Saugerties musicians start business to promote their neighboring players

Ayla Rector and Ian Flanigan

When it comes to growing a local music scene, a lack of venues and a lack of promotion is the problem, say Saugerties natives Ayla Rector and Ian Flanigan. Nightcap Entertainment LLC is their answer.

Nightcap Entertainment is a new promotional company devoted to connecting musicians to venues, nurturing budding careers and getting the word out about performances. “We’re focused on working together with independent [musicians] in order to strategize and develop their aspirations, sustainably,” said Rector. “We’ve lost so many of the outlets and venues for musicians to promote themselves; the entertainment side of our business focuses on curating accessible events in community locations.”

If Rector’s name is familiar, it’s because she was the Saugerties Farm Market manager. If Flanigan’s name is familiar, it could be from picking up your dry cleaning; his family owns and runs Flanigan Dry Cleaning on Main Street. Flanigan is also a luthier at Spector in Woodstock.


“We’re an all-around operation, offering media development, brand development, management, campaigning, and then as those pieces come to fruition we supply the venue/events too,” Rector said.

Using local vendors at venues is another way Rector believes they can cross-promote, as well as promoting each other on the musicians’ own social media fan pages.

Rector said the company will be zeroing in on “nontraditional” venues, such as local churches, for performing spaces. The couple’s first event was held at the Dutch Barn at the Kiersted House, featuring Jimmy Eppard, the Paul Luke Band and Flanigan himself. The event drew 300 people, and raised $700 for the recent Hope Rocks concert for opiate awareness.

Flanigan, a songwriter who plays alternative acoustic soul folk music, said Saugerties musicians support each other and often show up at each other’s gigs.  “The Hudson Valley has a lot of artists,” said Flanigan. “Saugerties has plenty of talented musicians and bands but doesn’t have too many venues. A lot of people go to Kingston or Woodstock. I know a lot of people have to head out. The music community is great, though. The supporters will show up.”

Flanigan said it’s a lot easier to perform in front of strangers in a more intimate environment than it is to play in front of his fellow Saugertiesians, especially the musicians. “But it’s also great to be around people supportive of me,” he said. “It can make you more nervous as a songwriter — you are trying to show something, it is just such an intimate venue when you are with people you have known your whole life, but it is loving and supportive. … Everyone is trying to share their art. Everyone is bonding over that one motive and goal.”

There is currently no charge for the service. “We’re here for the artists’ growth, not the money — because no one has it,” said Rector.

For more information, visit Nightcap Entertainment LLC on Facebook.