Over 30 teens arrested at post-prom party in Saugerties

On Friday April 28, 2017 at 8:20 p.m., Saugerties Police responded to a reported noise complaint on West Saugerties Road. The initial complaint was for loud music coming from a rental house approximately 1/2 mile away from the complainant’s home. While interviewing the complainant, officers could clearly hear the music. Officers located the source of the music a half mile away at 101 Manorville Road.

Investigation determined that the house had been rented to a group of high school students from a Wallington, New Jersey High School for a post-prom party. Police further discovered that a number of the students were consuming alcoholic beverages. Subsequently 34 students between the ages of 17-19 were charges under the New York State Alcohol and Beverage Control Act with the violation of underage drinking. All 34 students were processed and released on appearance tickets returnable to the Town of Saugerties Court.

Saugerties Police are continuing their investigation and further criminal charges are pending.


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