respective school taxes and possibly general taxes. Let’s not use politics to mock this idea, but instead, work together as a team which we have done over the last  eight years of my tenure on the Saugerties Town Board and make this happen.

James Bruno

MacIsaac: Internet issues vital

While running for Ulster County Legislature, I knocked on perhaps 1000 doors to meet the voters and “get a pulse” on the community. I’d like to thank all of you, even if was just 15 or 30 seconds of your time. Many people I spoke with much longer.
One theme I have found that repeats itself is the disappointment many of us have with Saugerties’ leading Internet and cable provider. Costs are going up, but coverage and speeds are not. In the past when we called to get a different package, there was some room for negotiation. Since the merger, it seems there is none. When people’s prices go up by 15, 20 or even 25%, the rationale is that your old Time Warner package expired. Many people can’t even get cable — they have to use satellite which is not as reliable and often has an unrealistic limit on monthly data.
If I am elected, this problem will be one of my main issues. I will work toward getting competing companies into our town, and will work toward getting expanded coverage. Everyone in Saugerties needs viable choices for internet.
We opened the county to travel and commerce in the late 1800’s with the Transcontinental railroad system. We again opened the country to automobile travel in the 1950’s with the Interstate Highway system. We need to open the country today to Internet.  It is as basic a utility as electricity and water. People need reliable, affordable internet to live their lives, do their jobs and run their companies.
If you live in Saugerties district 1, please support me on Nov. 7 and I will work hard for you.

Mike MacIsaac,
candidate for UC Legislature, Saugerties

Strong support for Altieri

I write in my strong support of Vincent Altieri for Saugerties Town Board. Why am I endorsing Vince Altieri? Fair question and one that deserves an answer. Having been in and around politics most of my life, for me you develop and internal ethos of items and issues that you keep close to your core. Taxes, budget issues, experience, safety and prior life experiences to name a few. Vince Altieri checks off all those boxes, and additionally does not make wild pronouncements of glorious achievements he will undertake because he understands the difficult nature and limited resources available to address policy issues at the Town Board. His level headed approach is exactly what the Saugerties Community wants and needs.

Steven J. Guerin

Return Wawro to legislature

I am writing to urge your support for Mary Wawro on Election Day. I have had the good fortune to know Mary since childhood. Having spent a great deal of time with her family over the years, I can state they are people of outstanding moral character with an unparalleled work ethic and strong community spirit, instilled traits that have led Mary to success as a small business owner in the demanding field of child daycare. She brings these qualities, and a wealth of knowledge and energy, to the Ulster County Legislature.

During her tenure in the Legislature Mary has proven her ability to work in a bipartisan manner and approach issues with an open mind while maintaining her core conservative values, particularly with respect to fiscal constraint and lower taxation. As a business owner she is well aware of the challenges associated with operating a small business in New York and is dedicated to creating a hospitable business environment in Ulster County. She has demonstrated her leadership skills and the ability to tackle a diversity of issues as chair of the Education and Community Services Committee and through her service on the Energy and Environment Committee. Mary is an ardent supporter of our first responders and the emergency services community, an advocate for the environment and she maintains a dogged commitment to combat the opioid crisis and seek support for those fighting addiction.

Mary has proven herself a capable and compassionate leader, with a steadfast commitment to her constituents. On November 7 please return her to the Legislature as our representative from District 1.

Bill Schirmer

Allen’s constituent service

I want to thank again my County Legislator, Chris Allen, for resolving a dangerous situation that jeopardized the safety of myself and my family at our residence in Barclay Heights. In early June, two large trees fell down in my backyard which caused property damage to my house and fence. In addition, there were four other trees (two of which were dead) that were hanging over my property line. These tress were hanging over my roof and perched in a position where they could have fallen on my house potentiality harming or killing myself and my family. After the two other tress fell down, I contacted Legislator Allen, and he came over to survey the damage. All of  the six trees are located on property that is currently owned by Ulster County. Legislator Allen was able to have County employees come over to survey the situation and property damage. Within 10 days a sub-contracted tree removal  company came over and took down the dangerous trees and removed debris. I appreciate all the help Legislator Allen provided during this time as I am a senior and was very stressed with this situation.

Legislator Chris Allen is very quick in his handling of constituent concerns, as he went to work immediately after I phoned him  about the first tree falling in my back yard. From being his neighbor, I see how hard he works in representing the residents of his legislative district. On November 7, vote for Chris Allen, and he will continue to work hard for the residents of Saugerties and Malden in the Ulster County  Legislature.

Patricia McCoy

Bruno dedicated, hardworking

On Tuesday November 7th we will be electing a new town supervisor. This will be a tough job to do, but we have the right man to do the job. Jimmy Bruno is dedicated and hardworking. I support Jimmy and hope you will too.

Bill Geick
Blue Mountain

Thank You Joe Maloney

On Saturday, October 27, Ulster County hosted the NYPTA ( New York Public Transit Association ) 2017 NYS Bus Rodeo at Tech City. I want to Thank Ulster County Legislature nominee for district 2, Joe Maloney, for your Sponsorship of this event. More impressive than your monetary contribution to this State wide event, you really showed your support for what is happening in our county when you actually came to Tech City Saturday and spent four hours in the wind cheering on the four contestants representing Ulster County Area Transit.

Looking forward to seeing you again and again. Come out to support your neighbors.

Cherie Lee,
UCAT Driver

Knowledgeable Chris Allen

When I first met Chris Allen in 2013, I was immediately made aware of his intelligence and how knowledgeable he was on all of the issues that affect the residents of Saugerties.  During our initial conversation, Chris and I discussed common core and how it adversely affects everyone involved in the educational system. This greatly impressed me since I have kids in the public school and have seen first-hand the effects of testing.

Since then, I have gotten to know Chris quite well and have followed his activity as our county legislator. Chris has been active in promoting economic development on Kings Highway through his participation in the lobbying efforts to have more natural gas lines brought into the corridor. In addition, as a filmmaker I am happy to see  that Chris has been very supportive in the planning for the proliferation of the film industry in Ulster County.

Also, when I read Chris’ letters in Saugerties Times, I am always impressed by the depth of knowledge and how detail oriented he is in his explanation of issues.

On November 7th make the right choice and vote for Chris Allen for County Legislator and help him to continue to work for us.

Katie Cokinos

Women’s equality for Joe Maloney

Several years ago my husband and I confided in Joe Maloney some personal troubles. Over the next several months Joe helped us with groceries, rent, job searches and even came to our eviction court hearing literally negotiating us an extension until we could catch up on rent. We were new to the area and without Joe and his family I honestly don’t know what we would have done.

Recently I went to Joe and asked if i could write this letter after experiencing his opponent at my door. I know the real Joe Maloney and I’ll be voting for him on my own Women’s Equality line.

Angie Miller

Voting Joe Maloney on Green line

I am a lifelong Saugerties Democrat and I will be enthusiastically voting for Joe Maloney on the Green line November 7! Joe is the smartest most altruistic individual I’ve seen run on the county level in a long time. Joe will fight for my two biggest concerns — property taxes and the environment.

Samantha Whittaker

Aiming to be a true public servant

As a true public servant I promise to work harder and longer for less. I don’t want, need, nor will I accept health insurance and mileage reimbursements for a part-time position.

I’ll fight for and not against term limits. I will be honest about my resume and accomplishments, not fabricate my work history and exaggerate helping others.

I will never forget that the constituents and not the political establishment are my boss.

I haven’t taken political contributions from parties or organizations and I will donate what is left of my campaign to a local cause, not reimburse myself for out of pocket expenses.

I’ll never forget that my number one job is to work as hard for the constituents’ tax dollar as they worked earning it. Its all about the budget. I’ve learned it, I know it and I will challenge it. Property taxes are too high!

And I’ll always remember that an opponent’s family is always off limits!

I humbly ask for your vote November 7 and promise to represent you!

Joe Maloney,
District 2 Legislative Candidate, Green, Republican, Women’s Equality, Conservative, Saugerties


Vote Joe Maloney November 7 

I enthusiastically support Joe Maloney for Ulster County Legislature. I have known, Joe Maloney for a few years now. On Tuesday, November 7, we will head to the polls to vote for a County Legislature. We need a caring, competent, capable, and trustworthy person to represent our district. Joe Maloney, is that candidate! His compassion and character make him a strong asset.

If elected, Joe will be a strong advocate for efficient and effective government. He will continue to support efforts to protect the environment, to keep the county’s property taxes down. Joe also will call for term limits for elected officials and support a referendum on this issue.

It is with great pleasure that I ask you to join me in voting for, Joe Maloney!

Shirley Catalano,
Republican Committeewomen, Saugerties

Allen: spending down, infrastructure up

I attended the Ulster County Film Commission’s event in Saugerties that chronicled the expansion of the film industry. Films that are produced in Ulster County with budgets over $500,000 can receive an additional 10 percent New York State tax credit on qualified labor expenses. Statewide, there is a maximum of $5 million per year that can be allocated for this program. The expansion of the film industry creates locally-based jobs that generate more income taxes while stimulating the local economy.

In addition, I attended a press conference at the Ulster County Building that announced the upcoming display of the Vietnam Traveling Wall at the Cantine Veterans’ Field from July 18-23, 2018. The Vietnam Traveling Wall is a 300-foot, three-fifths sized replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. Nearly 60 percent of Ulster County’s 12,000 veterans served in Vietnam and of the 58,318 names etched on the wall, 42 are from Ulster County. Ulster County Government reduced spending by nearly $30 Million Dollars from 2012-2018, yet County Government has increased its services to veterans and created a homeless shelter for veterans in Kingston.

The fiscal prudence within Ulster County Government can be attributed to the change in the Ulster County Charter that created an Executive Branch of Government, took powers and responsibilities away from the Legislature and added a Comptroller’s Office. Since 2009, the size of County Government has been reduced by 37%. The County Legislature reviews and revises the County Budget that the County Executive presents to us and approves or disapproves of it. And despite statements to the contrary, the Ulster County Budget is consistently presented in a uniformed format with consistent budget lines chronicling the itemized spending that occurs. And while different capital projects emerge from year-to-year, the order in which spending is allocated is dependent upon the need for infrastructural replacement. Statements that suggest an urgent need for a change to this process are spurious statements.

As a Legislator, I have developed a clear lens through which I see the role of the Legislature within the Charter. I understand the difference between setting policy (which is the role of the Legislature) and running the overall operations of County Government (which is the job of the County Executive’s Office). Department Heads are selected by the County Executive and approved by the Legislature. This is a process that exists in all governmental structures across the U.S. Statements that suggest a drastic need for change in this process represent a biased view against the County Executive’s Office and its authority to manage operations. I do not have any family members who work within the other two branches of Government.

In my third term, I will continue to work for the residents of Saugerties towards keeping County spending down while pushing for infrastructural improvements along Kings Highway that will attract potential businesses. I will continue to fight for improvements in our healthcare system, fight for the cleanliness of the Esopus Creek/Hudson River and help people.

Chris Allen,
Ulster County Legislature, District 2

A day in the life of Fred Costello 

It was August 2004, the Keyser property was on it’s way to being designated by New York State as a Nature Preserve, but there was an obstacle in the way. In fact there were approximately nine very large obstacles in the form of six cars, one truck, a pink bath tub, and, it’s true, an iron lung. Yes, you read it correctly, an iron lung! All of the above had been driven, carried or dragged onto the former Keyser property many, many years before by unknown persons.

So what to do? Who to ask for  help? Ron Le Blanc, who was then Chair of the Stewardship Committee, knew someone whose community spirit, even back then, was well recognized. And that was Fred Costello. So when Ron asked Fred to help, Fred said, yes, “I would be happy to help.” The following Saturday morning, Fred brought his backhoe to the Preserve and began to work. With the help of several other men, he attached the vehicles to the backhoe and pulled one vehicle after another out of ravines, up hills and out of the Preserve. The most difficult challenge was dragging an old Pontiac mired in a swamp down the side of the trail the leads to the Meadow. It seemed impossible to most of us, but Fred was able to pull the car out of the ditch, on to the trail, and up the hill. He then arranged for all the cars, trucks, pink bath-tub and the iron lung to be picked up and taken away.

What a day that was for the fledgling Esopus Creek Conservancy pioneers. They were now well on their way, thanks to Fred, to designating the former Keyser Property as Saugerties’ own Nature Preserve.

So, thank you, to Fred.

Susan Bolitzer

Time for a change…vote Joe Maloney

Like Joe I am a lifelong Independence party member and feel his pragmatic and bipartisan approach to county government is much needed. Joe’s passions for term limits, knowledge of the relevant topics and selfless approach to political service has won me over in a big way. I feel very secure and comfortable with my family, friends and community being represented by Joe Maloney.

Chad McPeek

Support Vinny Alteri, Saugerties town board

I am writing in support of Vincent Alteri for Saugerties Town Board. I have known Vinny for over 20 years and have been witness to many of his accomplishments. Vinny’s knowledge, loyalty, determination and reputation are just a few qualities that will help our community to continue to grow.

Vinny is an honest person who takes the time to review all sides of issues before making a decision with his ultimate goal being the fairest for all involved. Vinny is a homeowner in Saugerties as well as having a child in the Saugerties school district, so he is extremely familiar with the need for the review of tax bases. He is very proactive in the emergency services field and understands that these needs are growing at a fast pace within this community and must be addressed and not placed on the back burner. His allegiance to our environment is a paramount trait that we should all consider when voting. Vinny’s work ethic and enthusiasm helps to bring all parties together to work for the better of our community. Please show your support in the continued growth and safety of our great town, vote Vincent Alteri.

Tracy Steyer

Vinnie Altieri for town council

I am a 35 year resident of Saugerties, and I am proud to call this community my home. I have watched Saugerties grow in the past 35 years, and I believe that with the help of Vinnie Altieri, Saugerties will become an even better place to live. I have known Vinnie Altieri for several years, from my first impression of him, until now, I knew he could do great things. Vinnie has been in law enforcement for many years and has earned his way up to Captain. Vinnie is very approachable and is always ready to listen to any concerns and will give valuable answers. He has proven to be very active in the community, and has made a home here with his daughter. I have seen Vinnie volunteer for the benefit of children, shop at local merchants and dine at local restaurants. He is a man with Integrity, loyalty, and is committed to the Saugerties community. I truly believe that Vinnie will be an asset to the Town Council and will go above and beyond for the Saugerties community.

Please join me in voting for the best man for the job Vincent Altieri.

Lorri Dickerson

Support for Jimmy Bruno

It is my pleasure to write this letter in support of Jimmy Bruno who is running for Town of Saugerties Supervisor. Jimmy has watched me grow up and has been a part of my life all these years. I have no doubt that he would make a competent supervisor and has the ability and qualities to put the People of the Town of Saugerties first.

Raymond Mayone Jr.

Politics as usual: Albany wants it all

The upcoming election on Nov. 7 will be critical for the Ulster County Supreme Court.

Due to the retirement of Judge Karen K. Peters, there will be a vacant seat in the Supreme Court, Third District. The Third District covers several counties, including Ulster. Judge Peters resides in Ulster County and her chambers are located in the Ulster County Courthouse.

The candidates who are vying for this vacant Supreme Court seat are Julian Schreibman, who lives in Ulster County, and Peter Crummey, who lives in Albany County. If Mr. Crummey wins the election, his chambers will be in Albany and Ulster County will lose a resident Supreme Court judge. The Ulster County Supreme Court is overloaded with cases. Albany currently has 11 Supreme Court judges and acting Supreme Court judges while Ulster County has only two resident Supreme Court judges. Albany does not need another judge. Vote for Julian Schreibman on Nov. 7 to keep this judicial seat here in Ulster County and prevent Albany from taking it.

Derek J. Spada

Republicans are Republicans

Republicans insist that party affiliation at the local level doesn’t matter. I disagree. The Republicans at all levels of government enabled Donald Trump to be nominated and then voted for him in massive numbers. They are directly responsible for the embarrassing and corrupt government we now have in Washington.

Jo Cicale

I Like Mike

When I was just a child

I wore a campaign button

That stated “I Like Ike”

Now I have Grandchild

I wear a campaign button

That states “Vote for Mike”

We badly need an uptick

Vote for Mike MacIsaac.

Gary Bischoff

Costello for supervisor

I am writing to voice my support for Fred Costello in the town of Saugerties race for supervisor. Fred is the candidate who has the right vision to lead this town today and into the future. Fred’s resume is packed with instances where he supported shared services to reduce taxes, supported environmental policies to protect the towns resources, supported policies and initiatives to attract and sustain business growth and development and so much more. Fred’s vision, professionalism, integrity, character, resourcefulness and existing relationships make Fred the most qualified candidate in this election.
On a more personal note, Fred is someone I have looked up to my whole life. Fred is someone I trust with my life and have always known him to display integrity, honesty, empathy, courage, and intelligence in every instance. Fred’s unparalleled focus has enabled him to become a successful business man, father, husband and friend. Fred has unselfishly devoted himself not only to his business and his family, but equally to the Town of Saugerties. Just remembering on the five year anniversary of superstorm Sandy, all the hours Fred put in riding with the police department and supporting first responders to keep this town safe. This is the kind of dedication, focus and determination to be successful I have seen from Fred with any task he takes on. These qualities will be on full display as the Supervisor for the Town of Saugerties. This November 7, I’m asking you support Fred Costello for Supervisor.

Paul Rinaldi

Proud to support Costello

Like many in Saugerties, I’ve known Fred Costello a long time, and he’s as good and honest a person as you’ll ever find. Add to that his grasp of the issues, his extraordinary people skills, and we all have a candidate we can be proud to call our next supervisor.  Don’t forget to vote for Fred on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Barry Kerr

Fred is in our best interests

I’ve worked with Fred Costello on community projects over the years and can tell you, without reservation, that Saugerties will be fortunate to have him as our next Supervisor.  He has earned the respect of people in our town the old fashioned way — through hard work, honesty, fairness and community service. Most importantly, his passion for Saugerties and its residents is boundless. Let’s vote in our best interests and elect Fred on Nov. 7.

Beth Murphy

Get youth involved, says Schoonmaker

A frequent question that I am asked while out campaigning is how do we get my generation, those 30 and under, to actually get involved in local politics and out to the polls when there is not a presidential election. The problem is that many feel disenfranchised with our democracy and often complain that their vote does not matter, even though it does matter in our local elections. There is no easy answer to this, but I think there are two approaches we can take to achieve this goal.

One thing that could go a long way into getting the youth more interested would be to simply educate them about how important your local elections are and how it can affect your life. If elected, I would have the town start working with the school district to do exactly that. Our schools already require a government class, and part of that is attending school board and town board meetings. But most students only go because they are forced to, and remain disengaged from the whole event. We need to bring local politics to them. That can be done by bringing in town and county officials to talk to the students in their classes about the important issues they tackle at their respective level.

Another solution to this issue would be to form a young adult group that focuses on getting young voters involved more in their community and local politics. After the election, I will personally be creating such a group for Saugerties. It is important that we reach out and let the “millennial” generation know that we want them to be heard and to join us in shaping our communities. They want to join us, but it is our responsibility to let them know that they are welcome at the table.

John Schoonmaker
Saugerties Town Board Candidate

Republican party beat me

In Klaus Gabel’s column,“The Eagle View,” in Saugerties Times, October 26 he reviews candidates running for political office. He states that a new-comer to the political arena this year is hoping to stage a similar win over the incumbent in office presently.

Since 1994 I had been elected to the Ulster County Legislature to serve the people in District 2 in Saugerties, based on my platform and promise, to those very people that elected me to office. I held that position until 2013, when Chris Allen staged a very clever campaign and with the help of the Republican Committee turning their back on me and undermining a vicious attack on my re-election. Yes, Chris Allen was elected.

Giving credit where credit is due to Chris, he is clever, creative, and can walk for months and with the support previously from his opposing party he has managed to win. They even went as far as taping my telephone conversation.

I am a believer in “what goes around comes around” and for those that initiated my demise in 2013, the Party is unified in their decision in this election to totally support their candidate.

It was not Chris Allen who beat me it was the Town of Saugerties Republican Committee and the Ulster County Republican Committee that really beat me.

Robert Aiello