Bicyclist struck by truck on Rt. 299 in New Paltz

Rt. 299, just east of Butterville Rd. The accident occurred about a half-mile west of this intersection. (File photo by Will Dendis)

A 19-year-old male cyclist was injured after being struck by a truck on Rt. 299 Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 9, at approximately 5:15 p.m. The injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, according to police.

The accident occurred approximately a half-mile west of Butterville Rd in the town of New Paltz. Police said the truck, a 2010 Dodge, was traveling westbound and was overtaking three bicycles that were single file on the right side of the road, also traveling westbound. Several witnesses indicated that the bicyclist swerved further into the lane, at which time the bicyclist was struck by the passenger side mirror of the truck, throwing him from the bicycle.  The bicyclist was treated at the scene by New Paltz Rescue Squad and transported to a local hospital. The passenger of the truck suffered minor cuts but refused treatment and the vehicle operator was not injured.


The investigation is continuing and anyone who may have witnessed the accident is asked to contact the New Paltz Police Department at (845) 255-1323.

The location of the accident – on Rt. 299 near Butterville Rd. – places it in similar stretch of road as another accident involving a bicycle and car. On Sept. 11 of last year, Gabriela O’Shea of New Paltz was seriously injured after being struck by a car traveling west. The accident brought the issue of bicycle safety to the forefront in New Paltz, and helped expedite county plans to pave the shoulder of Rt. 299- though that pavement stopped at Butterville Rd.


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  1. Valley Guy

    The highway department made a very half-hearted and unsuccessful effort to ‘widen’ the paved shoulders last year and we need to just stop messing around get this right, right now.

    We ALL know that cyclists use 299 from the bridge to Butterville area daily and we need to widen a separate strip of pavement adjacent to 299 that gives room to the cyclists. The highway department is neglect in assuming that vehicle traffic and bike traffic can share the road as it exists today.

    Sports cyclists, residents who cycle, locals, tourists, all have no choice but to pedal dangerously close to the white line…so let’s slap down some pavement…it can be done in a couple of days…mark it as Bike Only…and stop ignoring the issue.

    We’ve got new trails being prepped for walking and hiking…let’s wise up and get a bike space down that couple of miles of road.

    Pretty please?

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