Town of Ulster hopes state will allow lower speed limits

Officials in the Town of Ulster are hoping the state Department of Transportation will agree to a request that vehicles on three roads — Brabrant Road, Barbarossa Lane and Wiedy Road — be officially limited to speeds of 30 mph.

The unanimous resolution, briefly discussed during a Town Board meeting on Thursday, June 1, authorized Town Clerk Suzanne Reavy to submit the official request to the Commissioner of Public Works for Ulster County to begin the process of seeking the state’s take on the residential streets, where some homeowners say cars frequently drive at dangerous speeds because other than a 30 mph sign covering a stretch of Brabrant Road slightly over half a mile long, there are no indications of a speed limit on any of the roads in question. According to Town Supervisor James Quigley III, streets without posted speed limits default to the state’s non-highway maximum of 55 mph.

Brabrant Road begins at the intersection of Sawkill and Old Sawkill roads, with both Barbarossa and Wiedy smaller connecting roads along Brabrant. The Ulster SPCA, World Wide Ministries Church and Suburban Propane join numerous residences in the area in question.


Quigley said residents from elsewhere in the town, including Tuytenbridge Road, have contacted his office since the Board meeting to report similar issues. The supervisor added that in most cases of residential streets like these, he expects the DOT would agree to a speed-limit reduction.

“They are obvious candidates,” he said. “One would have to ask why people would speed on them if they’re so obvious.”