Letter: Honoring Cantine Field

I came across an April 2011 article on the history of the Cantine Field Veterans Memorial Complex. Like many Saugertiesians, I’ve spent countless hours at Cantine as parent, participant, and attendee to many events. As a child, I remember tagging along with my father as he surveyed new ball fields with the late Jack Keeley.

As history buff, I was fascinated by the evolution from the “Town Driving Park,” the work done through the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration (WPA), and the donations by the Cantine and Knaust families to the modern complex we have today.

Because of its significance to our community, I believe an exhibit should be placed within the complex that details its history and development. I volunteer to work with elected officials, historians and local residents to acquire grants and private donations to create and fund the exhibit.


A copy of this letter will be sent to the Town Board and I urge anyone interested in this proposal to contact me at 845-258-8955 or to email me at jsroberti@aol.com. I believe an exhibit will help present and future generations of Saugerties residents and visitors to better appreciate the history and cultural significance of the Cantine Field Veterans Memorial Complex.

Joe Roberti, Jr.