Highland Landing Park’s “carry in, carry out” policy being reconsidered

Park association trustee Matt Smith at the park in 2015. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Bob Shephard Highland Landing Park has been built with the sweat and fund-raising chops of volunteers, without any tax dollars being added to the mix. One of the decisions made to support a park without paid staff was not to put any trash containers there, instead clearly labeling it a “carry in, carry out” venue. In practice, enough visitors don’t carry out again that the park accumulates litter between volunteer visits. Town board members are considering whether it’s time to spring for some trash cans, but they are mindful that keeping them out is philosophical, and that park board members may not be keen on changing that. In addition to the lack of cans encouraging personal responsibility, there are worries that people might use them to dump household garbage into in addition to park-use trash.

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  1. Gusto

    Ahh, the lazy in our towns. The same folks who trash their fast food garbage from their cars as they drive through our beautiful rural areas. I ran someone off the road recently who hurled BK out the window and kept on driving – they got the message…and picked up their trash.

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