Letter: Journalists must put aside left-wing ideology and embrace truth

Isn’t it time for journalists to discover the ethics and integrity of their profession? It is time for journalists to recognize and report the consequences and contribution of the Obama administration to the rise and continued barbaric acts of radical Islamic terrorists. Instead of taking firm and consequential action against these evil groups, Obama continued to destabilize governments, refused to accept and proclaim their identity and supported the Muslim Brotherhood as alternative leaders of Muslim nations. His egotistic and timid representation of the United States to the rest of the world encouraged the growth, destabilization and barbaric acts of these terrorists. Will we ever see journalists affirm and practice the ethics of their profession and choose truth over ideology?

Paul Jankiewicz, Ph.D.
Ulster Park

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  1. Larry Roth

    Interesting. Big claims with not one shred of actual facts to back them up.

    Irrational Obama hatred is being ramped up I suspect, because the current inhabitant of the White House looks worse day by day. The people who support him are desperate to find a scapegoat for the train wreck now in progress. They thought making the White House white again would magically make America great again.

    Sorry – your boy is in over his head, and all the Obama-bashing in the world isn’t going to save you from putting your faith in a sociopathic con man.

  2. R C McDougle

    And the 8 years of the Bush administration had no effect on the Muslim world?!? It amazes me when the wishful thinkers (they know the answer) devolve into the blame game. If you know the solution to the problem provide it.

  3. Chris

    Neo-liberal is the label you get for drawing down over 100,000 troops from two wars you didn’t start. There is a reason that Bin Laden is dead and we haven’t been successfully attacked by foreign terrorist during his two terms in office. You may not like it but fact’s are fact’s. Drone strikes are less likely to kill civilians and Terrorists are more likely to kill civilians. If Drone strike are killing mostly terrorists then you do the math. Then again now that an idiot is charge all bets are off.

  4. JP

    All on the Left should blame themselves. They put up crooked Hillary, her impeached husband, and thought she would laugh her way through Bengazi and emails to the White House. Well, America, at least middle America, not liberal New York, saw through her BS. Trump is your President for the next 3 1/2 years. Deal with it!

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