Kingston After Dark: True colors

Old Wounds.

Hey there, gang. By the time this is posted we will know if we all survived the Tuesday Snowpocalypse of March 2017 or whether we are but a frozen memory. I am hoping that someone dressed up like the Ice Princess from Batman Returns brings my lonely soul some hot chocolate, but I am guessing (to partake in a bit of seeing into the future) that I’ll probably spend the storm huddled in bed with my dog hoping that Netflix doesn’t crap out so I can watch Supergirl.

Punk rock news! A #StandwithPlannedParenthood show is happening at The Loft in Poughkeepsie on March 26th featuring one of the most exciting bands in hardcore at the moment, New Jersey’s own Old Wounds. The band recently went through some lineup changes but are sure to still be excellent. Their 2015 effort The Suffering Spirit (on Good Fight Ent.’s Bandcamp if you want to hear it) is one of the most fiery releases by a young band in recent years and doesn’t forsake good songwriting for spirited diatribes. Young English, Watermedown, I can dream, Firestarter , Off Road Minivan, Cold Hands, Sharptooth and Christian Evanko also appear on a busy bill, but I would like to single out a band also co-headlining called Cock Punch. While we don’t condone anyone hitting roosters, it is OK to want to smash the patriarchy (especially when it comes to the legislation of women’s bodies by withered-ass old dudes).

Continuing to focus on freedom of expression this week, Kingston’s own Jasmin Mitchell has curated a wonderful art show at Roost Studios (69 Main St., New Paltz). The “Rising Artist” gallery opening and reception will be March 18 from 7-10 p.m. There will be refreshments and live music from the band For No One, Emre Arapkirli and more.


“I feel like doing a show like this helps me keep my ear to the street of what is up and coming,” Mitchell tells me. “The artists span from the Hudson Valley to New York City. Many of the artists are students from SUNY New Paltz as well. My first career was as a working artist and when I went back to school for museum studies it all came together.”

Roost has made it their mission to actively seek unique voices and new audiences. The works range from fine art to tintype photos to street art samplings. The show will be on display until April 2.


Chugga chugga chugga chugga, choo choo!

The Kingston Model Train and Railroad Hobby Show, the largest rail-themed event in Ulster County, hosts their next event on Sunday, March 19 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Andy Murphy Midtown Recreation Center, the former armory located at 467 Broadway, next to Rite-Aid. Admission price is $6 for adults, and just $1 for kids under 12.

You may ask yourself, “Is this not a daywalker event? And for children?” While this is mainly a nightlife column for semi-hostile vampires, mosh-pit aficionados or wine-appreciative foodies, we aim to feature all kinds of cool stuff in the area. Trains are also cool no matter what age you are and I certainly encourage my drunken readers to take a week off from going broke at the bars and do something family oriented instead. Shit, go to church first if you don’t think you’ll catch fire crossing the threshold, my lovelies. Ooh, boy. Where were we?

My dad built an awesome and huge trainset table for my sister Cambria and I when we were kids — one of my fonder childhood recollections. While I do think I invaded my sister’s portion of the train set with giant Masters of the Universe figures at one point, it was still a cool introduction to many disciplines, from real estate to property maintenance. And it is simply cool to watch motorized trains race through a tunnel. The Kingston event will have Lego cities, a large scale garden railroad display, historical rail attraction workers and much more. There is also a kitchen on site so that people will be able to get lunch.

Event promoter Nick Savatgy says, “We offer no other show quite like this anywhere else in Ulster County, featuring all manner of model trains and railroad hobby items.  In our effort to improve upon this long-running event, several new and unique vendors have been added as well as an exciting new activity: Show attendees will have an opportunity to design and build a Lego train car and then test it out with one of the many operating Lego Trains on-site! Children will be able to take the virtual controls and drive a LEGO train throughout the city.”

Until next week, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. That is not the longest list but does include sky-diving, blocking federal investigations into collusion with Russia, juggling cats, shoveling snow more than absolutely necessary, making sure to eat a balanced diet everyday and getting enough sleep. Cheers!