Poll: Should New Paltz become a sanctuary town?

The New Paltz Town Board expected to vote in favor of becoming a sanctuary town at an upcoming meeting. What do you think?

Do you support New Paltz becoming a sanctuary town?

  • Yea (72%, 276 Votes)
  • Nay (28%, 110 Votes)

Total Voters: 386

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There are 3 comments

  1. Thonas

    Silly liberals. If you are here illegally you have violated the law and even if it’s not a violent crime it’s still a crime and you should be deported immediately.

  2. Quazimoto says "Sanctuary!"

    Question for those of you who are voting for a sanctuary town:
    Do you even know what that means?
    Please enlighten the rest of us.

  3. Tom Mooney

    Sanctuary city limits cooperation with the national Goverent in order to prevent deportation of illegal aliens. Oregon Washington colorado top the lists all recreational dope states see Wiki and make a donation too

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