Saugerties woman charged with providing false information to purchase firearm used in bizarre shooting incident

Police arrested Jamie Lynn Gardecki, 33, of Rt. 32 yesterday and charged her with offering a false instrument for filing in the first degree (felony) and the unsafe storage of firearms (misdemeanor). Gardecki is accused of providing false information on a federal form required to purchase a firearm, then failing to store it properly.

The firearm in question, a shotgun, was at the center of bizarre incident involving Gardecki’s boyfriend on Feb. 17. Here’s the police beat item from that day:

At 06:24 a.m. this morning, Saugerties Police responded to a report of shots fired in the area of the Citgo Mart at 3 Mount Airy Road in the Town of Saugerties. According to the initial caller, someone was shooting, and the Citgo Mart was being hit by shrapnel. Police received an additional call reporting a burglary, home invasion at a Rt. 32 residence located directly across from the Citgo Mart. Upon the arrival of officers, Tyrell J. Schleede reported that unknown assailants attempted to break into his residence and that he armed himself with a .20 gauge shot gun and began shooting out the windows and through the walls of the residence at would-be robbers.

An investigation conducted by police in addition to a search of the area by officers resulted in no evidence in support of Schleede’s account of events. Officers believe that shortly after Schleede’s girlfriend and three-year-old child left the residence this morning, he loaded a .20 gauge shot gun and began shooting up the residence. Shots were fired through the front living room window, bedroom windows, kitchen window, and the front door to the residence. A total of thirteen rounds in all were discharged from the shotgun, with at least one round being discharged through the front of the residence across the road, striking the Citgo Mart.

Schleede was arrested and processed at Saugerties Police headquarters on the felony charge of criminal mischief in the second degree; in addition, misdemeanor charges of  criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth-degree (Schleede has a past felony conviction and by law cannot possess any type of firearm); reckless endangerment in the second degree; criminal possession of a controlled  substance in the seventh degree (cocaine); and discharging a firearm over a public highway and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a residence.

Police later determined that the shotgun had been purchased by Gardecki, and that she did not include information about her past criminal history on the federal ATF form. Further, police said that Gardecki, being aware of Schleede’s past criminal history and the fact he was not permitted to have access to firearms, made no efforts to ensure that the shotgun was secured and not accessible to Schleede.


Gardecki was arraigned in the Town of Saugerties Court and released on her own recognizance pending further action.

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