New Paltz school district reaffirms mission to educate students regardless of immigration status

In light of the national debate about the current Washington administration’s rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, the New Paltz Central School District reiterated their commitment to educating all children in the district regardless of immigration status.

At the recent Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, September 20, board president Michael O’Donnell read a brief statement confirming the formal resolution the board passed in March of this year supporting the right of every child to a free public education for students in kindergarten through 12th grade, in accordance with Article 11 of the New York State Constitution and supported by a ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.

“In that commitment, we remain resolute,” said O’Donnell, noting that the district’s position is that education is not only a legal right regardless of immigration status, but a moral matter.


“I would like us to also be conscious of the emotional and legal insecurity that may result from this national discussion. While immigration status may not be an issue for an individual student, staff or faculty member, it could very well have profound impacts on their friends and family. For example, consider that even defenses of so-called “dreamers,” by focusing on their educational and employment status, introduces a debate on the relative worth of our fellow human beings. Let us go forward with vigilance, and appreciation of our collective humanity.”

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  1. Steve

    So who is going to pay all my school taxes for me because I cannot afford them any longer ? Is this a moral issue that I may loose my farm of 25 years because the school taxes are so high that I have to sell my farm now ? Nobody sees that paying higher and higher school taxes is promoting, encouraging and allowing undocumented children to continues to come here in droves for others to pay to educate ? Do you think homeowners enjoy paying huge school taxes each year ?

    1. Your Local Assessor

      You know the difference between 19.5 acres hobby-farm and an agricultural business venture taxwise in this town? From my research, practically nothing.

  2. Steve II

    You are 100% correct Steve. The school tax system is out of control and those in charge will spend every nicklel of other peoples money that they can get their hands on. This current system of ONLY the property owner footing the bill for the school system is unfair, outdated and needs to be changed. Let’s find a fairer way for everyone in the community to participate in paying the bill. Maybe this can be done by adding local income, sales taxes and fees so that ALL menbers of the community will pay a fair share of the education bill. It is absurd that the entire community gets to vote on the school budgets which determines what ONLY the property owners will pay.

    1. Sherrif of the Wetlands

      If you don’t grieve your property value annually Form RP524 from the illiterate assessor, the conflicts of interest ridden town employees on the Board of Assessment Review and a town lawyer renting out apartments on toxic land, then even the educational value of the school taxing district is wanting.

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