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Support Vincent Altieri

I am writing this letter in support of Vincent Altieri who is running for the Saugerties town Board. Vinnie is a true professional. Over the years I have had to call upon him for numerous events looking for his support and he has always been there to support the Glasco Fire district as well as his community. Vinnie is someone who truly has the residents of Saugerties in his better interest. I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on numerous items that burden our town today and he has been both insightful and informative in his response and plans to get us back on track. Vinnie is no stranger to hard work and I feel is the right choice on election day to move us forward. He understands our struggles and as a parent and resident of this community knows what we need to do to fix them. Please join me in supporting his candidacy at this Septembers primary on September 12 and in November.

Michael A Sasso, Chief
Glasco Fire District


Altieri for town board

Just wanted to put in a good word for Vinnie Altieri. I’ve known Vinnie along time. He has been with the Ulster County Sheriffs Office for over 30 years, and is a real stand up guy. Vinnie has helped me, and others I know, whenever we’ve needed him. He is a straight shooter, and tells it like it is. He also knows how to manage well — heck, he’s been a lieutenant in the sheriff’s office for years. His job is a huge responsibility, and one he cares deeply about. Best of all, Vinnie really cares about Saugerties and trying to do the right thing for the community, and I know he will help steer it in the right direction. He’s also not a politician, something this town needs. He won’t tell you one thing, and do something else. We all know we get a lot of that when it comes to politicians. So if your looking for a guy who’s going to have your back as a resident of Saugerties, please vote for Vinnie in the primary this September 12, it’s important! Remember, we all want change, so it’s up to us to go out and change it! Thanks.

John Farcher 


Ignoring court order

Our nation is a nation of laws. That is good.


Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio chose to violate the laws he was sworn to uphold and to ignore the order of the court. That is bad.

The President has decided that sworn oaths, laws, judges, and courts don’t matter; he pardoned a man who chains women to hospital beds while they are in labor, profiles minorities and shows no regard or respect for the constitution or the authority of the courts. That is worse. Much, much, worse.

Deidre J. Byrne


Joe Maloney for District 2 legislator 

Like you, I’m tired of Politicians making empty promises every election cycle. The same old talking points with no real understanding of the logistics to perpetuate the change they always fall short of.

I’m tired of nepotism and the same last names filling such an unusually large portion of governmental and appointed positions.

I’m tired of endless terms and the same people making the same decisions with the same results. Right now in the Ulster County Legislature there are 23 Legislators and they have served a combined 250 years. It’s time for new blood, new ideas and term limits.

I’m tired of divisive partisan politics that does nothing but set neighbor against neighbor and family member against family member.

I’m tired of supposed policy makers and fund appropriators (Legislators) not setting real, enforceable and effective policy. Paying no attention to their number one purpose, which is appropriating the funds in a $325 Million dollar Budget.

I’m tired of this antiquated approach to local and county government with not nearly enough innovation and shared information.

I’m asking for your District 2 vote. And if I am fortunate enough to prevail in this election cycle I promise…to work tirelessly for a more efficient transparent budget process that leads to real progress with our property tax issues. I promise to be availableto fight for and represent every one of all beliefs, lifestyle and party affiliation. I’ll be fighting for the Saugerties tax dollar and making sure we get our fair share back. And most importantly that our tax dollar goes as far as it possibly can.

If you have questions, would like to char about an issue or are interested in helping me secure my place on the ballot during the upcoming September 12 primary please contact me at I look forward to talking to you.

Joe Maloney,
District 2 County Legislative Candidate


Kudos for Joseph DeFino

I would like to give praise, kudos and credit to the “Hope Rocks” festival organizer Mr. Joseph DeFino. This unique festival brought together many different people and organizations offering advocacy, education, counseling and support. It took place at Cantine Field in Saugerties this past August 19-20. It had great music, arts, activities and speakers all focusing on mental health issues, suicide prevention and narcotics addiction. Credit is also due to the Sawyer Automotive Foundation, the Lions Club, and to the many others who volunteered their time and efforts to this wonderful event. Thank you Joe and all involved. This is a great example of a community coming together. Saugerties and Ulster County should be proud to have the organizers and the location to host such an event.

Mike MacIsaac


Keeping students safe

With local schools opening up next week for the upcoming school year, County Government officials have been working with local law enforcement agencies to strategically post-up speed-sensor signs in school zone areas in order to keep it safe for students who are walking around area campuses. Within the Saugerties area, the County Executive’s office, area law enforcement agencies and I are in discussions about adding additional signs along county roads. This coordinated effort aims to keep it safe for students and all pedestrians this school year!

In addition, I wanted to clarify my position on the Catskill Mountain Railroad, as a recent post on social media incorrectly stated that I was against the Catskill Mountain Railroad.  In reality, since 2014, I have given the leaders and volunteers associated with the Catskill Mountain Railroad the best advice out of all 23 Ulster County Legislators. Early in 2014, I pointed out on the floor of the legislature and in personal conversations with officials of the Catskill Mountain Railroad that their contract with the County was flawed in the area that requires the railroad to be financially responsible for making repairs to the tracks and surrounding areas after acts of Mother Nature and under all circumstances. At this time, I informed them that the railroad’s legal status in being designated as a for-profit railroad did not legally allow them the opportunity to apply for FEMA disaster relief funds after storms had damaged the railroad tracks. Being a tenant, the railroad would have to have been designated as a not-for-profit in order to apply for such FEMA emergency funds. In addition, I pointed out to the railroad that by remaining for-profit, they were missing out on an unlimited potential of monetary donations that would go towards the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the tracks.

In 2016, while I was riding on the Catskill Mountain Railroad’s steam engine train, I told numerous directors and volunteers of the railroad that they should immediately switch over to not-for-profit, and that they should calculate how much it would cost to repair the tracks along the corridor and go out and find an underwriter to write up a ballot referendum that asks for a public bond to pay for such repairs, and if they can gather up the signatures to put the referendum on an upcoming ballot in November, the voters of Ulster County would decide if the funds should be made available to fully repair the entire rail corridor.

Do not always believe what you read in the newspaper or on social media, as those with overt and covert agendas will print misinformation and/or lies about elected officials…

Chris Allen
Ulster County Legislature, District 2

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  1. Anthony Kordich

    Ignoring court order.
    He was pardoned for contempt it was a possible 6 months in jail. These other things you talk about has nothing to do with this particular charge they are irrelevant . Where was your outrage when Obama pardoned a spy and a deserter or when he freed all the terrorist from GITMO . Did i mention the drug dealers and violent criminals . You know the combination of 1700 plus convicted criminals. Get real Trump pardons one person protecting our boarders and you make it sound like it was the son of SAM or jack the ripper. As for profiling it something every police department does.. example white man robs the question all white men in the area not blacks or Hispanics.. So for illegal boarder crossing from Mexico you would questing Mexicans. You do understand what illegal means and how the police search for people who do something illegal. The court order had picked to to block boarder security would be a bigger concern then pardoning a 6 month contempt charge. Thanks for you input keep driving that divisional wedge helping with the destruction of this country.

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