Letter: When it comes to environment, Dems are almost as bad as Trump

While progressives understand that Trump is clearly pushing lethal policies of environmental devastation, strangely – and dangerously – many progressives fail to grasp the equally obvious reality that Cuomo – Democrat, Working Families Governor Cuomo – is currently devastating our region’s environment and public health, is forcing toxicity and economic ruin on Hudson Valley residents, and, via just one fracked fuel power plant in our area, is increasing NYS greenhouse gas emissions by ten percent early next year. And oh yeah, his top aide coincidentally accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars from this toxic fuel company’s CEO. And that matter is under federal investigation. But it’s no matter, as the project goes on anyway.

What project is this? CPV (Competitive Power Ventures) power plant, located, with its humongous tank of ammonia, right in the densely populated Middletown area, by ever-congested I-84.

And who else supports this unnecessary lethal project? Sean Patrick Maloney, James Skoufis. Are they Republicans? No, they are not. Like Cuomo, solid Dems all.


The “Wawayanda 6,” members of an activist group working to stop this monstrosity, were convicted on June 7 of disorderly conduct while peacefully protesting, despite testimony from multiple A-list experts describing the great harm this plant will do to health, environment and climate in our tri-state area. In other words, to the general welfare of the people (and other species), which governments are Constitutionally mandated to protect. But, to the unholy alliance of Red and Blue plutocrat officials, no matter.

So get in touch with reality, people. The inconvenient truth is, like the Republicans, the Dems and the WFs are not our friends either. (Bernie is not a Dem; he tried to run with the Dems, and the Dems ran him over).

Actor James Cromwell, a local resident and one of the Wawayanda 6, stated that if the appeal is lost, he will go to jail rather than pay the $325 fine. Like myself, he is also a member of the Green Party. If you care about the planet, why aren’t you?

Join us – Hudson Valley Green Party. We’re online and on Facebook and dedicated to politics that really do support planet, peace and people.

Barbara Kidney

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  1. Jim

    Interesting post Barbara, but seems pretty close-minded. We doing everything we can to reduce emissions, including replacing 50 year old power plants with new ones that are twice as clean and help integrate intermittent renewables. There is no single solution.

  2. Truther

    Bernie is no different. Bernie is not the solution to the National politcal mess.

    You folks, for all your Bernie-isms ignore his stance on guns; and frankly you love your ATM card; you love your Smartphone; you love your tablet and your laptop; you love your Netflix and your Amazon…this I know because I’ve spent time at the Occupy Wall Street events, Bernie Rallies and in both instance every single one of you is on your iphone and buing your expensive corporate-controled ‘organic’ productsand those are given to you by the corporations and leaders you say you don’t like.

    Destroying the financial system, and the corporate system that gives you those things is not the solution, either. Fact.

    Now, as for a large power plant that pollutes, yes, not a good thing…but tying that argument back to Bernie makes a gigantic leap that doesn’t add up. You are blurring issues.

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