Home and Garden Show to be held at Wallkill View Farm

Kathy Prizzia, Mark Masseo and Linda Ferrante at Wallkill View Farm Market to preview the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce’s Home and Garden show on Saturday, April 22. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Ever watch those home improvement shows on television? You see them start with an absolute wreck of a house and by an hour later, they’ve created a dream home. “I can do that!” you think. “My place isn’t even that bad to begin with!”

We all know it’s not that easy in real time. But it is doable, if you’re willing to put in the effort. Getting some expert advice is a good place to start, but where do you find that?


The New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce is planning their first-ever Home and Garden Show at Wallkill View Farm, 15 Route 299, this Saturday, April 22 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free and the public is welcome.

Wallkill View Farm is a third-generation, family-owned farm market and garden center. The Ferrante family will host the event, inviting in a number of local home and garden experts to an area of their property overlapping the parking lot and their garden center. In honor of Earth Day, they’ll be giving out free evergreen seedlings to attendees, says Linda Ferrante.

Held rain or shine, the Home and Garden show is planned as a destination for inspiration, motivation and community connection. “It’s a nice way to inspire people and help make ideas come to fruition, as well as promote our local businesses,” says Kathy Prizzia, executive director of the New Paltz Chamber. “Wallkill View Farm is already really a hub of activity in our community in the spring, and to be able to bring in other vendors will be very helpful. You know, a lot of people go on Pinterest or they have magazines where they get all these ideas; this is really an event to bring all of those ideas together in your own home.”

There will be demonstrations, giveaways and seminars. Presentations will be made at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. All four speakers will participate in both time slots.

Meghan Deitz of Tillson’s Kalleco Nursery Corp. will talk about perennials and container shrubs, touching on good choices and good varieties for different landscape locations.

Mark Masseo of Masseo Landscape, Inc. in New Paltz will speak about flowering and large trees along with plant selection and placement in the landscape. He’ll also offer some good planning tips and general practical techniques.

Pete Ferrante will talk about working with annuals; what’s new and trending and tried-and-true performers. And John Ferrante will cover the ins-and-outs of planting a vegetable garden, with helpful hints and ways to avoid commonly made mistakes.

The bakery inside the Wallkill View Farm Market will be open as usual during the event for hungry attendees, with all manner of baked goods including some savory stuffed lunch pastries available. The farm market also sells a variety of fresh produce, of course, and has bottled drinks available for purchase. And an outdoor kitchen displayed on site created by Mark Masseo’s crew will be put into action for the day, with free hot dogs offered.

The event is expected to include electricians, plumbers, pest control services, custom cabinetry, solar installation, pools, realtors and environmental companies.

The event is sponsored by Naccarato Insurance. In addition to Masseo Landscape, Inc., confirmed participants as of press time include HeritageEnergy, Ulster Savings Bank, Hillrock Distillery, District Sun, Dolphin Plumbing & Heating, Bowe Construction, Newyorkers Chorus, 1857 Spirits/Barber’s Farm Distillery, LLC, C2G Environmental Consultants and Bath Fitter.

For an updated list of participants, visit the Facebook page established for the Home and Garden Show. Additional info is available at newpaltzchamber.org or wallkillviewfarmmarket.com.