Rom/com with a Rashomon spin: Constellations at Tangent in Tivoli

Michael Rhodes and Molly Parker Myers star in Constellations (photo by Deborah Lopez Lynch)

Tivoli’s adventurous Tangent Theatre Company will present Nick Payne’s two-character 2012 play Constellations beginning this Thursday, September 28 and running through October 22. It’s a thoughtful rom/com with a Rashomon sort of spin: How would this romance play out differently if its participants could tweak one tiny thread or another, such as the tone of voice in which a particular statement was made? Marianne (Molly Parker Myers), an astrophysicist, espouses the multiverse model of reality; and Constellations poses the what-if questions over and over, allowing Marianne and her beekeeper boyfriend Roland (Michael Rhodes) to replay key scenes from their relationship to see what different outcomes they might generate. Mix in a dash of infidelity and a major health crisis, and you get a recipe for some wistful, rueful humor. The amazing and ubiquitous Christine Crawfis directs.

Tangent held a pub reading of the play last year, which proved to be one of its most popular to date. “The audience reaction was so strong. We knew this story would resonate with our audience and would be a unique, immersive experience. With so much conflict in the world today, this play will get people thinking about life, love, fate and consequences,” said Rhodes.


Constellations will be performed at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and at 3 p.m. on Sundays for the next four weeks at the Carpenter Shop Theater, located at 60 Broadway in Tivoli. Tickets are for unreserved seating and go for $25. To purchase, call (845) 230-7020 or visit