Hannaford meets and greets Hurley Ridge folks

(Photo by Dion Ogust)

Representatives from the Hurley Ridge Market’s new owners at Maine-based Hannaford supermarkets came to town last week to meet with the local store’s employees on May 2. “We provided information about Hannaford at the meeting and will be interviewing Hurley Ridge associates for openings at our new store,” noted the company’s spokesman, Eric Blom.

“It went very well. It was a meet and greet,” said Hurley Ridge’s assistant store manager Katie Epstein, whose grandparents Bill and Barbara Epstein founded the supermarket after owning the former Langer’s Pharmacy and a neighboring deli for years. “There were some people from Hannaford’s merchandising department looking at the local products we carry.”

Epstein said the Hannaford reps wanted to meet Hurley Ridge’s employees, introduce themselves, and get feedback while “getting to know the store as well.”


Blom was asked whether Hannaford was scheduled to go before the Hurley Planning Board for any changes to the store, which has seen some construction work out back as its septic system gets upgraded, according to Hurley planning board members.

“The footprint of the store is not changing, and we do not need to go before the Planning Board to make the interior renovations that are planned,” Blom replied. “We did receive a building permit to add a small loading area at the back of the store. That’s the only change to the building.”

Epstein said that she was enthused by Hannaford’s request for information about local products. She added that no further meetings had been announced by the new store owners, who are set to take over Hurley Ridge on July 20.

She did add that the supermarket’s annual Community Day would be taking place on Saturday, June 3 with the usual barbecue, but also some new elements.

“We’re trying to get our old staff to come back for the day,” she said. “Hannaford will be there, too.”

Asked if his company had any extra information regarding products or hiring for their new Woodstock/West Hurley community, Blom answered for Hannaford that, “We will be providing more information as we get close to grand opening, but nothing beyond what we have already announced at this point.”