The Devil and Donald Trump Part II

Photo by Amanjeev

He appeared in the Oval Office, seemingly out of nowhere, late one night while the president was pondering handling a heavy matter of state with a tweet. Was he someone who had been hiding out in the little private anteroom behind the bookcase?

He was wearing white tie and tails, looked a little like David Niven, faint odor of sulphur.

“Donald, you’ve cut your hair…I thought I told you not to do that…” The president jolted in his chair, as if receiving a mild shock. “I’m sorry,” he stammered…


“And I thought I told you never to say that…” said the intruder. Another mild shock, accompanied by the faint odor of sulphur.

The devil and Donald Trump

“Uh, Donald…” said the stranger, gesturing to the president to get up. The president rose and walked around the desk while the intruder came behind it and settled into the Chair of State.

“I haven’t seen you since that lovely night at the crossroads. So, let’s review, shall we? I’d say, by all measures, you’ve done quite well as the ‘leader of the free world…’ Your sabotage of the health care system is working better than if those Senate stooges had passed that repeal and replace. I can hear those souls crying for me in the streets already. You are killing those environmental agreements, that’s good, and I do love the tax plan, it will decimate the treasury and bankrupt the country. Excellent. And your manner…terrific. Don’t show any sympathy for the storm people, cut them off. And you’ve practically alienated the whole world, while they stay deathly afraid of you. No one will think highly of Americans again…So, what say you?”

“I’ve done as you wish,” said the president. “And I love being president. I can make them all dance like puppets…”

“Ah Donald, that’s me, making them dance, not you. Don’t you forget it.” Another shock, another sulfurous whiff. The president squirms uncomfortably in his straight back chair, hands folded in front, tie hanging down in front.

“Now Donald, there are a couple of places where you’ve fallen short…no wall, what’s Hillary still doing running around selling books? And you seem to have stopped goading that North Korean guy, just when you had him almost ready to shoot. I know it’s a little ahead of schedule, but you must keep the pressure on…”

“So do I get a good grade?” asked the president. “Do I get to stay on…?”

“Well, for now,” said the intruder. “But watch it, buddy. And grow that hair back. So now, you’ll excuse me, I must get back, Senator Cruz is driving through Mississippi and I hear he may be making a stop…” And in a flash, he was gone, disappeared.

The president walked around the desk and sat in his Chair for a moment, then jumped up as his suit smoldered in the rear.

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