Saugerties town and county candidates vie for GOP, Indy nominations in primary

Republican primary candidates for town board Vincent Altieri (left), Joseph Roberti Jr. (center) and Donald Tucker (right)

In what might be a confusing blizzard of ballot choices, Saugerties voters will pick candidates for slots on the November ballot in the Tuesday, September 12 primaries. In its simplest breakdown, the primary will decide between three candidates for two seats on the Republican side for the town board — Donald Tucker, Joseph Roberti Jr. and Vincent Altieri.

There is also a three way Independence Party primary for the two town board nominations, pitting Roberti Jr. against Paul Andreassen, who is also a Democratic candidate for the board, and Chad McPeek, who was denied a Democratic nod at the party’s caucus.


There are primaries on several lines in the race for nominations to the District 2 county legislature seat. Democratic incumbent Chris Allen and Republican challenger Joseph Maloney received endorsements from their respective parties and filed the requisite petitions. Each also filed Opportunity To Ballot petitions, forcing primaries on both the Republican and Democratic lines.

Filing such Opportunity To Ballot petitions allows the petitioner a chance to get the nomination by write-in. Thus, the Democratic primary ballot will list Allen’s name, alongside a blank space in which one can write in Maloney (or anyone else that a voter may choose.) The reverse applies to the Republican line, where Maloney’s name will appear next to a blank spot where one may write in Allen (or anyone else).

Allen also filed Opportunity to Ballot petitions, forcing primaries featuring Maloney’s name but not his on the Conservative and Independence lines.

Finally, there will be two more lines available on the November ballot, those of the Green party and the Women’s Equality parties. They will appear on the primary ballot without any names attached.

Only party members may vote in the primaries listed above.

There is also an Opportunity to Ballot Reform party primary for Ulster County comptroller. Candidates are incumbent Democrat Elliott Auerbach and petition filer Michael Wendel. Though there are only eleven registered members of the Reform party in Ulster County, those who are enrolled voters but not registered to any party may participate in this primary, in which no names will appear on the ballot.

“It’s very confusing for voters, but a lot of people are going to see this for the first time when they get to the polls,” said Ulster County deputy elections commissioner Ashley Dittus. “If they call us, we can’t tell anyone, legally, who the Opportunity to Ballot candidates are, that would be electioneering.”

The primary election is from noon to 9 p.m. next Tuesday, September 12. Polling places are:

Grant D. Morse Elementary, 70 Harry Wells Rd., Election Districts 5, 9, 15 and16

Cedar Grove Firehouse, Route 32N, District 6

Malden Firehouse, 139 Malden Turnpike, District 7

Saugerties Senior Center, 207 Market Street, Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 14;

Glasco Firehouse, 138 Liberty Street, Districts 8, 12; Districts 11 and 13

Plattekill Reformed Church, 622 Kings Highway, District 10 (note: this is a permanent change for District 10 voters, who will not vote any more at the Mt. Marion Firehouse.)

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  1. Robert Ford

    But that’s not the least of it, the Conservative Party which really has no horses in the primary election has yet to caucus to put candidates on the November ballot. George Hedicamp says his party was waiting until after the primary before it made any decisions. The Conservative Party caucus will be on Sept. 14 at the senior center.

  2. jake morello

    That just shows he’s more interested in swaying things one way or another based on what the other parties choose than picking a candidate that really represents conservative principles.

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