Saugerties police save local woman from overdose

For the second time in just over a week, Saugerties Police called to respond to a report of an unconscious local resident likely saved a life.

Early this morning, 12:52 a.m., police responded to a home on Blue Mt. Rd on a report of a 30-year-old woman overdosing on heroin. Police responded and administered NARCAN, which revived the victim, who was then transported to Health Alliance in Kingston for further evaluation.

The incident follows fast on a March 1 call for a man passed out a vehicle at local diner, who was also revived with NARCAN, a tool police only started carrying relatively recently.


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  1. LMS

    I think the names of the people who ovèdose should be shared. It is the taxpayers money who has saved their life so we have a right to know who they are.

  2. Darcy

    I think they should stop saving their asses! It’s called enabling….let’s be realistic here people! why should they stop taking the drugs when they know there is no consqeuence for their actions?! By now everyone knows (or should know) that even one dose of heroine is enough to get you addicted; so if you try it you are consciously making a choice to kill yourself. Why should the rest of us have to support you!

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