So long, Hurley Ridge

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

I remember when it was just a deli next to Langer’s Pharmacy in the small strip of stores at what was then Hurley Ridge plaza. Then it grew, absorbed the pharmacy, expanded again and became Hurley Ridge Market.

For those of us who didn’t want to have to drive to Kingston for a market, it became a haven. For the ones who were coming up from the city on the weekends, it was always the natural stop along the way, as its wares diversified, its stock tweaked to better serve the community.

You always knew the people who were working there and had a chat with them.


When Grand Union closed in Woodstock, Hurley Ridge picked up the slack and became a place were you saw your friends and neighbors in the aisles, debated politics by the meat counter, planned your barbecues or sifted through ingredients for your winter chili.

Food markets are the soul of communities. We’re incredibly lucky to live in a place in the world where there is plenty to stock the shelves, a variety of goods unimaginable in war-torn cities and isolated outposts. The food is trucked in daily, fresh, whatever you want. There are budget items for those who must live in a more frugal fashion.

Hurley Ridge was always alive in the community; you’d quite often see someone outside its doors raising awareness and food stuff for Family, food banks; items to help run the little leagues or the scouts. Sending items to benefits for disaster victims.

Now we’ll get a Hannaford’s market, and they’ve always been well stocked and staffed, reasonably priced and we’ll look forward to its arrival and hope they’ll be adaptable to the community in which they’ll now be located.

But here’s a thank you to Hurley Ridge Market, it’s owners, the Epsteins, its staff of friendly workers; thanks for making our everyday experience pleasant and for being part of the community. You’ll be missed.

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  1. Glenn kreisberg

    Do you remember what it was called before it was called Hurley Ridge Market, back when the White Horse Inn was on the corner of Maverick Rd.?…Does Masons ring a bell?

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