Letter: Saugerties should oppose “electronic moving message” billboards

Over 30 years ago our community decided to pass a zoning ordinance. This decision was based on the concern that the activities of some could harm others. For example, before zoning, a homeowner could have an industrial, noisy, smelly operation move next door and destroy their quality of life and likely the value of their home. Most people would agree with the importance of zoning in this example. Other activities are just as important to many.

Whenever I travel to a more densely populated area of our country I am struck by the extensive paving, signage, shopping strips, and miles of visual clutter that some people are willing to surround themselves with. After a few days of being in this type of environment I am always relieved when I return home to Saugerties. It is a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively, when I return to the quality of life that I have chosen.   For those who experience that relief when returning home, seeing several 800 square-foot moving, flashing billboards would make them wonder if they had taken a wrong turn. Moving message billboards are a clear demonstration of how the activities of some can harm others.

The financial gain of a few people, most of whom are outside of our community, should not be placed ahead of the quality of life of the many who feel relief when returning home to Saugerties.


Express your thoughts at the public hearing concerning a proposed zoning change that would permit illegal “electronic moving message” billboards and other signage — Greco Senior Center, Wednesday, August 9 at 6 p.m.

Dave Minch