Saugerties town races take shape

Candidates selected to represent the town of Saugerties Democratic Party in the fall general election are — from the left — John Schoonmaker (councilman), Doug Myer (highway superintendent), Paul Andreassen (councilman), Lisa Stanley (town clerk), Fred Costello Jr. (supervisor). (Photo by Robert Ford)

Democrats caucus

A possible dust-up that had been brewing for several days prior to the June 27 Democratic Party caucus never materialized, as current town of Saugerties supervisor Greg Helsmoortel bowed out from seeking the nomination for town clerk.

Had he chosen to seek the nomination as had been noted in a release from the Democratic Party, the race would have pitted Helsmoortel, who has chosen not to seek another term as supervisor against incumbent Lisa Stanley, who has been the town clerk since 2004. Without the challenge from Helsmoortel, Stanley was nominated unanimously to represent the Democrats in the fall general election.


With 120 democrats voting, the party also chose Fred Costello Jr. to be candidate for town supervisor, and planning board member Paul Andreassen and John Schoonmaker to be their town board candidates after they defeated local contractor Chad McPeek in a caucus vote. Village Trustee Jeannine Mayer was said to be under consideration for one of the nominations, but before the caucus began she said she had not interest at this time in the position.

Also nominated unanimously were Julie Dunn for town tax collector, a job she has held for four years, and highway superintendent Doug Myer.

Costello has been a town councilman for more than 10 years and if he loses in the fall to fellow councilman James Bruno who has announced his candidacy to represent the Republicans in the supervisor’s race he will keep his council seat. However, if he wins, the town board would have to pick a replacement to serve out the remainder of his term.

The lone contest of the caucus was for two council nominations.

GOP to go with petitions, primaries

James Bruno (Photo by Will Dendis)

Joe Roberti Jr. and Donald Tucker

While the Democrats still hold a caucus to chose their candidates, the Republicans this year have decided to go to a petition/primary system. This fall any one who wants to gain the Republican Party nomination for the November general election must get signatures on a petition. Should that person be the only one to file a petition for the position, then that person will become the Republican nominee. If more than one person should file a petition, a primary election will ensue, noon-9 p.m. Tuesday, September 12 .

Town of Saugerties Councilman James Bruno has announced that he will seek nomination and election as town supervisor, and town Clerk Lisa Stanley has announced that she will seek the Republican nomination for reelection.

Republicans Donald Tucker, a former Saugerties police sergeant and former county legislator Joe Roberti Jr. have announced that they are running for the Saugerties Town Council in 2017.