Rosendale waterway may be dubbed Kristic Creek

(Photo by Lauren Thomas)

Streamy McStreamface, take a back seat: There’s a new frontrunner in the contest to name the small waterway that passes behind the Rosendale Recreation Center on Route 32. Rosendale councilman Chris Pryslopski, who serves as liaison to the town’s Environmental Commission, announced at the April 12 Town Board meeting that Linda Tantillo had come forward with some pertinent information about the site’s history, after the commission put out a call for clues as to what the creek might have traditionally been called.

Tantillo shared an article from a 1939 issue of the Rosendale News that showed a circa-1890 photo of Thomas Kristic, an immigrant from Yugoslavia who bought the property that later became known as Sportsmen’s Park, before the Rec Center was built. The Kristic Farm Inn — presumably located at what was in 1939 called Kristic Field — was to host a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tom Kristic’s arrival in Rosendale. At this point, according to Pryslopski, the Environmental Commission is therefore giving serious consideration to making Kristic Creek the waterway’s official name.

The councilman also confirmed to the New Paltz Times that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Hudson River Estuary Program had agreed to supply “at least 100” native trees and shrubs to be planted along the banks of the stream. The Trees for Tribs program donates saplings for riparian planting intended to reduce water pollution, reduce erosion and flooding damage and provide habitat for fish and other wildlife.


“They haven’t set a date yet,” Pryslopski noted. “Probably early May. It has to be after the last frost, but there have to be some spring rains” for the transplants to be watered in and establish viable root systems. Volunteers who wish to help out on planting day should watch for announcements on the town website,

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  1. Tom Coughlin

    My name is Tom Coughlin. I live in Stow, MA. My great grandfather was Thomas Kristic. He was born in 1876 in Dubrovnik, Dalmatia. He immigrated the the US as a young many. My grandmother, Amma Kristic, was born In 1902. Great grandpa moved to Rosendale when he was in his 50’s and opened Kristic Farm and Inn. He died in North Haven, ME in 1963. He’s buried in the Fuller Cemetary there. I believe the current Rosendale pool and baseball field were about where great grandpa had his swimming pond and baseball field. I’m proud that the creek may be named in his honor.

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