Jeanne Walsh is running unopposed for reelection as town supervisor in Rosendale

Jeanne Walsh.

Jeanne Walsh is running unopposed for reelection as town supervisor for the Town of Rosendale, endorsed by the Democrat, Republican and Conservative Parties. “I am very thankful to receive support from all of three of these groups. I strive to represent all of our residents and to put the people first,” she says.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing the Town of Rosendale at present?

Not the biggest, but the next challenge will be to get some improvements made along the Route 32 business corridor. With water, sewer and stormwater management improvements underway, we hope to see businesses interested in investing in improvements.


What, in your view, is Rosendale’s most threatened resource? Most underutilized resource?

Rosendale is such a beautiful location: Joppenbergh Mountain on one side and the Rondout Creek running through it all make for a stunning view to visitors. Though we have made huge strides in bringing visitors to Rosendale to walk the trails on both the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, the Rosendale Trestle and Joppenbergh Mountain, we will be installing new, safer pedestrian walkways around our downtown area with new trails, a new pedestrian bridge, crosswalks and signage, creating better access to our parks, trails and businesses. I believe this will make Rosendale an even more attractive place to live and visit.

If reelected, what would be your top-priority action to take as supervisor in your first year of the next term?

In these difficult political times, I take pride in the fact that Rosendale Town Board members have been able to focus on the work we are tasked to do and always find a common ground for working together on priority issues. I wish to finish the projects we have already begun, and we will begin the sewer plant improvements now that the funding has been awarded to Rosendale.

What opportunities do you see opening up for Rosendale in the next few years, now that its most pressing infrastructure problems have been addressed?

Infrastructure improvements have been my focus since beginning as Rosendale supervisor in 2012. I’ve been able to complete much of what I set out to do to improve the Town’s crumbling infrastructure, but there is still more to do. We will be installing new water meters to all households in the water district; repaint the water tower; we will begin the much-needed wastewater treatment plant improvements; our new bathhouse will be completed; and we will create the new concession stand from the old maintenance building. Installing generators at the Town Hall and bathhouse for storm recovery emergency use will soon take place.

What needs to be done on the municipal level in order to make/keep Rosendale an affordable place to live?

I think we are doing what we can to make that happen. I have been working on getting grants to fund most of the improvements we have made to our town. We have been awarded almost eight million dollars in grant monies, which means less of an impact to the Rosendale taxpayer.

What background, experience, skills or approaches do you feel make you the most qualified candidate for the elected office you seek?

I have used my experience in business and construction renovations to help me in the important projects needed to fix Rosendale’s failed pool, dams, water and sewer projects, storm recovery projects and the transformation of a former school into a shared municipal center, which gives us a better facility to serve our residents. I approach each project with confidence we can do what is needed and draft a plan to accomplish our goals. I will continue to face all new challenges with the same attitude and look forward to serving Rosendale another term.