Letter: Griffin? What About Ted Nugent?

The condemnation of Kathy Griffin and her “beheading” video shouldn’t be called out without calling out Ted Nugent at all times. At all times! Nugent wanted Obama to “suck his machine gun” and wanted to cut off the heads of Obama and Hillary, is invited to the White House and now there’s suddenly all this umbrage about Griffin? That’s absurd. Let’s applaud Griffin and I don’t even like her. It’s just bullshit to kill the messenger when most of us feel that way even if its metaphorically like Griffin was doing. This screeching overreaction by the media is total crap and we shouldn’t feed into it. If you had nothing good to say about it, you shouldn’t have said anything. Yes, it’s that important.

With all the lies and corruption this blond false president Trump is getting away with right under our noses, Griffin’s ugly blast, again a metaphor, really isn’t loud enough and should not be criticized because it wasn’t meant to be funny. But, of course, most overlooked that fact by the simple fact that Griffin wasn’t laughing in the video. It amazes me how stupid we are all becoming as we let Trump turn the tables on us time after time, keep seeing pathetically stupid letters from some head in the sand Fox News blabbermouth named Greg Safris and we go merrily along without questioning. Trump, and empty head followers like Safris, try to play most of us everyday, yourself included. And don’t say they don’t. This is not the time to be squeamish, but rather a time to push back at what’s being thrown.

Robert Fusco

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  1. JP

    Sorry Robert, there’s a big difference between talking about something and acting it out. You seem to forget that Madonna talked about blowing up the Whitehouse, and nothing happened. As far as lies, I don’t know which lies you refer to. Maybe the one you think refers to healthcare collapsing. Well it is collapsing, plain and simple. If you pay for your healthcare, you know this because premiums are skyrocketing. As far as Fox News Greg Safaris, don’t worry about him. There is only one TV network that’s slanted to the right, Fox. Just turn on all your other Pro Left channels such as CNN, NBC, etc. and stop watching Fox. You and the rest on the left have to come to terms, as hard as it is, that Trump is President!

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