Saugerties School Board election letters

Likes Barringer and Ferraro

I am writing to support the re-election of current Saugerties School Board members Krista Barringer and Damion Ferraro. As a member of the Saugerties community and current School Board President I have come to know and respect both of these individuals. They both bring a care and concern for the residents of Saugerties and their children.

Ms. Barringer not only represents the citizens of Saugerties on the School Board but also serves as the current President of the Ulster County School Boards Association and represents Saugerties on the BOCES board. Both of these positions allow Ms. Barringer to network with other districts in helping to meet the needs of the residents of Saugerties.

Mr. Ferraro has helped to expand the athletic offerings to the students of Saugerties. He was instrumental in creating a bowling team and is working on developing student forums to give students a greater voice in panning their education.


Both Ms. Barringer and Mr. Ferraro have worked closely with the Board and Superintendent Turner to develop district goals and a system wide accountability. The future of the students of Saugerties will be well served if your vote will allow them to continue the work that they have begun during their first term on the board.

Bob Thomann


Rappoport, Barringer, Ferraro

I am writing this letter in support of school board candidates Alex Rappoport and incumbents Krista Barringer and Damion Ferraro. All three candidates bring unique perspectives to the board and an unmatched dedication to the children in our community.  The board has evolved and is no longer entrenched with competing factions, now it is focused on the best educational experience for our greatest assets…our children.

Krista Barringer is the current president of the Ulster County School Boards Association.  It is here and on the BOCES board where she represents the students of Saugerties but also other districts as well. She continues to advocate for our students and tries to create the best possible environment for them to be successful.

Damion Ferraro has worked tirelessly to bring about change and equity to the programs in district. His vast knowledge of sports and his great working relationships in the community has allowed for the creation of Saugerties very own bowling team. He is currently working with district administrators to develop an avenue where students can have a voice on topics and issues as they arise.

Alex Rappoport is filmmaker who has brought international recognition to Saugerties.   His artistic abilities and ideas can only benefit the students of Saugerties. He also hopes to obtain grant funding and scholarship opportunities for students through enrichment grants that focus on the arts

I know that Krista, Damion and Alex are people who will continue to dedicate themselves to the service of our community. A vote for these candidates is a vote for our children’s’ future. Please support them on May 16.

James F. Mooney Jr.


For the children: Barringer, Ferraro, Rappaport

I’d like to ask you to join me in support of reelecting incumbent Saugerties School Board members Krista Barringer and Damion Ferraro. Over the past two years I have come to know and respect both of these individuals. There are many reasons I support them, however their desire to provide the best education for the children of our community is number one. Please consider giving them you support; they are working hard for you and your kids.

Also, I encourage your support in electing Alex Rappaport to the School Board. He is dedicated to the community and, just as importantly, would bring new ideas and perspectives to the board. His experience and insight in film/productions would be helpful, too, as programming in this area grows.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, May 16!

Mike Maclary


For the record

To address and clarify Alex’s appalling remarks to Saugerties Times, among which is his comment that, “George Heidcamp hired Mr. Turner…,” while I would love to take credit for such an exceptional selection, at the time Mr. Turner was hired, Don Tucker was president of the Board and I was his vice-president. The vote to hire Mr. Turner was 9-0, which means it was a unanimous decision. Therefore, the BoE, not George Heidcamp, hired Seth Turner and it was a stellar decision.

In fact, before the Board hired Mr. Turner, we arranged to have him meet with all the unions, administrative staff and the Saugerties’ senior citizens — in each and every case he was  thoroughly supported. Mr. Turner has been an great asset to this Community and its schools, and is doing an outstanding job. The board members who participated in his appointment should be extremely proud of their achievement.

The comment suggesting that Seth Turner is anyone’s “lackey,” shows Alex’s astonishing lack of perception.

George D. Heidcamp Sr.

Vote no on budget and propositions
Once again, Saugerties School District has sent out their budget mailing to the taxpayers hidden inside a  colorful newsletter that many would classify as junk mail. And once again, it was delivered after the meeting defined for hearing comments about the information in the mailing.
I have no doubt, that the board will once again be amazed at the low voter turnout.
Although, according to one of the current School Board members, the student enrollment has been declining, and the state aid is unexpectedly higher than planned, the upward trend of the budget and the tax burden on the homeowners continues to rise unabated.
The proposed budget of nearly $25,000 per student per year, including the kindergarten students,  is way out of line.
Although I think it is a good thing that some focus has been returned to Career and Occupational Studies, I think the proposal for spending over a half-million dollars for an on-site greenhouse is preposterous.  Despite the district saying it will not cost the taxpayers anything, the fund balance that will be used for what is not  covered by grant money is in fact, the taxpayers money, and there will undoubtedly be a fair amount of ongoing  expense to maintain and manage the building and operations, also taxpayer money.
Rather than try and duplicate the occupational environment, it would be much more beneficial for both the students and the community to create a working relationship with the local active farmers, which would also provide a much more accurate experience for the students than an idealistic model that will constantly have to be updated along with the industry.
Mark Hoffstatter