Letter: Dems should stop protesting and pitch in to help

Let’s take a realistic look at what has transpired since the Nov. 2016 Presidential Election: The Liberal Progressive wing of the Democratic Party has protested, railed, and done everything possible to make President Trump and his Cabinet step down from office. Most of the major news outlets have been overtly supportive of this negative agenda.

On the other side of the aisle, Mr. Trump has been trying to restore our nation from the deep abyss that the previous administration put us in. Many don’t agree with his unorthodox and sometimes politically and otherwise incorrect style.

What would the Conservative wing of the Republican Party have done if the Democratic candidate had won the election? Was Hillary Clinton the model of virtue, honesty, and totally above board in her daily practices? Would the Republicans have acted as the Democrats have this last month?


I’m reminded of the old joke about the dog chasing a car — If it caught the car, could it drive? Democrats, calm down and try to help steer our country in a positive direction. The whole world is watching!

Greg Safris

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  1. Laurel

    glad to see another opinion on this site. i agree completely. Dems should step back and ask themselves, “why so much hate”.

  2. Mark Jacobson

    Maybe 8years of republican obstructionist policy is hard to forget. Not to mention the ridiculous birther claims. Trump not helping with his “rub it in” comments re the election. Sometimes I wonder if he realizes that he won!

    1. Bob

      Exactly, Mark, and so much more. The Republican lead Congress, has been nothing short of treasonous, hijacking the Constitution, obstructing our legislative branch, and operating without fiduciary responsibility towards their constituents, rather through partisan politics, their own agenda’s. I, also agree, that Trump, is the person, who is not letting the election go, and flooding Twitter, with consistent gloating, and stating, every chance, that, “… The Democrats can not get over losing the election.” However, he and his mouthpieces, like, Spicer, and the whacky Kelly Conrad, and their ilk, are the only ones consistently bringing his win up. If he is challenged by the media, it’s, “…false news”, and if by any Democrat, that’s were they go, back to the old stand by, that he won, and that is why, he is being “challenged”, not the fact, that he is wrong, and completely crazy. This, is not unlike, the “Big Lie”, type of neural bombardment tactic, of propaganda, perpetrated by Goebbels and Hitler, that, the bigger the lie, and the more you repeat it, the more it is mass believed. It worked for the the Third Reich, leading the mass citizenship of Germany, into giving up their representation and rights, and down a road of death, destruction, hate, and evil. Trump’s attacks on the media, and those who oppose him, idealistically and morally, sound much like Hitler, during his election and his early regime. Trump is the poster child for the “Seven Deadly Sins”, think about it, vanity, greed, jealousy, etc., and down the list. Remember the wise words of Confucius, that, and I paraphrase; “Crime and wealth, stroll hand in hand, throughout the village”. So far, all he has done is take, take, take from Us, tearing apart, dismantling, flooding the air with lie after lie, and dishonoring Americans, Our rights, and the USA, home and abroad. Take the “TU”, out of POTUS, and what your left with, is more “spot on”, of what he really is.

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