County legislator apologizes for behavior at traffic stop shown in video

Jennifer Schwartz Berky (photo by Nancy Donskoj)

County legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky apologized today for her behavior during a traffic stop in May. A video of the stop was released Tuesday, Oct. 24 by the Town of Ulster Town Board following several FOIL requests.

“The video released earlier this week of my Town of Ulster traffic stop captured a tough moment for me,” stated Berky. “Like so many working families, I too face tough times and stressful situations.  As a professional, a public servant and a mother, I know my interaction with Police Officer Gary Short was unacceptable. I want to apologize to Officer Short and thank him for his patience and professionalism with me during a very difficult time.”

She continued:

“This has been a humbling experience for me. I hope to use it to grow and learn how to better represent the diverse working families who reside in the great the city of Kingston.”


The dashcam recording of the 26-minute traffic stop was released over the objection of Berky’s lawyers, who argued that it would compromise her ability to receive a fair trial for the speeding ticket.

The tape shows Short approaching Berky’s Prius in the Aldi’s parking lot after following her for about a quarter-mile from the intersection of Ulster Avenue and Morton Boulevard onto Route 9W. On audio she is heard asking the officer why she was being stopped. He tells her it’s for speeding, 43 miles per hour in 30-miles-per-hour zone.

Berky told him she never speeds and was driving with traffic. She said she was headed home to feed her young son and had a job interview in downtown Kingston. Sounding increasingly agitated, she said she could not afford a traffic ticket as it will increase her cost of insurance. She says she was “broke.”

Short went back to his patrol car to write a ticket. Berky stepped out of her car, apparently gasping for air and bent over double. Short returned and inquired about her health. She said she was having “a panic attack.” Short asked whether she wanted medical assistance. She did not reply, but seemed to be breathing better.

Short returned and offered to write a ticket for failure to wear a seatbelt, a much lesser offense than speeding. Berky told him she always wears her seatbelt and refused the offer. Short then wrote the speeding ticket.

At about halfway through the 26-minute incident, Ulster officer Kevin Woltman appeared to inquire as to Short’s status. The officers chatted briefly and he leaves. Woltman is the nephew of Brian Woltman, Berky’s Republican opponent in the November 7 election.

As Short issued her the speeding ticket, Berky was heard to say, “I don’t trust you. I don’t feel safe here. Tell me what my rights are. I didn’t understand.”

“I’ve explained everything to you,” Short replied, his voice reflecting exasperation. “I’m not going to argue with you any longer.” He then returns to his patrol car and the video ends.

Berky, a Democrat, represents the city of Kingston in the county legislature. She is up for reelection Nov. 7

A joint statement of support for Berky was also released today by Joseph Donaldson, chairman of the Kingston Democratic Committee; Phil Leber, regional political director of the Working Families Party; Callie Jayne, lead organizer of Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley; and Hector Rodriguez, Democratic leader of the Ulster County Legislature.

“Jennifer has been a dedicated public servant for decades and an important progressive voice on the Ulster County Legislature. We stand united in supporting her re-election as the legislator of District 7. We know she is a knowledgeable city planner, environmental advocate, and steadfast champion of human rights–  her many strengths serve her well in her her position as a legislator, including her ability to reflect and learn from her experiences…We would like to thank Officer Short for his professionalism and patience in a difficult situation.”

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  1. JamaicaonHudson

    A) I liked the fact she issued an apology and explained the circumstances.

    B) I like the fact she stated her intention to represent working families in Kingston. It’s a wonderful city, which has so much more potential if housing and affordability issues were addressed.

    C) I like that she admitted, as a working mother, she was under a lot of stress. Every last one of us was raised by (or knows) a working mother (working within the home and/or outside of it). It shouldn’t shock anyone that the prospect of an additional (unplanned) expense, coupled with pending deadlines would induce panic. I would like to think that I wouldn’t have reacted the same way (or cried), but then again I don’t have children depending on me…

    D) Everyone has bad day–unfortunately, her bad day was captured on dash-cam. That said, it’s a speeding ticket, not grand-theft auto. She apologized, and seems like an otherwise decent person. In addition, she’s overqualified for the position. As such, as stated previously, on Nov. 7th I’m casting my vote Jennifer Schwartz-Berky.

    1. tom

      There’s bad days and then there is just absolute ignorance and mental instability. You’re just as crazy for voting for her.

        1. Arius

          This is so wrong. The police officer behaved terrible.

          First, it is clear he singled out Ms. Schwartz…. why??? who knows, obviously needs an investigation, of who this policeman is first of all.
          Second, he gives her a ticket for not wearing a belt admitting that he was LYING because she was wearing the belt. Then he goes to change the ticket to show that he is in charge.
          NO officer shorty you are not in charge, you are just someone that Ms. Schwartz is paying the salary for with her hard earned money. Terrible,

          1. Rick

            He gave her a ticket for speeding, he offered to give her a ticket for the lesser offense of ‘no seatbelt, which she refused. He was trying to cut this woman a break. Reading is fundamental. Of course, if you want someone who is obviously this mentally unstable in charge of county business then you are an idiot and reading comprehension is the least of your worries.

          2. Aaron Owen

            Bottom line, don’t break the law, and you won’t get pulled over. Sure, we’ve all broken traffic laws. Just pull over, cooperate, take your ticket, and move along. If you feel the need to appear in court, to plea innocent, then do so. Is there no accountability for one’s self anymore? Why all of the finger pointing? She admitted to violating two traffic laws from the get go. The officer was very polite, and tried to accommodate her. She acted like A PETULANT child.

          3. James McDowell

            I thought he did an AWESOME job! She CLAIMED she was driving the same speed as everyone else. (OLD GAME) It obviously DIDN’T work. Then she tried the PTSD game. That didn’t work. Sympathy Card. (That one worked until it didn’t)
            This CRAZY legislator thought she was going to BS her way out of a ticket. Instead BS’ed her way from a seatbelt ticket to a Speeding ticket. We have audio and video as proof that she admitted her wrongdoing…
            As far as the LAW is concerned. SHE broke the law by speeding, being on her phone and not wearing a seatbelt. What more do you need?

          4. Syeve

            Lying Libtard should have been arrested and thrown in mental health facility for 72 hours….
            Crazy lady claiming PTSD, then says she is having a panic attack, faking hyperventilating – what an embarrassment as a parent, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, and let’s hope she loses this election.

          5. Harold McCown

            Are you freaking kidding me??? Single her out? She was breaking the law. The same laws she swore to uphold.
            Faking PTSD while our veterans who actually suffer from it find it hard to get the proper treatment because people think they are “faking it”?
            Police officers are in charge of a scene when they are there. She may pay his salary but…HE PAYS hers also.
            She should be made to resign her position because she is clearly trying abusing the position she holds.
            When are people, regardless who they are, going to start taking responsibility for their actions?

        2. Jay

          If she had apologized before the video was released to the public, it would have carried more weight. One would surmise she was genuinely sorry.

          But she only apologized after this went public. So this appears to be damage control.

          How one acts shortly after an incident (after the panic attach subsides) reflects much of one’s integrity.

      1. Paul DF

        Tom – Thank you. You reaffirm my belief in humanity. Far too often, it’s easy to come to the logical conclusion that as a nation we are incurablely stupid.

        By stating the rational, reasonable truth of the matter, you have given me hope.

        Thank you!

    2. hudsonOnGarrison

      this isn’t even subtle please try harder with your payed for posts. you would think in the (((current year))) hired damage control would put the slightest modicum of effort into their lies

      1. JamaicaonHudson

        “Hired damage control”? Um, no, but I’m flattered you think I could be… Of course, judging by what you’ve cobbled together, perhaps I shouldn’t be.

        : )

    3. Jeff Paye

      The newspaper left at the part where she tried to use her position and legislature to get special treatment and to pull Rank and should be fired for that newspaper left that part out

        1. Cin

          No baloney here. She repeatedly tried to influence the officer by using her (very small) position. When grocery store clerks get pulled over they don’t repeatedly tell the officer “I’m a grocery store clerk.”

        1. James McDowell

          Actually we can! We aren’t in a courtroom… We have the ability to make our own opinions…
          Besides, she is a public servant… WE can see what she does..

        2. Paul DF

          Jane – The video presents the facts. Just watch it. The awful woman tries desperately, and pathetically, to use her positional power to get out of her responsibility for these crimes!

    4. ravenmom1

      Her comment “you’re not going to let me go, even though I’m a legislator” shows that she thinks she is above the law! Please… she doesn’t feel “safe” around him?? Her actions were definitely not in line with the situation. PTSD my a$$…. I have it too… I would NEVER act like a fool at a traffic stop. Her melt-down is pathetic. Your defense of her is just stupid.

      1. Jane

        You are heartless, and, yes, depending on the PTSD, you could definitely have a melt-down in this situation. Well, it won’t be in my lifetime that anyone sees empathy for anyone ever again.

        1. Albert

          I love how you think calling someone “heartless” is a better showcase of empathy than him calling out an obvious abuse of a PTSD diagnoses. Its an insult to everyone with a serious diagnoses. Well, it won’t be in my lifetime that liberals see or understand the definition of hypocrisy.

        2. Jim

          Jane: You just defined what is wrong with today’s liberal ideology, namely: when one asks that an individual behave and perform by a commonly accepted standard, the liberal will accuse one of being “heartless and cruel.” It’s automatic and brainless. You’re not doing your constituents any favors by continuing to bear the responsibility for their failure

        3. DonJuan

          Your clulessness is almost believable. No one and I mean no one who is sane, can look at this video and either blame the policeman or defend MIss Berky’s actions. It is obvious your libtard agenda is. Loading your judgement.

    5. Gil

      The real problem with this country isn’t these absolutely insane liberal politicians…… the real problem are the brain-dead morons, like yourself, that keep voting these demented dirtbags into office.

      1. K-town Transplant

        She should have threatened to grab the cop by the pussy, then she’d be on her way to the White House.

        1. Twice Baked

          If she had gotten the dash cam footage, put it on a private, unsecured server and then wiped it clean with a cloth nobody would be the wiser.

    6. James

      So she’s broke can’t afford a speeding ticket but can afford a lawyer to fight the speeding ticket. On top of that has the money can run for public office. Claims to have PTSD which is a insulting to people who suffer with PTSD and don’t tell the world they suffer from it. She said in the video that she obeys all laws yet 1. She was speeding 2. Omitted to talking to her son on her cell phone and she thought that is why she was being pulled over. Hands free is just that not in your hands. Not holding it on speaker phone.

        1. kitch

          Because in the beginning of the video she said she thought he pulled her over because she was holding her phone. She forgot she had said that when she turned around and lied and said she wasn’t on the phone. Watch the video again and listen to her first dialogue.

    7. Julie

      The apology came five months after the fact and not sure she “explained the circumstances”. Stress is an excuse for using your official position to try and get out of a ticket? Her logic was and is flawed. If getting a traffic ticket (not grand theft auto) pushes her over the edge like what we saw in the video, to say nothing of the fact the woman can’t listen to save her life or avoid getting a simple speeding ticket, then I would hope voters would say no to her representing her. I have nothing against this woman personally but she needs to find another line of work that impacts less people.

    8. Chris

      Paid for by the I don’t care anything is better than a Republican Party. That woman is a joke and would have been a hilarious addition to a Seinfeld episode.

    9. H.R. Clinton

      Pretty sure this is actually Schwartz-Berky supporting herself through a really transparent propaganda campaign…

    10. mike lufkin

      Are you just as proud to see your representative use her position with the county to attempt to get out of a ticket?

      What about wasting police assets and TIME where this unbelievable officer could have been making the town safe, but instead had to deal with the disrespect and constant interrupting of this slimy human being.

      If this person had ONE OUNCE of worth she would resign.

      She was abusive, she lied, she used her position of power to intimidate…. go on tell me more how she is a great democrat role model.

    11. Syeve

      Lying Libtard should have been arrested and thrown in mental health facility for 72 hours….
      Crazy lady claiming PTSD, then says she is having a panic attack, faking hyperventilating – what an embarrassment as a parent, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, and let’s hope she loses this election.

      1. K-town Transplant

        She should have threatened to grab the cop by the pussy, then she’d be on her way to the White House.

    12. BigWill

      How she treated the officer, lied to the officer about being broke (she would not be an elected gov’t official, elections are expensive and cost candidates thousands of dollars on a local level), and then faking a panic attack to attempt to get out of a ticket. This is not a leader. She only apologized after the video was released, which only means she was sorry she was caught in the situation not for her actions. Yes, everyone has a bad day. No, this is not how a reasonable human being acts on a bad day. This is how someone being unreasonable to a police officer doing their job acts

    13. Mike

      You are as crazy as she is….please. A drama queen…to bad she is such a selfish person..but some ..not all public servants are just self serving..democrats and republicans alike!

    14. destardi

      I don’t like the fact they said ‘during a difficult time’

      It’s a freaking speeding ticket. ‘She doesn’t feel safe’. What? Why? The democrat silliness was funny for awhile not it’s bordering on dangerous.

      This moron shouldn’t be placed in any sort of job requiring ethical behavior under pressure.

    15. John Galt

      If she’s overqualified for her position, why does she not run for a position better suited to her skill set with a commensurate wage so she can afford said “unplanned” expenses? And this is more than a bad day. This is lie after lie after lie. This is rudeness to a very patient, model police officer. And why is it unfortunate that this was captured on dash cam? Would you prefer that dash cam video only be used to incriminate police officers but not show them being absolutely outstanding, as this man was? What, exactly, is unfortunate about this facet of this woman’s personality coming to light? As such, as stated time and time again, it is dangerous to vote for self entitled, immature, dishonest people. But at least unlike her likely hero, Hillary….at least this New York democrat won’t be lying when she blames something on a youtube video…

    16. carol

      just saw this disturbing video on tv. ms berky should be ashamed. she is an embarrassment to her county legislature and gives women a bad name. kudos to that patient police officer.

  2. JoeV

    How disrespectful and unprofessional Jennifer Schwartz-Berky was to this police officer. Also, her I don’t understand, etc. was nothing more than grandstanding. How sad and pitiful. Hmm, the late apology proves me out and the video release showed her for what she is. Shameful…..

  3. TOOSE

    That was pretty pathetic. I don’t feel safe, I have to get home to feed my son, I have a job interview, I’m broke and she only apologized because she’s up for re-election………yeah, she’s got my vote!!

  4. Genessee Don

    Everything you say CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of Law!
    Has a panic attack but refuses medical attention! Is she on medication for them? Driving under the influence? Is she under a dr’s care for them or more? UNDER STRESS she admits — shouldn’t be driving since stress can make you drive more aggressively hence probably was speeding but says she never speeds which just means you were never caught yet!
    Her insurance will go up? IF you already have your 1 pass it will and IF you’re convicted.
    Officer offers to give you a lesser ticket after your ACT and you pass on it???
    Rotten situation all around – a politician as usual – caught but takes no responsibility and then gets praised by her party. The start of corruption!

    1. Jane

      Wow. She did not refuse medical attention. Tell me you’ve never been pulled over and nearly pissed in your pants even if you hadn’t done anything wrong. She had a job interview. You never pissed in your pants over a job interview either, right? It is a crock to offer a lesser ticket. People who aren’t used to being criminals, or thinking like them, don’t “buy” the plea crap. She was wearing her seatbelt.

      As to panic attacks, there is no need for medication, and you’re quite something to suggest adding DUI. Boy, I hope you’re pulled over soon.

      1. julie

        Jane, if you were even close to willing to be objective about this, other people could have a conversation with you. She did in fact refuse medical attention. Panic attacks are real but very
        very few require medical attention. He offered her great advice (calm down and listen) and he certainly didn’t escalate the situation in any way, she did. And yes, officer’s do indeed have the discretion to write a lesser ticket, heck he had the discretion to not write a ticket. He tried to
        cut her a break and she just wouldn’t stop and let the traffic stop be over. How many times did he ask her BEFORE he wrote the speeding ticket to let him speak?? Not being able to listen is not a good look for someone who is suppose listen to the people they represent. I suspect you know this woman. Fair if you do but yourself and your friend a favor and at least try and be objective. If a traffic stop as low key as this sends her into a panic attack, perhaps she needs to focus on a lower key job and get some help. Thank goodness this recording exists, I hate to think what she would say happened if it weren’t.

      2. James McDowell

        She got over the panic attack quickly too… Wonder how REAL that one was… Then screamed PTSD… Then then then….

  5. Ramona Gordon

    This video was posted several times on facebook. It received many unusually mean and nasty comments. In my comments I defended Ms. Berky and was met with a barrage of nastiness. One person alerted others that I have a page on facebook and to give me bad reviews. The page is for a radio show about food that I do. It was also posted with equally nasty comments on the Woodstockers Say Anything page. This whole issue has gotten out of hand and I’m embarrassed for the Board members who chose to make this widely available. For what purpose?

    1. S. Singleton

      Well Ramona, for “transparency” and most likely, so as to disassociate (hopefully) their own government service from that of this deeply troubled woman whose judgement is clearly flawed. She may deserve our sympathies, but definitively not our vote.

      Berky’s actions subsequent to the traffic stop in terms of suppressing the publication of the video, clearly indicate that she is well aware of the ramifications of her actions in terms of her political future.

      A sponsored GoFundMe.COM campaign (by yourself, perhaps?) for her immediate psychiatric evaluation, is the only campaign she should be involved in at this point. Her stunning “performance” is a career-ending one – simply because the Internet is “forever”.

      1. Mariner32NY

        I hope you’re right – it should be a career-ender for her. What a shameful display of behavior, public servant or not. The fact that she’s a public servant makes it so much worse. This woman has such a sense of entitlement.

        1. S. Singleton

          Well, Mariner32NY, you’re probably justified in your skepticism – since her primary skill is simply being a simple-minded, yet reliable mouthpiece for the Progressive Left – rubber-stamping whatever is their agenda du jour. She’ll, no doubt, be casting the dark shadow of identity politics and misappropriating and redistributing other peoples’ money for years to come, in one domain or another while claiming some form of perpetual victim status, just as she does in the video.

          Her “above the law” attitude isn’t all that unique when it comes to Democrats in NY State as of late. Hubris flourishes where one political party controls so much for so long. Consider Spitzer, Weiner, or Silver. It matters little whether they were able to evade criminal prosecution or if their actions even rose to the level of criminality in the first place. Such behavior, when captured in such a way where all can see it – makes an indelible impression that the public seldom forgets and makes other “career” politicians quite nervous – but as you have, no doubt seen, here and on the national stage – these entenched and delusional “public servants” are seldom held to account for their serial malfeasance.

          My guess is she’ll still manager to irk-out a public career of some sort by virtue of the fact that the NY State Democratic machine will find an endless number of positions to which they can appoint her to without public scrutiny and without public input. Progressives are masters at laundering public monies through the “grant” process as they circulate their collectivst ideas while in government and then through their supposed “public interest organizations”.

          Judging from the looks of her carefully-crafted and very well-publicized resume, she doesn’t appear to have any fungible, private-sector skills other than “organizing” things, unless you consider the possibility that Ulster County will soon have an Art Museum that she can dutifully curate, or they’ll suddenly be a mass migration of Italians to the area requiring the services of a translator. How’s that for an “under-served” population, eh?

          Trust me when I tell you that Ms. Berky will find some way to make her disruptive presence known and apparent, because, in the end, that appears to be what she craves the most – the attention and status that comes from being in the public eye while “ruling over us” in order to reinforce her delusion.

    2. Bob

      To Ramona Gordon
      Why would she need you defense?
      She’s certainly not worthy of any pity.
      Amazing some folks would still want representation from this “woman”.

    3. George

      Umm, why would anyone post it? For transparency? Or would you rather it just get swept under the rug. The swamp creatures don’t only exist in Washington.

    4. Jane

      Agreed. It is disgusting. The video should not have been released. Question: with all that video and audio, do they have the same proof of speeding. Or, was that a subjective call.

    5. Ed

      Romana It was wrong for anyone to blast you with negative and mean comments but at the same time… for you to defend this woman’s behavior is wrong as well. She tried to evoke sympathy from a hard working police officer by faking a panic attack, claiming she “felt unsafe” and several other acts of unhinged behavior. The good people of this community deserve responsible and stable people representing them. This women is not and tried to propagate the myth that police officers are the enemy of everyday citizens.
      The police officer even offered to lower the ticket to a non moving violation with a small fine and she again became irrational. It’s like she doesn’t live in the same world that other hard working citizens do. She is the definition of a snowflake

    6. Moderatesense

      I don’t think people should be nasty toward your point of view. I certainly disagree with County legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berkys’ irrational and bizarre behavior and I find it humorous that anyone would defend her.

    7. Mike

      Dear Ramona,
      You are “embarrassed for the Board members who chose to make this widely available. For what purpose?”
      You must be kidding! All of this video is a public record! Taxpayers PAID FOR IT! It belongs to the TAXPAYERS! So if this was a video of a cop wrestling with a six time convicted felon who died as a result, That would be bad to not show that video correct? Because the cop would be at fault, not the felon correct? But an elected official who lies and goes berserk (Berky? Berseky?) is NOT FAIR GAME? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Force the Police to wear body cams, but hide the videos which do not fit your political agenda? Please say that out loud for everyone!

    8. Paul DF

      The purpose would be to reveal the obviously corrupt nature of this woman. If this is the kind of deceit and lawlessness you want to see in your elected officials, then you are on your own!

    9. DonJuan

      Ramona the board members did us all a favor. We actually have video evidence of what an awful minded person with power behaves like. No one is above the law. And by the way Ramona….is it wrong that I now believe you are as big a tool as MIss Berky-Schwartz for defending her actions?
      You should be ashamed. I know I am of our community leaders when they behave in this manner

    10. Sally

      It was a Freedom of Information suit. The court enforced the law. If the Board had been released the video in May, instead of October, who knows how the election would’ve turned out?

  6. MikeS

    The traffic stop was in May and it’s now the end of October. The only reason she is apologizing is because the video was released to the public and 99% of the people who watched it are disgusted. I would have a lot more respect for her if she had went and apologized to the officer within a few days of the incident, but 5 months later. It’s so typical of politicians to rush to apologize only when they’ve been caught. Her behavior that day goes beyond having a bad day. It was pitiful how she carried on and what really did it for me was when she started with the “I don’t feel safe around you anymore”. That officer could not have been any more calm or respectful. This distrust of law enforcement liberals push I’d DISGUSTING. Vote NO ON SEPT 7th. Get these types of people out of government!

    1. Jane

      The officer was even-handed. That’s the most I’ll give him. He should have called emergency medical services. I am sure she didn’t feel safe around the officer. He offered her a lie. What was she to believe? There’s a whole lot of talk these days about de-stigmatizing run-of-the-mill dysfunctions of the psyche. Fat chance that stands. I hope you are recorded at your worst moments and that it is made public. I do. I can’t recall ever wishing anything bad on anyone, but you, and others who comment have pushed the line.

      1. MikeS

        He offered her a lie? What a joke… he offered her a break. Instead of a possible 4 points, increase of insurance costs and a few hundred dollar fine… she was given a no seat belt ticket which she could have plead guilty to and would have paid $50. I was pulled over on route 84 in February (this year) by the state police for speeding. I was very polite and apologized and handed the officer my documents. He came back with a no seat belt ticket and I couldn’t thank him enough. I plead guilty and paid $50 and went on with my life. You can wish I get recorded at my worst moment in my life all you want, but unfortunately for you it will never happen. I don’t behave like that in public no matter what the situation. That wasn’t just a bad moment, that is a recording of this woman trying literally everything she could think of to get out of this ticket and when it didn’t work she started to throw a temper tantrum at the end, but likely for her the officer walked away otherwise who knows to what level that would have escalated.

        And what does “there’s a whole lot of talk these days about de-stigmatizing run-of-the-mill dysfunctions of the psyche” mean anyway?

        Also, if that woman really needed EMS, she was definitely capable of calling herself if she felt she was being denied. She certainly called everyone else she could think of, but it appeared to me that she realized this officer wasn’t falling for her antics and calling EMS wasn’t going to get her off the hook. He did ask her if she needed an ambulance. Did you miss that part?

    2. K-town Transplant

      The only reason it was made public is because her Republican opponent knew about it through his son the cop who was on the scene. Someone has an axe to grind and they’re using public humiliation to get her out of office, because they happened to have video, and have managed to hijack the conversation away from issues. What skeletons are hiding in the closet of her opponent? Might they be even worse? And for that matter, who among you self-righteous critics always does the right thing, is guilty of no bad behavior ever?
      Be careful. Cameras are everywhere and this could be you one day.
      And lest we wear our hypocrisy on our sleeve, remember the words and deeds of our Savior “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  7. irwin Rosenthal

    My heart goes out to a bright, capable person who worked hard as a legislator and has made a terrible mistake. ….The officer deserves credit for his calm and professional manner in difficult circumstances. Our county needs more like him…..And I hope voters will find Schwartz-Berky worthy of re election ,understanding and forgiveness.

    1. Bob

      For you folks that say you will vote for her….Amazing.
      Had that of been a Conservative Republican, you’d have been ready to Tar n Feather their ass.
      Remember. There are swamps outside of DC.
      You just witnessed 1 of the inhabitants.

    2. Bob Jones

      You would no doubt be the first to criticise a cop judging by your “we need more like him” comment. We need less like her! Vote her out!

      1. JamaicaonHudson

        Bob, if you’re from the district, you should “vote her out”… You are a resident of our district right?

    3. Jane

      What “terrible mistake” did Berky make? None. The officer should be written up for not calling EMS, and/or a mediator. The circumstances were difficult for Berky – not for the officer. These guys are, for one thing, armed to the neck – oh yeah – and they have HOW many other officers ready for backup? If this officer is married, I hope his wife cuts him off.

      1. julie

        OMG, seriously Jane? What mistake did she make? Why did she apologize then???? What circumstances were difficult for Berky? Being pulled over for speeding (a violation she didn’t deny!)? Terrible, just terrible. And thank goodness police officers are armed! At no point was there any physical intimidation. You hope his wife cuts him off? Wow, just wow.

      2. Mike

        Dear Jane,
        1) What “terrible mistake” did Berky make? She told every lie and pulled every stunt she could think of to try to get out of a speeding ticket. Watch the entire 23 minute video. The entire video is on YouTube. What you see in this electronic newspaper is heavily edited. I am beginning to wonder if this entire article was engineered to help Berky. Can one PAY to have an article published in this electronic newspaper?
        2) “The officer should be written up for not calling EMS, and/or a mediator”. a) The officer asked her if she wanted an ambulance several times. Berky did not respond and simply kept talking over the officer. Watch the entire 23 minute video. Jane: The JUDGE she goes before will be the mediator. That is how traffic citation work.
        3)”If this officer is married, I hope his wife cuts him off.” The response I am thinking of makes me LOL, but I won’t write it here. Oh I am funny!

    4. DonJuan

      Negative Irwin. A mistake is short paying the paperboy or running a stop sign. This lady is completely disfunctional and should be admitted for a psych evaluation. Even though she will be back out on the streets in under three days under our current lack of mental health facilities…she should not hold any position of power or responsibility.

  8. eb

    It is shocking she would behave so entitled , irrational, and crazy, all to try to get out of a ticket. As a woman I find she is an embarrassment, as she does not have any shame or self respect to not pull the ‘helpless female’ card.
    How dare her make women look bad. How dare her pull the Female Victim Card.
    She should step down from her position, and seek counseling .

    Many woman today don’t feel like they need to grow up. They behave like entitled cry babies, while at the same time act aggressive and entitled. Horrible human being.
    Imagine if a man tried to pull that crap.

    1. jj

      She had a choice to play it straight or to work the angles. As per Dem rhetoric, she went for the angles. Drama is often a form of manipulation.

    2. Jane

      She did not pull the victim card. In one fell swoop, you are condemn under bad circumstances. County Legislator. No small deal. Got something YOU can measure up to like that, do you?

      1. julie

        Oh she pulled several victim cards. Did you watch the same video we did? Yes, county legislator is no small deal, that is why she needs her behavior to at least be normal in a normal situation. Her behavior was bizarre.

      2. Mike

        Dear Jane,
        I’m not sure I have seen the victim card worked harder. That’s all she tried to do. Watch the entire 23 minute video, it’s on YouTube. Victim Card: Lie, blame others, “I have to feed my son”, I’m on my way to a job interview, I’m broke (wow, great credentials to be a Legislator! I CAN’T EVEN MANAGE MY OWN MONEY, MUCH LESS YOURS!) “I’m on my way to a Legislative meeting” and the fake panic attack.

        Yes, most people here can measure up to that.

  9. S. Singleton

    Either the woman is mentally unstable or she’s a vivid demonstration of the worse possible kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from elected officials – attempting to use their position and threats of retribution to evade basic responsibility for their actions.

    I wouldn’t allow this irrational and demonstrably unstable woman to watch over a plot of dead grass, much less represent the interests of a community.

    Regretably, she’s just another self-important, political parasite, who has made the career-ending mistake of revealing her true nature to the electorate she pretends to represent. My understanding is that subsequent to the realization that she had made a damn fool of herself, immediately moved unsuccessfully in cordination with her political contacts to supress the publication of this video prior to the election.

    The voters would be best served to reject the candidacy of this faux “social warrior” in favor of someone who has, at some point or another – held an actual job in the private sector; that is a net contribution to the tax base, and who can maintain their basic rationality in the context of a minor social challenge without the pretense of holding elected office to insulate herself from adulthood.

    Needless to say, you can expect the usual suspects to come to her defense in the interests of maintaining their political stranglehold over the region, “flailing” equally irrationally toward their imaginary “progressive” utopia.

      1. S. Singleton

        Au contraire. At 2:40 in the edited video (available elsewhere on this site) she directly states her intentions to lie in court by suggesting that officer “singled her out” – which is suggesting in open court that his motivation for stopping her was something other than the fact that she was speeding.

        Suggesting that an officer is operating on a basis other than enforcement of the law is a direct threat to his employment if it were found to be true.

        By stating that it was her intention to make such a claim, even in the face of ample evidence, and a rather lengthy explanation that this wasn’t the case is clearly a threat. Basically, she is saying, I’m going to make this a painful exercise for you because you chose to pull me over.

        If that isn’t a threat of retribution, I don’t know what is. Realistically, based on her behavior here, does anyone actually question whether this woman would lie on the stand in order to avoid the consequences of her actions?

  10. Norman Barnett

    If she had a shred of integrity, she would have apologized to the officer (first) IN PERSON, and then publicly.

  11. Jp

    She apologized because she is up for reelection in two weeks! Jamaicanthehudson, vote for who you like. Want to see harrassment, how about officer Short being harassed, talk about stress! He stops someone for speeding and it turns into a 26 minute ordeal that goes on to not one, not two, not three, but I believe four no shows for a ticket appearance. Is this the type of politician you want to represent Kingston. I, and hopefully others, say NO!

  12. Ed

    She sincerely needs emotional and behavioral therapy. This is no way for a rational level minded person should act in this situation. If she cant even conduct herself when being stopped by police for a mere traffic violation why on earth would anyone vote for her to a County legislator. If you disagree with anything I just said it’s most likely your bias talking and not your brain.

  13. DAP

    How absolutely pathetic. Sure she issued an apology……..she had no logical choice and I suggest that her apology is as hollow as her pathetic whiney behavior during the stop. Anyone who’d reelect this mental and emotional wreck is equally deranged.

  14. Clay

    Hope the people of this town are able to see past this greasy person. She used every pathetic excuse in the book to weasel out of numerous infractions stated in the video. Failing that, tried to suppress the dash cam footage. These are the actions of someone who’s sorry they got caught and exposed. She didn’t even reach out to the PD or extend remorse for name dropping those other colleagues(?) This unhinged woman is currently a legislator. She has no business running for any public office! It’s clear from her words/actions that these laws don’t apply to her.

    If she had any sense of sound judgement she would have accepted the sympathetic seat-belt ticket and have it thrown out in court [The officer admitted she had the belt on!) Yet she chose to drag out the issue for 30 mins. Imagine what her work ethic is like representing YOU and your money.

  15. BZM

    Hope the people of this town are able to see past this greasy individual. She used every excuse in the book to weasel out of numerous infractions stated in the video. Failing that, tried to suppress the dash cam footage. These are the actions of someone who’s sorry they got caught and exposed. She didn’t even reach out to the PD or extend remorse for name dropping those other colleagues(?) She has no business running for any public office! It’s clear from her words/actions that these laws don’t apply to her.

    If she had any sense of sound judgement she would have accepted the sympathetic seat-belt ticket and have it thrown out in court [The officer admitted she had the belt on!] Yet she chose to drag out the issue for 30 mins. BTW, who paid for this broke woman’s legal expenses?

    Imagine what her work ethic is like representing YOU and your money.

  16. Carl Bennett

    What a manipulative liar this woman is. One moment she’s looking for sympathy but when that fails she turns aggressive. Manipulate, lie, attack…. take the ticket you undignified cheat. Does anyone believe this sort of dishonesty and entitlement is compatible with public office? People like this would likely exploit their position for their own personal gain. Thank goodness she showed her true colours before the election.

  17. Mick V

    She blatantly attempted to use her position to try and escape the consequences of breaking the law. That speaks very poorly of her ethics, integrity and professionalism, as well as her judgement as an elected official. That alone aught to disquality her for holding public office.

    On top of that, she wildly over-reacted to a very polite, professional interaction with a police officer over a trivial traffic violation, and was solely responsible for escalating the incident at each and every step of their interaction. One wonders what story ahe might have told about ‘not feeling safe’ if the entire event hadn’t been recorded. That speaks very poorly as to her temperment.

    Lastly, she either couldn’t understand why she was pulled over despite it being VERY CLEARLY EXPLAINED to her, meaning she was being deliberately obtuse so as to try and plead she hadn’t been made aware of her rights, or she really is as dense as she appears to be in this video. That speaks poorly to her character, if not her common sense and basic intelligence.

    In any case, this person does NOT deserve to hold elected office. I wouldn’t trust her to shovel my driveway competently or ethically, based on the behavior seen here. If her constituents elect her anyways, they’re getting the leadership they deserve.

  18. Adam Monteleone

    Perfect example of a professional cop his demeanor and due diligence speaks for itself. Obviously she wasn’t right she thought her position would get her out of a ticket and she must be blinded due to all the stress she’s under my thoughts are if she’s that stressed out and distracted she’s lucky that’s all that’s happened I hope she learns from this and get some counseling, that I have to say kudos to the cop outstanding job sir

  19. Tom

    Well she seem to have the money to attend the parties……..I think she needs to be voted out of office, what childish behavior. Claiming she had PTSD is a slap in the face of the people really suffering from it.

  20. Dan

    She can’t even apologize without making it about her and claiming to be some sort of victim because of her status as a “working mother.” What a pathetic waste of taxpayer dollars. November is going to be a humbling experience for you, Ms Schwartz.

  21. jimmy

    She displays a complete inability to listen, communicate and make rational decisions. Its frightening that she is a legislator who is responsible for making decisions that affect people’s lives.

  22. Ken H

    That was pretty pathetic. How could anyone re-elect this person. She used just about everything she could think of from a pity party to threatening using her position. Problem is she will probably be re-elected. Glad I live on the “other” side of the state.

  23. Arius

    What the police did was no right. The police was very unfair to her. He took advantage by playing it “cool” with her.

    Ms. Schwartz was singled out intentionally!

    1. JamaicaonHudson

      Well…Thing is, I actually thought Officer Short was pretty polite. In addition, she (Schwartz-Berky) shouldn’t have been speeding (regardless of deadlines), and talking on a cell-phone (without a hands-free device). She was also offered a lesser ticket (something the officer didn’t have to extend). She refused, and (due to the many understandable stressors in her life) became overly emotional. Those are the facts, she has explained herself and apologized.

      Personally, my thoughts are that this stop was due to several factors: First, it was the end of the month (quota-time) and the driving behavior of Ms. Schwartz-Berky gave the police officer cause to stop her. Second, although I have no idea if he knew who she was before the stop, I am certain that he saw an affluent (looking) woman, driving a car (erroneously assumed by many) to be expensive and (probably) thought it would be an easy ticket. It wasn’t. In a bizarrely “coincidental” moment, the second officer was a blood-relative of her political opponent. *cue the banjos*

      Now, while I don’t necessarily believe that the Ulster Police Department targeted her directly, or blame the local media for following the story, it is obvious to me that (based on the timing) the FOIL request and release of the video were politically-motivated. Furthermore, I believe what precipitated this was the negative press surrounding one of the “Restore Kingston Pride” candidates in regards to O+Positive Festival/Murals, which derailed her campaign (and caused the party to scramble for damage control). A few days later, this (months old) video is released, and the rest is history.

      What you, I, and other people who actually live in this district need to understand, is that the majority of people posting negative comments actually live elsewhere (i.e. Wyoming, Kentucky, No. Cal). For some reason, a Youtube video (and most likely a steady stream of Alex Jones broadcasts) have convinced them of this “Liberal” woman’s character, mothering abilities, and/or suitability for the position she currently holds. I, as a registered voter and constituent in the 7th Legislative District, have viewed the dashcam video and read the apology. It is my intention to vote for Jennifer Schwartz-Berky because, despite having an embarrassing traffic stop video, she is still vastly more qualified than her opponent…And if anyone from another town, city, district, or state has problem with the way I (or anyone else from Kingston) votes, that’s really their problem…

  24. Arius

    and the police goes back and changes the ticket ? he is showing his power, he is in charge, he can do anything give a ticket for not wearing the belt when that is a LIE (Shocking he even admits it knowing full well that he is being recorded). No you are not in charge, you are just someone being paid by our taxpayers money. This is so wrong!

    1. Sammie

      You are too stupid to comment. An officer tries to show compassion and reduce the ticket and you have a problem with that? Yes…the officer had discretion. Don’t like it…write your law makers!

      Also, out of everything that is outrageous about this traffic stop, this is the point you pick out? You are a disease.

    2. Julie

      And yet no comment about what this woman said to the officer? How she tried to used her influence, power, manipulation, etc to try and get out of the ticket? Didn’t have current registration displayed, expired license in her wallet, speeding, talking on the phone? She wasted 30 minutes of his time with her constant gibberish. A public official that wouldn’t listen! And you find fault with the officer who had the patience of Job and tried to cut her a break. What a crazy world we live in when one find fault with the officer in a video such as this. Wow, just wow.

    3. Rps326

      No, in that situation he was in charge. Initially he was very empathetic and attempted to do her a huge favor by issuing her a ticket for a non-moving violation which would have been a much smaller fine (where I live in Missouri it’s $10) and zero points on her license. That is exactly what would have happened in court. A lawyer possibly would have gotten it knocked down to a non-moving violation but at a cost of a few hundred dollars. He tried to save her hundreds of dollars by skipping that step. She wanted none of it, has lost the money he tried to save her and, if the voters have any sense, has lost her elected seat as well. Oh, and she’s paid for with tax dollars too so that argument is a load of bull.

    4. Fred Flintstone

      Yeah right, the cop “singled her out.” How do you know that? How long have you known Ms. Schwartz? She has to pay like everybody else. Stop it already – it ain’t working . . .

    5. Susan Smith

      There is no way Arius is NOT making sarcastic remarks. JamaicaonHudson is clearly a Democrat tool and is trying her/his best to keep a comrade in a political position of power. Free speech is a knife that cuts both ways. The video, however, tells no lies. Jennifer Schwartz Berky will pay the piper. I live in Ulster county but I never heard of this person. I’m not political at all. Don’t even know where to vote or if I live in district 7 or if it matters if I do.

      Know this. I will do my part to “vote her out”!


        As stated elsewhere, I am actually registered Republican. Party affiliation aside, I will vote for Schwartz-Berky.

        Regarding the rest of your post, I find it incredibly sad (on many levels). In lieu of long, brilliantly-written, and painfully direct response, I’m just going to share a link to lookup registration. It’ll provide information on district/voter registration and polling place…

        Have a good one.

  25. Cynthia

    This obviously isn’t Schwartz’s first firefight, so to speak: She’s a master manipulator who, when she sees that her first tactic (crying) isn’t having the desired effect effortlessly and quickly deploys a series of others, escalating the situation with each one.

    She pleads and begs to be let off because 1) she is upset, 2) she is a government employee 3) she is ill (ptsd) and therefore deserves pity 4) she did nothing wrong 5) and the final whopper– she feels threatened and unsafe with the officer.

    Kudos to the calm, professional officer, he deserves a medal. Schwartz’s behavior is despicable.

  26. Yanno

    Extremely unethical to try to use her elected position and histrionics to get out of a legal penalty. As an elected official, how do you think she will behave when there is a conflict of interest between her duty vs. her personal gain???

  27. karen albert winslow

    If this woman who says she did not understand OVER & OVER AGAIN what the cop said is who you elect to represent you I have a great piece property in central FLA to sell you. Sounds like some of the people we have in power in Cook County & Chicago Illinois

      1. Ted Byrne

        Just an indication of how incredibly pathetic Ms. Schwartz-Berky’s performance was. This is the epitome of a viral video and rightly so. She’s opened herself up to the scorn of the entire interweb. Have at it, folks.

        This behavior is suitable to a 5 year old, not someone with a public office.

  28. Mike K.

    People in her voting district that see this video and still vote to keep her in office……a pox on you and your crazy decision making. All of us have “bad days”. Our “bad days” however, don’t involve evoking a panic attack and lying and threatening a police officer. How low can you go with this person??? if you throw in an unfaithful husband and a pantsuit, she next will be running for President of the United States!!!! Egads……………..

  29. Eddie Jablonski

    Truly stunning video. Hard to watch an adult be so emotionally fragile and begs the question of what must have happened to this lady to inspire this behavior.

    If she was authentic, she would have apologized long ago (as noted it is 5 months later.)

    Why doesn’t she step down? Surely, Democrats have a more stable, qualified candidate than the train wreck seen on the video.

    She’s entitled to a bad day and I hope she seeks counseling. The sense of entitlement in the attempt to get out of the ticket is not something that will change. That in itself disqualifies her from public office.

    With all her degrees and Columbia education, if she’s this “broke” it’s not a good quality to have for her government position either. Maybe a career change and time with a qualified professional is a good idea.

    As stated, she deserves sympathy – life is tough and pressure effect different people different ways. She can conquer this – but time out of the public eye would be the best remedy.

    (Give the policeman a raise. He’s a great example for all cops to follow.)

  30. Pepe

    What a loony toon. All of you knuckle draggers defending her and talking about how you’ll still vote for her are stuck in a bubble of delusion. You are the reason the American left is in shambles. You are the reason so many state governorships and state legislatures have turned to the Republican Party. You are the reason Trump broke down the blue wall and you are the reason he will win in a landslide in 2020. Keep up the good work. Conservatives everywhere thank you.

    Praise Kek

    1. Rosie

      Exactly right, she is really acting or really nuts? God bless that police officer I doubt I would have been so nice.

  31. greg brooks

    Interesting how she stated she was audio/video recording the interaction and I am sure that without the dash cam video from the officers vehicle, she would have spun this to how she was mistreated and probably would have gotten the officer suspended or fired.

  32. Houstondon

    So her spin doctors were unable to cover up the video and figured having her “apologize” months later, just in time for the election, would come across as meaningful. I could dissect the video for all the things she did wrong and all the implied threats but honestly, you either get it or you don’t on the first viewing. Whatever good she may have done in her “decades of public service” and whatever her “over qualified” credentials may be, this incident goes far, far beyond her having a bad day, those wanting to minimize her misconduct or drum up some bogus counterclaim really set the bar low for their representation in government.

    She claims she doesn’t make enough in her current position so voters should assist her in finding a better paying job elsewhere, her decades of public service clearly instilling a sense of privilege in her that can only be erased by kicking her out of office. Perhaps a few years of treatment for her PTSD will make her a better representative but given the mild responses from the cop, her claims of not feeling safe indicate a need for a full mental health evaluation, the guy as gentle and nonthreatening as I have seen in such a video. As the video goes viral, everything positive she has done in her years of service now come under negative scrutiny, had she just fessed up, apologized immediately, and not tried to legally fight the release of the traffic stop, she could have proven she has the right temperament for her position.

  33. Rosie

    What a fake. she needs to not be elected as anything, even dog catcher. Fake panic attack I now I have them on occasion.

  34. fred

    The biggest joke is that anyone and I mean anyone would vote for this lady, much less even attempt to defend her. This is pathetic. Even odds the libtards elect her anyway.

  35. CrushU

    Let’s take her at her word, that she has PTSD and severe panic attacks. Not only should she resign as unfit for office, she should not be driving which endangers her own life and others. How irresponsible and unethical!

  36. Art Davis

    I thought she said she had to move out of Ulster now. Does she still live there? If she moved out how did she afford it she claimed she was broke? Why and how is she running for re-election? If she is broke she should be trying to get a real job. What was with the “1/3” she kept starting to talk about? This lady needs a reality check big time. She wanted him to pull over someone else one of the unelected. She feels that she doesn’t deserve the ticket so she is telling the police officer to target the unelected. That is a violation of the unelected people’s civil rights. She doesn’t care if it is some that voted for her or not she just wants he to ticket the unelected. Some one stated she didn’t show up at least 3 times for the court date. The first time an unelected person would have been found guilty. The judge should be held accountable. She wasted the town’s police time and money to try and get out of this ticket. I bet she voted to raise taxes everytime she has had a chance. I bet she feels no empathy for anyone but herself. This is what she has been proven in this case. She said she had to go feed her son. Then it was she had a job interview. The police officer could have sent another officer to her house while she waited and had them check to see if the kid was home alone. Exactly how old is her child? This is the kind of person that does that kind of thing. I mean she was broke had no money yet she had someone watching the kid while she went to a job interview? Yet that person was in incapable of feeding the child? Send CYS.

  37. Laurie

    She was speeding and talking on a cell phone (illegal in NY), and faking PTSD which is a slap in the faces of all those who truly suffer from this ordeal. Broke? But can afford a lawyer. Waits months to speak out and only because a video is shown. Tried to use her position to get out of ticket. Plays stupid and dumb to officer.

    Such a leader for NY. What an embarrassment.

  38. Jen

    I can NOT believe that one person is defending this manipulative NUT JOB! She is WACKO, and that officer deserves a special award for his patience! I think I would have called medical and asked for a psych review! I have to wonder if her defenders are getting paid. What a bad actress. Did NOT work. YUCK! EWW. I never comment on this stuff, but it is so outrageous I feel compelled. I think she should be cited for her terrible behavior as well.

  39. Dennis Conneway

    This Pig got caught … it’s just as simple as that .. had this stop ,, not been caught on tape,, she would have become another “victim”.. Listen to her change her tune once the officer inform her that everything is being taped.. She’s sorry ??? Only that it was recorded… Enough of these full time self described “victims”!!!

  40. Fred Flintstone

    This is incredible. She tried every trick in the book – disgusting. The officer did an outstanding job. Her supporters here are plain to see – damage control. The irony – and hypocrisy – of a speeding Prius!! This woman should have to pay the fine – just like the rest of us. She has no business in state government – the inmates running the prison. Vote her out of office!

    1. Jane

      No. The officer did not do an outstanding job. This incident was despicable, and she was targeted because she is female. May you have a melt down when there is a female officer on duty.

      1. DonJuan

        Jane- did someone leave the computer room open at the insane asylum again. Go back to your room please and take your meds. I feel unsafe having you on here.


      Lifelong Republican here. And (surprisingly) I will be voting for Ms. Schwartz-Berky. When/If the Republican party chooses someone who has decent education/qualifications (other than being related to someone already working for local government), I’ll vote for them.

      1. S. Singleton

        Voting for Ms. Schwartz could be interpreted as inviting another psychotic breakdown. Where is your compassion?

        Are you sure that you can predict her immediate reaction if one of her “plans” is comprehensively rejected in a public forum?

      2. Lifelong Dem

        You were never a Republican. Give me a break. We probably know each other in real life.

        One of the reasons I have flipped is because of behavior like this; the same type of dishonesty you are both displaying.

        What Rep. Schwartz-Berky did, both in the video and in the time since is inexcusable. No-showing to court four times as a delay tactic? Issuing an apology only now?

        I’ve seen this type of thing before, but never to the degree which Rep. Schwartz-Berky displays her open contempt for the officer and the for the law, both in spirit and in the letter. People like her are sorry when it’s TIME to be sorry. I work hard and have worked hard for everything I have ever gotten. THAT’S WHY I AM A DEMOCRAT.

        Rep. Schwartz-Berky displays a sense of entitlement that I just wasn’t aware of before and which I DO NOT ACCEPT. “Law for thee but not for me.”

        It could be anyone. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

        The fact that you would openly shill like this, even going so far as to LIE ABOUT YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION tells me more than I ever wanted to know.

        I’m still not sure I have representation anywhere else, but I will NOT be voting her back into office. Of this, you can be certain.


          1) It’s a free country and, as a citizen, you can vote for whomever you choose. I will do the same.

          2) I am a registered Republican and never been anything else. However, for obvious reasons, I will be changing my affiliation after this election cycle to No Party affiliation.

          3) Don’t you dare ever presume to know me. Trust me, I’d never waste my time looking at (let alone speaking to) someone like you.

          4) Get over it.

          5) Have a Happy and Blessed Halloween.


            Dearest Mojo,

            Sorry to disappoint, but that isn’t me: Different first/last name, different location, biologically born of different parents, and my username/email has nothing to do with the name on my birth certificate…I’m also not Jennifer Schwartz-Berky, “Jane”, a “Hasbara” agent/troll, or any of the voices in your head.

            I’m Black, a lifelong Republican, a proud Kingstonian and will be casting my vote for Jennifer Schwartz-Berky–and I’m not apologetic in the least. Do yourself a favor and get over it.

            Have a lovely night.

      3. Mike

        I believe JamaicaonHudson is actually a activist from a uber progressive group names Citizen Action of New York (listed as a Lead Organizer) and lives near Albany NY Please correct me if I am wrong. There is NO CHANCE that JamaicaonHudson is a lifelong Republican.

        That is FAKE NEWS!!!

    2. mike lufkin

      You are a star.

      All of us need to do this to the slime bags in both parties.

      We will have a better country for it.

      Again, good for you.

  41. Jane

    Berky should not have apologized. She should sue for defamation of character, slander, libel, breach of ethics on the part of law enforcement… screw this.

    1. Edward

      I agree 100%. When she’s through suing the police department for victimizing her by continuing to enforce traffic law even though she happened to be driving that day, she should sue the manufacturers of the dash-cam whose unedited footage slanderously portrayed her as a neurotic basket-case. Finally, she should sue God for making her such an idiot.

  42. Dee geezy

    What in the the world has the youtube pit of doom brought me… a woman having a mental breakdown over a spreading ticket? Grow up and take it like every other adult, get your ticket move out and continue your day, instead you took 26 minutes to receive your ticket which took away almost half an hour of time from your children or job. Individual claimed PTSD as if that gives her the right to get out of tickets, or is going to stop the officer from talking to her. She claims to have “money issues” well shocker, that is about 90% of America for you, get rid of your brand new car, and drive an older gas saver, this will more than likely free up monthly payments enabling you to purchase the much needed food you claim that you are struggling for. Additionally if you are such a concerned and helpless mother it is about time you focus on just that, not an entire county. Get a night job, or a second job that will bring income to the family.

  43. Tom Jones

    Typical (((victimhood))), incredible (((acting))) to get her way… really sick when you think about it, this is what they do people, put on different faces to fit different situations to get their way.

  44. Ed

    I am not from this town but if I was I would not want this women representing me in govt.
    She is such a loon she can’t even just accept the ticket and deal with it. She stresses, goes into a fake panic attack, uses every female trick in the book to try and get out of it. The cop even tries to give her a break and she refuses. All whacky female behavior.
    JUST TAKE THE TICKET AND FIGHT IT IN COURT if you’ve got a case. This was embarrassing

  45. Jesse

    You used PTSD to try and get out of a ticket! You used your position to try and get out of a ticket! You cried like a 2 year old to try and get out of a ticket! But the people are supposed to think you have enough moral compass to have their best interest at heart? You should have resigned back in May after this debacle. I cannot see one sane individual that would re-elect you. And of course the Democrats are standing behind you, they stood behind Hillary and we see how that turned out.

  46. Jake Eldridge

    We have to stop treating politics like sports. The idea that we should blindly vote for Berky because she has a D affixed to her name is part of the problem in this country. I am a democrat, but I will not be voting for Berky and neither should other democrats. Her behavior is completely disqualifying and to blindly look away and vote for her because of some party loyalty is ludicrous. On the local level party matters so much less than individuals do. I realize we can’t change this dynamic nationally, but in district 7 do we really want someone who treats our police this way? Using her position to get out of a ticket is an abuse of that position – period. We should be willing to call out hypocrisy in our own party as fast or faster than we do in the other party. It should be my fellow democrats holding Berky to a higher standard, not excusing her behavior.

    Winning at all costs isn’t the way we should approach our elections. If the Democratic Party leaders really care about winning this election then it is up to them to replace Berky and give us a candidate we don’t have to pinch our noses to vote for. The only way the party leaders will do something like this is if democrat voters united and demand better. Neither party candidate should be supported by voters just because they are “on our team” – the only team that matters is Kingston and representing us is a privledge not a right and not a tool to be used to get out of a ticket. I won’t vote for Berky just because she’s a democrat, and I won’t vote against her opponent just because he is a republican. This kind of thinking is what got us such a mess in DC.

    I will vote for the candidate worthy of holding office, regardless of their party affiliation. When we treat governing like a sport, Kingston loses.


      That was very eloquent (and also completely naive) post. It’s nice to (attempt to) take the moral high ground, but attempting to ingratiate yourself to someone who a) isn’t all that moral and b) doesn’t have your best interest in mind, is ridiculous. Furthermore, while I would like to believe that party politics is why our government is in such a pitiful state, the reality is politicians are vehicles of the money they receive. If the money is corrupt, then so too is the politician. This was the primary reason I abstained from voting in the last election cycle. None of the candidates were truly from/by/of the people. NONE of them.

      In this particular election, I have decided to return to the voting booth–not because of affinity for one party or disdain of the other, but because this is my community (I was raised here) and have a vested interest in its success. Currently, Kingston (and the rest of Ulster County) is (I believe) in the midst of another era. We have, after a significant period of stagnation, a chance to create a viable (tourism-based) economy. This could also allow for the development of other industries. I’m no fan of gentrification or hyperinflation, but I also realize that economic growth is something we need to cultivate. That means having viable neighborhood initiatives and plans to continue to stimulate proper development…

      Although I don’t condone the behavior on that dashcam video, I am cognizant that this woman has been a good legislature (and planner). In addition, she is working on a number of plans which would benefit this community. Her opponent, though I’m sure a capable person in his own right, does not possess the same education, skill-set, or experience. On this, and I say this as a registered Republican (who voted for both former Presidents Obama and Bush), I am voting for this woman because she is the better qualified candidate. I am not comfortable simply dismissing a qualified individual due to an “embarrassing” moment…

      1. S. Singleton

        Ahh, a “progressive” Republican who has bought into the fantasy economics of the Left where we can “grant” our way back to prosperity, “bond” our way back to solvency, and “tax” ourselves into utopia.

        Well, then Ms. Berky is your ticket. Those lofty credentials will, no doubt, take you to the promise land – Full of magic unicorns and cotton candy – and, of course, the all-too famous “money tree”.

        It never fails to amaze me the number of otherwise rational individuals who are able to convince themselves that what stands between us and economic prosperity is simply the addition of one more “bicycle path” paid for by our grandchildren.

      2. Lifelong Dem

        Your comments smack of total dishonesty and desperate damage-control.

        Even going so far as to create a special email persona and lying about your party affiliation.

        How much are you getting paid for this? Your comments here are boilerplate hasbara, making them all the more odious.

        We can SEE THROUGH YOU.

  47. JP

    Jane: You either have not watched the video, or you are Berky’s relative, or (the scariest of all scenarios) you are a delusional diehard political party member that blindly defends their candidate no matter the cost. If you and others defend this type of behavior from the leaders of this county, state, or country, then the world is doomed.

  48. Dan McNamara

    She is disgraceful. If she can’t handle a parking ticket, god forbid how we she handle a real emergency if re-elected?

  49. Jon

    I am going to be County legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky for Halloween. All the adults will run away screaming.

    1. S. Singleton

      Jennifer Schwartz Berky isn’t going anywhere.

      Let’s be realistic. It’s a “Wack-A-Mole” situation where the Democratic Machine is involved. They will simply insert another “academically enlightened, highly-qualified, socially empathic community leader” with “an impeccable resume” (think, “Zephyr Teachout”) into the mix, to carry the Progressive agenda into the next election cycle. They’ll import them from out-of-state if they have to.

      Somewhere near you, this evening – EVERY evening, in fact, – there’s a meeting being held by this crowd, under different appealing “aspirationally-sounding” organizational names, and they’re planning in exhaustive detail how they’re going to spend the money you haven’t even earned yet, so as to “make the world a better place to live in” which somehow, invariably, entails you surrendering your liberty, freedom, and a larger proportion of your material worth, under the guise of bringing “social justice” to the masses.

      “Green” is the New Red, don’t ya know?

      Jennifer Schwartz Berky isn’t going anywhere.

      Under the dubious assumption that she loses the upcoming election, her Parties (Democrat and “Working Families”, I believe) will lower her public profile for a while, and insert her into committees and advisory boards. She’ll recede briefly into one of the public interest groups whose mission is “closely aligned with her qualifications”. “Grant” funds will magically and circuitously replace her “meager” public salary.

      They’ll be parties and awards for her, in an effort to erase the public’s collective memory – and staged-public events where her “contribution will be duly-noted”, “puff pieces” in the newspaper. And, then, at a time deemed appropiate for their purpose, she’ll be re-installed into one public “appointed role” or another, somewhere where she can “redeem herself”, after which they’ll be any number of articles in local papers with Left-leaning editors, touting her “amazing transformation” and “complete rehabilitation”.

      Meanwhile, they’ll savage her opponent – at every forum, event, and bake sale. They’ll be editorials, faux “Letters to the Editor”, public protests, forum postings, and carefully staged media events with the cooperation of the Daily Worker, I mean Freeman, carefully photographed to make it appears as if “hundreds of disaffected citizens” were in attendance, when, in fact, it was a dozen “semi-professional protestors”. The message will be simple and loud – that things were better before and terrible now…

      “No Justice – No Peace!” they will cry – where “Justice” is defined as a permanent Democratic incumbency.

      When the time is right, Ms. Schwartz-Berky be trotted back out to “Protect our values” in elected office, if for no other reason than as to provide a handy springboard for additional vitriol against her political opponent from the other party.

      Face it – she’s the perfect “empty vessel” in which to pour the Progressive agenda: She’s clueless, irrationally self-important, and a “true-believer”. Most importantly, she’s a reliable vote. That’s why they invested in her to begin with.

      She’s a placeholder for the persistent fantasy that has all but deconstructed what remains of the Upstate private sector economy: If we just spend enough public money (that we don’t actually have) for a better “Urban Plan”, from the likes of these, so-called, “enlightened professionals”, then we’ll revive the private economy….Right…

      Who actually believes this nonsense? Not New Yorkers – They’re leaving in droves.

      The names may change, but the ruse continues…

      Jennifer Schwartz Berky isn’t going anywhere.

      Read it and weep.

  50. Mike

    I believe JamaicaonHudson is actually a activist from a uber progressive group names Citizen Action of New York (listed as a Lead Organizer) and lives near Albany NY Please correct me if I am wrong. There is NO CHANCE that JamaicaonHudson is a lifelong Republican.

    That is FAKE NEWS!!!

  51. Mike

    I notice that all of JamaicaonHudson posts, get APPROVED instanly on this comment section:
    ( October 30, 2017 at 10:06 pm).

    While all of mine (the last one not counting this one at about 10:33PM, and none of the other two starting at ~ 6:30PM) ARE AWAITING MODERATION!

    Mike October 31, 2017 at 9:56 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation

    This whole electronic newspaper is FAKE NEWS. JamaicaonHudson appears to be approving her own posts!!

  52. Mike

    In this Electronic Newspaper ( can you PAY to have an article printed???

    The article we are commenting on seem very tilted in favor of Ms. Jennifer Schwartz Berky.

    The discrepancies are between the video on YouTube and this article are too numerous to list.
    So, a comment here says Ms.Jennifer Schwartz Berky missed FOUR court dates for a speeding ticket??
    All of you out there, if you did that, the Judge would BANG the gavel and you would be fined, then when you did not pay, your checking account would be docked, or a warrant would be issued.

  53. Michael

    It’s obvious that these police officers were not aware that democrat representatives are privileged and the law doesn’t apply to them. How sad is it that these officers are going to get away with their abusive and violent behavior towards this prestigious government official that was only trying to support her family. What sexist white supremacists they are.

  54. Big daddy

    You shouldn’t be trusted to make new laws (legislator),
    If you can’t handle following laws that already exist. (Victim)

  55. Alvy Singer

    Voters need to realize that this excerpt tells you all you need to know

    “A joint statement of support for Berky was also released today by Joseph Donaldson, chairman of the Kingston Democratic Committee; Phil Leber, regional political director of the Working Families Party; Callie Jayne, lead organizer of Citizen Action of the Hudson Valley; and Hector Rodriguez, Democratic leader of the Ulster County Legislature.”


  56. john

    I am amazed at the number of people here complaining about the officers behavior. He deserves a commendation for patience and restraint. Even with all her ranting and bad acting he decided to cut her a break and just give her a ticket for a seat belt violation. Amazingly she refused that and ended up getting the speeding ticket instead. To top it off, she only issues an apology because the tape was released 6 months later, had she apologized to the officer back in May it would have been more credible.


    Dear All-Knowing, Omnificent, & Benevolent Moderator:

    I am writing to humbly ask/beg you to approve “Mike’s” comments before mine. From what I’ve read, “Mike’s” ego is in a fragile state: He believes that, despite not knowing me from a hole in the wall, I (and specifically, my comments) have your favor. This doesn’t sit well with him. Sadly, my brilliant (and factually accurate) commentary has enraged him—to the point that I’ve been accused of being the “lead organizer” at a community/political organization, a spin-doctor for a public relations firm, a paid “hasbara” agent, Jennifer Schwartz-Berky, and a mod at Hugh Reynold’s “liberal” (*bwahahaha*) Kingston Times. While I confess that his desperate throw-dry-spaghetti-at-the-wall-while-grasping-at-nonexistent-straws approach is both amusing and flattering, I don’t wish to cause him any (more) psychic trauma. Please let “Mike” know you love us both equally…
    NOTE: For the purposes of time, redundancy, and divisiveness caused by multiple (approved) comments, I have also included my response to “Mike” (and similar-thinking forum participant) in this single post.

    Dear Mike,

    Actually, I’m not any one of those individuals…I’m all of them.


    JamaicaonHudson ,aka “Kingston”, R/D-NY (“Hasbara” Public Relations maven/community organizer/sporadic online moderator of “Fake News” & simultaneous representative for Ulster and Albany Counties)

    Dear S. Singleton,

    There is no way of knowing who will win in the UC District 7 race, it all depends on turn-out. Even if Schwartz-Berky is a Democrat (due to the negative publicity surrounding this unfortunate incident) she may not have the votes. I am voting for her, though (because, again, regardless of an embarrassing moment, she’s the more qualified candidate).

    Now, current topic aside, I’ve noticed you seem to rail against the Left while ignoring the exact same behavior within the Right. I want you to know, in actuality, the real problem is the corruption within our political system. This stems from the corrupt money our politicians receive…The end result being our policy and the institutions which create/maintain our laws being corrupted by “our” (corrupt) lawmakers. Contrary to popular belief, corruption is not party specific. That said, the necessary (relevant) civil discourse to exact change is being hijacked by toxic poli-tribalism—those incapable of making actual change, but also frustrated by the inability to do so, who then resort to calling everything they disagree with a lie. FYI, screaming “Fake news!” at every instance isn’t helpful—or logical. It in fact makes (rational) people believe that your argument lacks validity. Essentially, that is who has hijacked the political system—“Mike” (his mindset, at least) is the de facto leader of the Republican party. As a result, the Democratic party has adopted an equal and opposite reactionary “Mike’”. Mike One is screeching “Death from above” as Mike Two is screams “Death from below”…Maybe someone would like to discuss another solution (i.e. life) but, the ”Two “Mikes” constant hollering prevents any meaningful conversation…

    Hopefully, you get what I’m putting down? If not, too bad, I’m putting a period at the end of this sentence.

    1. S. Singleton


      “The subject was roses.” – Ms. Schwartz-Berky’s behavior and her likely fate based on the situational political reality of the region in which she is a candidate, and why, despite her abhorrent behavior, I believe she is still very likely to be re-elected.

      I am not commenting on her qualifications for public office in relationship to those of her opponent’s, other than to suggest the casual reader dig a little into her actual background so as to discover her radical political leanings and her promotion of disruptive activities as a possible contributor to her traffic stop antics. This woman, apparently, teaches similar tactics under the guise of “educating our children” : (around 8:33). The course material is decidedly not about “The wisdom of our forefathers” or “Limits on Federal power as protected by the U.S. Constitution”.

      The de-facto purpose of these “classes” sponsored by various ideologically motivated “community organizations” is that they serve as “feeder groups” to recruit other “rabble rousers”, so that they can be deployed to whatever “issue du jour” they are pointed toward by their questionable leaders. That’s Schwartz-Berky’s REAL value to the Machine – She’s a “point-and-click” protest “organizer” of any law, official, candidate, authority figure, private business or individual who stands in opposition to the agenda her and her comrades promote.

      Her opposition to authority is simply a Pavlovian response to her ideology. It’s in her DNA – and the removal of her from this office, or any other political appointment will do little to alleviate the community from being subjected to her agenda, because her agenda is much larger than the office she holds.

      If she were to lose her upcoming contest, she will simply be shuffled aside, temporarily, and another person, whose public demeanor is temporarily more acceptable to the, otherwise, uninformed citizen, will be promoted into her space – and accommodations will be made so as to retain Ms. Schwartz-Berky’s services going forward through some other means.

      My point is this: To those who know who, and what she is and what she represents, the “unfortunate event” is little surprise. It was always in the cards. To those who would like to see that in the future our officers, and, frankly, our community, does not become a bastion of chaos and disruptive politics, spearheaded by the likes of Ms Schwartz-Berky, then I would suggest that they peel away the thin-veneer of her public apology, in order to reveal her actual role in radicalizing local politics.

      My suggestion is that citizens look into the activities of elected officials beyond the titles that they temporarily hold in our name, to reveal the truth about what they are doing, which allegiances they actually hold, and consider the consequences, if, in their custodial role, they are allowed to forward their agenda, unchecked.

      People might be very surprised to discover what is revealed, just slightly below the surface.

  58. JR Watters

    I commend the police officer for being the totally patient person he was! Those that complain about his behavior are probably Berky’s family or close friends. If the voters of Ulster County put that person in office, they will deserve being governed by somebody as crazy as her.

  59. Roscoe Pilsner

    I would like to express my respect and admiration for Officer Gary Short. He was a consummate professional. I never could have put up with this woman as long as he did.

    1. Tracy

      Agreed! I would have lost my temper with her idiocy. She twisted his words, lied, faked an actual medical diagnosis, and tried to use her position of power against him.
      He showed respect, tolerance and patience.

  60. Syeve

    Lying Libtard should have been arrested and thrown in mental health facility for 72 hours….
    Crazy lady claiming PTSD, then says she is having a panic attack, faking hyperventilating – what an embarrassment as a parent, a neighbor, a relative, a friend, and let’s hope she loses this election.

  61. betelheuse

    Hahahajaa, this is what’s wrong with the ruling class, anyone that votes for her is a fool.

    Hilarious antics. Pull your heads out of……the sand

  62. William

    You New Yorkers deserve nothing better than politicians like this. These are the people you vote for and these are the people that are in charge of your lives. You deserve every ounce of it. All the other 49 states (except California) only have one request, keep your liberalism in your own state and do not come out. You’re not welcome here!

  63. Bob

    There are bad days and we all have them. But when I have a bad day and I’m a public servant going to public events to represent the very city that has elected me – then I hope that I would have more self control. She isn’t just a single mother with a stressful job – she is a representative. She is disorganized, and clearly shows a willingness to use her position as leverage for intimidation to an officer who is also a public servant having a bad day. He CAN’T show it – he must remain in control the entire time. Do you see the difference – its stark. She clearly feels entitled while he just wants to do his job to the best of his ability. I hope she loses the election and take the stress and pressure off of her so she can clearly get her life organized and under control. I hope she also seeks counseling to help her manage her stress levels as I can only imagine what her family goes through with her PTSD. Is this the best person for the job is the question – clearly there are some doubts.

    1. S. Singleton

      Other possibilities:

      A clear case of “identity theft” – An unbalanced, and psychologically disturbed person stole her identity just moments after her birth, and amazingly, many decades later, the crafty culprit is finally confronted during a routine traffic stop in Kingston. Raised in state-controlled orphanages, and born to blind, deaf-mute parents – nobody detected the early switch.

      Possible “alien abduction” – Aliens, sighting her Prius, became intrigued with advancement in human propulsion, and beamed her aboard for interrogation. After listening to her incoherent explanation of how the vehicle actually worked, and skeptical about her exaggerated claims that it reduced pollution, she was summarily ejected from the low-flying saucer out of frustration, resulting in the extreme dementia demonstrated during her routine traffic stop hours later.

      Identifiable as a “crisis actor”, part of a secret government organization whose purpose is to provide disinformation to the media regarding their complicity in staged emergency events such as shootings and mass murders. Given cutbacks in their funding, crisis actors are now required to both “cause” and “act” in the event, leading to the complete bewilderment of witness and legitimate authorities. Ms. Schwartz-Berky’s traffic stop was just such an event, and you can see her put her substantial “thespian skills though the paces, playing everyone one from an overly-entitled politician, to a victim having a psychotic break with reality, all within the span of a few minutes.

      Mistakenly assumed that she was part of campaign video featuring a “coordinated protest” of her own design to extend the “Greenline” project to wherever she was driving at the time, consequently making traffic stops illegal on roads and highways spontaneously designated as “bike trails”, and therefore no longer subjected to the traffic laws associated with regular vehicular traffic. Her repeated questioning of the officer at the scene was an attempt to get him back “on script” in which he was supposed to launch into an endorsement of the project and her candidacy for re-election. Her high-pitched “squealing” was her attempt to perform a “sound check” with what she believed to be the “production crew” stuffed into the officer’s automobile.

  64. V

    Bet you she was never told no or disciplined as a child and was spoiled by her parents who “gave her everything they never had.”

  65. Sam Axe

    “a dedicated public servant”
    Is she working for free?
    So tired of that cr*p about being a public servant. If you are getting paid you are an employee, plain and simple. Get off your pedestal.

  66. Louise Hudson

    how much she does earn as a legislator. Her crying poverty was the thing than annoyed me most. She obviously makes more than $20,000 a year. The ticket wasn’t going to send her to the poorhouse, she wasn’t going to lose her job over it. A speeding ticket is a pain, but nobody dies over it. Legislators are not fired for getting one. There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye. What made her go ballistic. Is she as unstable as she appears in the video? If so, maybe she should not be a legislator.

  67. Steven DLM

    She really doesn’t seem all that destitute as she implies numerous times….and also seems to be gainfully employed. Of course she had to be driving a Prius.
    Privileged to say the least.

  68. DonJuan

    To all who have watched Jennifer Schwartz Berky’s example of behavior over the past few months please form your own opinions.
    1) Watch how well Jennifer handles a high pressure situation Not
    2) See how well MIss Schwartz Berky respects the law..yes the law that she swore to uphold and protect. Not
    3) Look at how much class she has when dealing with our officers who are on the front lines defending us daily. Not
    4) it is amazing to see someone of power not trying to use her authority to influence the officers decision. Not
    Shall Berky then we have bigger problems that’s just this nut job.
    Use your heads. Take the country back from the politicians. No more career politicians and half of America’s problems will disappear. One thing is for sure we all would have a lot more independents in office which would alleviate the bottleneck of party politics. Again shall I go on.
    Use your heads people – she deserves to go -You blow your chance that’s it. Put someone in who will actually do the right things,

  69. Theo

    If she was thinking clearly enough, she would’ve simply reached in her purse and pulled out her White Privilege card (located right next to her Helpless Female Victim card) and the officer would’ve been forced to apologize to her, tear up the ticket, and give her whatever donuts he had left on the front passenger seat of his patrol car. Then the officer would’ve consoled her while waiting for the ambulance to show up with a bottle of Kahlua and a bag of quaaludes to help her overcome this intensely traumatic experience.

  70. Imjustheretowatchthecrazy

    I’ll be watching to see if she gets re-elected. I no longer live in NY, for this very reason….democrats and liberals…bat shit crazy ass people!

  71. B. Obama

    Another example of Police out of Control. It is shameful that this Officer was racist and singled him out. And After finding out she is in government, he should have let her go! This Officer should be fired!! How dare he give a ticket to a government official! Laws are for the common people to follow, not us rulers in government!

  72. K-town Transplant

    She should have threatened to grab the cop by the pussy, then she’d be on her way to the White House.

  73. Iwouldn'twanttobeya

    I’m sad to see how out of control the Kingston leadership is now. I was born and raised in Kingston spending most of those years in this very district. It’s obvious that the snowflakes are alive and not so well in NY. I’m glad that I’ve moved on!

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